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Last Updated: 31/05/2023

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Aquarium Store Depot Blog

The blog is your go-to place for all things fish and aquarium. Here, we keep things simple, teaching beginners and enthusiasts how to care for a diverse range of fish, from Jack Dempsey fish to African Butterflyfish. Learn how to create the perfect tank environment with our comprehensive guides on aquarium setup, substrates, and paludarium creation. We don't shy away from the complex stuff, like understanding fish behaviors and breeding methods. This blog is about sharing our knowledge and helping your aquarium thrive. Come, let's learn together, one fish at a time.

Oh My Dog Blog

Oh My Dog Blog is a dog-lovers diary. You'll find heartfelt stories, practical tips on care, training, and safety, and interesting takes on dog ownership. Tailored for pet parents and anyone charmed by dogs, it's a trove of canine wisdom and warm tales.

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Ruffle Snuffle Blog

I'm Sarah White, an Animal Behaviourist and owner of Ruffle Snuffle. I only use and advocate positive reinforcement methods to shape and change behaviors across various animals.

I created this blog as a resource for pet owners to enjoy training tips, behavior advice, healthy recipes, and grooming tips for all creatures, great and small.

I also own Ruffle Snuffle®, my award-winning business, which designs and produces a range of enrichment toys for pets, including the famous snuffle mat.

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Cat Blog Profeline - Out of love for your cat

This German blog offers cat lovers tips and advice on cat care and products. Learn about cat behavior, health, furniture, toys, accessories, etc. Discover unique cat trees, beds, scratching posts, and handmade toys. Stay up to date on new products like washable toys. Find solutions to common cat problems. It's a go-to resource for enriching your cat's life, written in simple language for cat owners.

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The most popular aquarium tetras

An online resource for detailed information on over 200 tropical freshwater fish, shrimp, and snails.

Lithops Stories

Lithops-Stories is a blog about the fascinating and often overlooked world of plants. It features stories of discovery, exploration, and experimentation related to the unique and diverse species of plants, as well as tips and tricks for gardening and plant care. With a particular focus on the unique and beautiful succulent plant known as Lithops, this blog will surely delight and inspire plant lovers of all levels.

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DoggyMom:  Dog lifestyle and everything else for the dog owner is a blog about everything dog. It provides tips and advice for dog owners, including rehabilitation, nutrition, activities, and more. The goal is to help dogs live long and healthy lives by promoting the human-animal bond. The blog covers dog care, health, accidents, and injuries. It aims to educate owners with practical advice. Kathleen Crisley, a professional dog masseuse and canine nutritionist, writes the blog.

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Collar & Harness Magazine

Collar and Harness provide honest, well-researched, real-world reviews and advice on dog products for all breeds and sizes. Written by dog lovers, for dog lovers.

Collar and Harness is a collection of the best dog products and doggy lifestyle guides by people who love dogs for people who love dogs. We are a small team of independent reviewers, some of whom work with dogs daily.

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Sweet Dog Life

My Dog's Lover Blog covers topics such as dog health and diseases, grooming tips, nutrition advice, and behavior/training info.

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Blue Sky Puppies

Blue Sky Puppies has the top puppies for sale in Florida from top breeders with a No Puppy Mill Promise and backed by a Health Warranty

The Factual Doggo

The Factual Doggo is a website and blog that is dedicated to helping dog owners to understand their pet dogs.

By explaining why dogs do what they do and the underlying reasons for their behavior traits, we can help dog owners to be more caring towards their pets.

We aim to educate dog owners so their dogs are happier and healthier.

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All about English Bulldogs and other Bullie Breeds. Health, Training, Accessories, Puppy and Senior Care.

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Never Cry wolves

Discover the threats facing these majestic creatures, explore the importance of their preservation, and learn actionable steps to protect them for future generations.

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Barking Buddies

A wealth of canine knowledge, from training tips to breed insights, nutrition advice, and more. Whether you're a dog lover or a new pet owner, we've got something for everyone.

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All Things Golden

Welcome to our Golden Retriever blog. Learn everything about these friendly, loyal dogs - from their history and ideal home setup to grooming tips and training advice.

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