1.  StackPath Blog | Secure Edge Platform | CDN | WAF | DNS | Monitoring

StackPath Blog | Secure Edge Platform | CDN | WAF | DNS | Monitoring

The StackPath Blog features our latest articles with helpful tips on using edge services, CDN, WAF, DNS, Monitoring, customer case studies and latest trends in online security.

2.  Windows Password Recovery

Windows Password Recovery

Provide useful Windows password recovery tricks, tips, guides and software to help you recover or reset lost or forgotten passwords easily.

3.  David Walsh - Software Development Blog

David Walsh - Software Development Blog

4.  Free Online Excel Training

Free Online Excel Training

TrumpExcel is an online portal that provides online Excel training. You will easy how-to tutorials on various topics such as Pivot Table, Dashboards, Charting, VBA, and Data analysis.

5.  Linux Commando

Linux Commando

A blog to showcase uses of Linux on the desktop. You will learn how and when to use each command or app.

6.  FoodLogiQ Blog

FoodLogiQ Blog

7.  Business Intelligence Blog

Business Intelligence Blog

8.  JetRuby Blog

JetRuby Blog

Our blog has been around for a few years now and is a vast resource of articles, on subjects as varied as in-depth tech article's on programming languages and frameworks, Project management, cryptocurrencies, UI&UX;, AI, IoT. Everything new in software development and interesting explainers on some of the most sophisticated technologies in the world today! It's a tech blog that kills the rest!!

9.  Maintenance Matters

Maintenance Matters

10.  SmartKarrot


B2B SaaS businesses use SmartKarrot to effectively reduce churn, cause up-sell and generate efficiencies of scale. Have your teams manage tasks, alerts and touchpoints through automated dashboards, monitor health scores and add value to customers through product monitoring dashboards: Heat Maps and Sankey Flows.

11.  GPS Tracking Software

GPS Tracking Software

12.  ExcelChamps - Tips & Tricks, Functions, Formulas, Charts, VBA & Templates

ExcelChamps - Tips & Tricks, Functions, Formulas, Charts, VBA & Templates

Every month 300k Excel enthusiasts come here to sharpen their skills by learning some the most amazing tips and tricks.

13.  @SPJeff - SharePoint geek, dev, admin – Chicago IL

@SPJeff - SharePoint geek, dev, admin – Chicago IL

14.  Confessions of a ScrumMaster

Confessions of a ScrumMaster

Agile software development process improvement blog ideas using Scrum, Kanban, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). Many other productivity increasing ideas and retrospective activities for Agile software development teams.

15.  Robert James Metcalfe Blog

Robert James Metcalfe Blog

This blog contains tutorials on many Information Technology topics. We aim to introduce everybody to programming, as we believe it is a fundamental skill in today's world.

16.  Envisn's IBM Cognos Blog

Envisn's IBM Cognos Blog

Envisn's IBM Cognos Blog

17.  Zenventory Inventory Management Software

Zenventory Inventory Management Software

18.  Kalani's Tech Blog

Kalani's Tech Blog

This blog contains stuff mainly related to Information Technology

19.  inForm Decisions Digital Transformation Blog

inForm Decisions Digital Transformation Blog

20.  Computer Science, Programming, 3D Graphics, Gaming

Computer Science, Programming, 3D Graphics, Gaming

A personal blog site for Alex Rodgers - featuring programming, graphics and games articles and tutorials.

21.  Blog Carnetsoft driver training simulators

Blog Carnetsoft driver training simulators

22.  Digital Health Outcomes Blog

Digital Health Outcomes Blog

23.  AWS Tutorials and Architecture

AWS Tutorials and Architecture

24.  Ayzweb blog

Ayzweb blog

25.  Make An App | Tips & Ideas

Make An App | Tips & Ideas

26.  Digital Selling guide to the digital goods marketplace

Digital Selling guide to the digital goods marketplace

Digital Selling Global is a online review platform that tells you what you need to know about digital products online

My name is Steven Jackson and I am the founder of digital-selling.org. I have been an entrepreneur, network marketer, online marketer. eBook author, podcaster and even a network marketer with doTerra for many years. My main reason for working online is because I feel it ticks all the boxes for me and gives me the financial freedom and global independence I have always desired. This under normal circumstances would mean I could choose where and how I live my life.

What are digital products?

Since I have been in this industry, a question I am asked a lot is what is a digital product?

Digital products are any product that is sold online and doesn’t have physical form. The format can vary from software, music, eBooks, audio books, training programs, images, videos, mobile apps and webpage or blog temples. There are other products that I haven’t mention, but basically if you cannot physically touch it, it’s probably digital.

Why digital and not physical products?

Entrepreneurs such as myself prefer selling digital items rather than physical products. This is because the delivery of digital products or services are instant or downloadable. This is great for the customer who receives their product instantly and the seller who is paid generally instantly or within a short amount of time. The payment to the affiliate depends on their affiliate agreement, so they vary from company to company.

In addition, customers have become normalized to the activity of buying physical and digital products online such as music, eBooks and audio books. I personally have become very accustomed to getting my monthly, even bio-monthly audio book. Digital products and services have become the norm in the 21st century. Mainly because purchasing a digital items are simply easier for the customer and the seller alike.

27.  Infrastructureheroes.org - Microsoft – Linux – Cloud and more

Infrastructureheroes.org - Microsoft – Linux – Cloud and more

All about IT infrastructure with focus on the Microsoft environment, for example Windows 10, Azure AD, Intune, Office 365, Active Directory and more. Not everything is a how-to to solve certain problems. An equally large part are abstracts and descriptions for managers. So not only the technology, also processes and decision-making support are in the foreground. Main author is Fabian Niesen, Microsoft Certified Trainer and MCT Regional Lead with more than 20 years of experience in IT and consulting.

28.  Sales Territory Management Blog

Sales Territory Management Blog

Find company news, sales territory management tips and industry updates from The TerrAlign Group, a provider of Sales Territory Management software and services.

29.  PsiberTech Solutions

PsiberTech Solutions

30.  Managing Director

Managing Director