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Last Updated: 17/04/2024

The 26 Best Technology Blogs

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List of the Top 26 Technology Blogs


TechCrunch is a premier source for technology news and industry insights. The latest trends, startup stories, and in-depth analysis of tech innovations. Perfect for tech enthusiasts and professionals looking to keep pace with the evolving tech landscape.

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WIRED brings you the future now. Learn about the latest tech, science discoveries, cool new gadgets, big ideas, and what's happening in business and culture. It's the go-to site for all who want the inside scoop on everything from smartphones to space travel. The perfect way to stay on top of what's new and next.

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Mashable: Discover the latest in tech, entertainment, and lifestyle trends with Mashable's global, multi-platform media company. Stay informed about gadgets, gaming, VR, web culture, and more.

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Engadget is your go-to source for the latest technology news, in-depth product reviews, and insightful coverage on gadgets, gaming, entertainment, and lifestyle trends. Stay ahead in the tech world.

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Tech2 delivers the latest tech news and reviews for gadget lovers. Get the scoop on smartphones, laptops, AI, EVs, and space exploration. Unbiased analysis from tech experts. Stay informed with breaking news and insightful opinions on today's hottest tech trends. is a technology-focused news and media website. It covers the latest developments in tech, startups, and digital culture. The site features articles, reviews, and analysis. TNW was founded in 2006 and is based in Amsterdam. It has grown into a leading source of tech news and insights.


KnowTechie is a technology news and review website. It provides the latest tech news, helpful guides, and honest product reviews. The site covers various topics, including smartphones, computing, gaming, and gadgets. It offers insightful opinions and practical advice to make smart tech buying decisions.

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threesixfive DGTL - SharePoint Development Company

threesixfive DGTL is a Microsoft partner agency. They provide SharePoint, Microsoft 365, and Power Platform solutions. Their team builds custom intranets, collaboration spaces, business applications, and automated workflows. Focusing on UX and security, they offer easy-to-use tools for workplace productivity.

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LawSites Blog by Robert Ambrogi

LawSites is a blog for all things tech in law. Led by veteran Robert Ambrogi, it's packed with the latest legal tech news, exciting interviews, and insights. Perfect for law professionals curious about technology, it's your one-stop shop to stay updated on legal innovation. A trove of knowledge right at your fingertips.

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The Calculator King simplifies math and conversions to save you time. Our goal is to empower informed decisions. We feature calculators, converters, tables, and how-to articles. Expert guides explain complex calculations in simple terms.

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Trustwell Blog

Trustwell's blog guides food businesses in regulations and maintaining product quality and safety. Discover top tips on formulation, labeling, traceability, and recall management. Keep current with food industry rules. Get expert insights on FSMA compliance, menu labeling, and global recall trends. Ideal for those in restaurants, grocery, food manufacturing, supplements, or agriculture. Trustwell equips you with the latest tech and reliable advice to navigate regulatory changes.

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Tech Help Canada

Tech Help Canada helps small businesses grow. The blog offers digital tools and insights in one place. It provides vital information for business owners. Practical advice helps companies overcome challenges. Readers discover smart solutions to boost their operations. The blog aims to elevate small businesses to new heights. Tech Help Canada is a one-stop resource for entrepreneurial success.

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Computer Hardware Blog

Computer Hardware is Nebraska's top computer store chain. They sell and fix Apple and Lenovo products. The company started in 1980. It's the only Apple Premier Partner in Nebraska. Computer Hardware has great customer service. Their stores are in Central and Eastern Nebraska. The blog shares tips about Apple and Lenovo products.

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Sonrai Security
260 Madison Avenue, New York, NY, USA

Sonrai is a cloud security platform that maps all the identities and data in your company's public cloud. It can find vulnerabilities like too many permissions and hacker backdoors. It helps you fix issues fast. Check it out if you manage AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud and want next-level protection.

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The Design Journal By Speck Design

Speck Journal is an industrial design blog by Speck Design, a design thinking company. It shares ideas on product design through articles, insights, and news. Topics cover innovation, user research, strategy, engineering, sectors, and more. Their goal is to encourage creative thinking about design.

CHT Solutions Blog

CHT Solutions has provided home theater, hi-fi, speakers, and cables in Sydney since 2009. They offer system design services and affordable products with great customer service. Contact them for advice on creating custom home theater setups to suit any budget.

definIT Insights
1301 Riverplace Blvd suite 800, Jacksonville, FL 32207, USA

Our IT services blog guides small businesses through tech management. We tackle cybersecurity, data backup, cloud services, and productivity enhancement. Aimed at boosting operations and cutting IT expenses, the blog equips business leaders to harness tech for growth. Tips on selecting optimal IT solutions and providers are featured. Memberships with leading tech associations underscore our credibility. Award-winning advice awaits subscribers seeking to stay ahead in business technology.

NetmanageIT CTO Corner Blog

NetmanageIT CTO Corner is a blog by an experienced Managed Service Provider (MSP). It delivers cybersecurity updates, threat insights, and IT trends. The content includes security threats, breaches, and cyber attack news. IT pros and analysts gain knowledge on protecting digital assets. The blog offers guides, thoughts, and resources on IT and security topics. It aims to educate the cybersecurity community.

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AI GPT Journal

AI GPT Journal educates readers on AI tools. It focuses on ChatGPT and Google Gemini usage. The blog provides AI-powered productivity tips for work and study. Common AI questions are addressed. Readers stay informed about AI advancements. The journal aims to create AI experts. It demonstrates how AI creates opportunities for all.

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LEXIGO Be Native Blog

"LEXIGO Blog" dives into translation, languages, and cross-cultural communication. It offers insights into translation services, hyperlocalisation, and language diversity. Ideal for businesses and individuals keen on effective global and local communication strategies. Enhance your multicultural understanding and communication skills with us.

Attirer Web3 Wire

Discover Web3 with Attirer: Latest updates on Crypto, Blockchain, Fintech, DeFi, GameFi, AI, Metaverse & NFTs.

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J. E. Eggers

Jonathan Eggers is a forward-thinking CIO/CTO consultant providing effective strategies, process enhancement, solution design, and customer-centric outcomes.

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Your Dream AI

Your Dream AI shares the latest artificial intelligence tips and guides. It teaches how to use AI at home and work. The blog covers current AI trends and tools. It is perfect for AI beginners and enthusiasts alike.

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Tech Guy Gadgets

Tech Guy delivers honest gadget reviews and tech trend insights. The website offers hands-on evaluations of leading technology products. Readers can find insightful articles on trending technical topics. Helpful guides provide practical how-to information.

Digital Chuck - Demystifying Technology teaches technology. Learn about building home servers, smart home devices, and programming basics. It builds a community around new technology. Members learn about digital innovation. The goal is helping readers become tech-savvy through insightful content.

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Joe's Automaton Army

Joe's Automaton Army blog fights boredom and saves you time. It shares ways to create automations, AI bots, and productivity hacks. Learn to accomplish more with less effort through guides on automating tasks at home, work, sales, marketing, and writing.

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