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Last Updated: 31/05/2024

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List of the Best 10 Pets & Nature Blogs

Aquarium Store Depot Blog offers expert fishkeeping advice for beginners and experienced aquarists. Veteran aquarist Mark Valderrama shares his 25+ years of experience. The blog covers freshwater and saltwater aquariums, fish care, and equipment reviews.

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Ruffle Snuffle Blog

Ruffle Snuffle's Life With Pets offers fun, simple ways to keep pets happy and healthy. Led by animal behaviorist Sarah-Jane White since 1996. The site provides articles and instructions for toys and activities that match pets' natural behaviors. With hundreds of tested ideas, it's perfect for owners of rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, reptiles, and exotic pets. The aim is to strengthen bonds between owners and pets through safe, engaging play. New enrichment ideas and pet care tips are added weekly.

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Oh My Dog Blog

Oh My Dog Blog is a website for dog lovers. It offers stories, reviews, and tips for owners. The blog helps new and experienced pet parents. Readers will find useful info about caring for furry friends.

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Cat Blog Profeline - Out of love for your cat

Profeline crafts premium cat trees, beds, and toys. Founded in 2003 in Germany, the company serves cat owners globally. Its blog offers insights on cat health, behavior, and enrichment. Readers find valuable tips and updates on Profeline's innovative products. The brand is recognized for enhancing feline well-being.

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The most popular aquarium tetras

An online resource for detailed information on over 200 tropical freshwater fish, shrimp, and snails.

Lithops Stories

Lithops-Stories is a blog about the fascinating and often overlooked world of plants. It features stories of discovery, exploration, and experimentation related to the unique and diverse species of plants, as well as tips and tricks for gardening and plant care. With a particular focus on the unique and beautiful succulent plant known as Lithops, this blog will surely delight and inspire plant lovers of all levels.

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DoggyMom:  Dog lifestyle and everything else for the dog owner is a blog about everything dog. It provides tips and advice for dog owners, including rehabilitation, nutrition, activities, and more. The goal is to help dogs live long and healthy lives by promoting the human-animal bond. The blog covers dog care, health, accidents, and injuries. It aims to educate owners with practical advice. Kathleen Crisley, a professional dog masseuse and canine nutritionist, writes the blog.

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Blue Sky Puppies

Blue Sky Puppies provides information for new puppy owners. Find advice on choosing a puppy and preparing your home. Learn about training, hypoallergenic breeds, and toy dogs. Blue Sky Puppies offers guides on how to raise a healthy, happy puppy.

Wrinkle Butts is your ultimate blog for English Bulldogs and Bullie breeds. Get expert advice on bulldog health, grooming, training, and travel. Find the best gear for your wrinkly friend, like harnesses and toys. Learn to care for senior bulldogs and save money on vet bills. Wrinkle Butts is perfect for all bulldog lovers!

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