1.  The Geekiary

The Geekiary

The Geekiary is a geek news and analysis website started by fans, for fans.

The Geekiary is proud to support fan works and shine light on underrepresented voices in media through content creator interviews, reviews, and recommendations. We also take pride in our analysis of current geek culture and media and work hard to bring you latest news about the fandoms that we love.

2.  !! omg blog !!

!! omg blog !!

The original, since 2003. We find all the things.

3.  Forces of Geek

Forces of Geek

Commentaries and reviews about the interests of geek culture; includes topics such as art, film, music, video games, television, fashion, comics, and literature.

4.  BoredBug - Cure your boredom!

BoredBug - Cure your boredom!

For everyone who’s bored, this site provides a treasure trove of interesting posts ranging from entertainment, celebrity, travel, relationship, life, fashion, DIY, business, and more.

5.  Pirate’s Cove — Global Warming Rules!

Pirate’s Cove — Global Warming Rules!

Don’t ever try to swim against the mighty tide of justice.

6.  eMag.co.uk


EMAG is a UK based online magazine providing entertainment news. Get the latest updates on TV, movie, and news celebrities here.

7.  Treat & Retreat

Treat & Retreat

Treat & Retreat Blog

8.  Pop Culture Beast

Pop Culture Beast

Your source for Pop Culture news, reviews, opinion and commentary since 2007!

9.  Rodolfo Grimaldi Blog

Rodolfo Grimaldi Blog

Journey through life, with personal opinions on movies, blogging, books, travel, social media, TV Shows, news pills, and the shadows of reality.

10.  LoupDargent.info


The blog formerly known as 'Forward and Share'...

11.  Cinemablographer


12.  Wiz's Daily Dose

Wiz's Daily Dose

wizsdailydose.com - is one of the premiere Blogging platforms for Urban Eyecandy Modeling, video vixens, Hiphop and Entertainment

13.  The Denver Ear

The Denver Ear

The Denver Ear provides updates on the things to do and places to see in Denver. Discover local secrets, family friendly events, vacation guides, and local businesses.

14.  Suitably Bored

Suitably Bored

Amateur South African writer, blogger, and owner of Suitably Bored. Video Game aficionado and part-time geek when not working in the IT industry.

15.  Function Fixers Blog

Function Fixers Blog

The Function Fixers blog is an extensive resource providing information, news, guides and tips on venues and events in and around London. Created by one of the UK’s premier venue finding services, the blog provides insight into everything from unique wedding venues to exciting ideas for corporate events. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just advice, this blog is perfect for you.

16.  Socalthrills.com Entertainment Blog

Socalthrills.com Entertainment Blog

Socalthrills.com launched in 2006 and started reporting on theme parks in Southern California. Since then, we have expanded to include all Theme Parks, movies, DVD’s, Performing Arts and Food & Wine.

17.  How to Watch TV Online

How to Watch TV Online

All about Internet TV, featuring technological information, tips, news, assistance, product reviews, software installations, hardware and accessories for television viewing on computers and other devices.

18.  Fictionphile


19.  ValorZone


20.  Projecting A

Projecting A

ProjectingA is the fun and fancy free blog of author April Erwin. Humorous and reflective posts on life and the journey to making it big. Great reviews on books, movies and music. PLUS regular contests for free stuff!

21.  Alpha Beta Pie

Alpha Beta Pie

Sorority themed women’s lifestyle blog, providing bits and pieces of daily living, beauty, fashion, food, health, travel, shopping, and sexy mommyhood.

22.  Moble Apps and Entertainment Blog

Moble Apps and Entertainment Blog

A wordpress blog site that features reviews for apps, movies, tv shows as well as links to some useful it services. Includes 3 Grams digital scales app amongst others.

23.  Best Shark Tank Products

Best Shark Tank Products

Best Shark Tank Products reviews the best products which appeared on hit tv show Shark Tank.

24.  Integrated Multimedia Videojournalism

Integrated Multimedia Videojournalism

A digital and communications expert shares his concepts and ideas in the field of academe, journalism and the video industry. Featuring well-presented stories and compelling news articles about digital media.

25.  Joys of Asia

Joys of Asia

Joys of Asia’s blog/website name was selected because the main blogger’s name is Joy and this blog focuses on anything related to Asia such as Asian Dramas, Hallyu Actors and Actresses, KPOP, Movies, Food, & Travel.

26.  Nicky Party Rental Miami

Nicky Party Rental Miami

Thank you for visiting Nicky Party Rentals Miami Company. Widely known as the most popular party rentals firm in Miami, that you and your family deserve. You would question how do we do this all? Its very easy, We will always answer the phone from 8 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week. We are very patient in answering every question you may have. We will give you an affordable price in town. We guarantee that the equipment is very clean and in excellent conditions. We will never be late on our deliveries. Once we are done with your reservation, we will send you a detailed e-mail or fax of what will be delivered at your party.

27.  Apocalyptic Fiction

Apocalyptic Fiction

Reviews and commentaries about apocalyptic fiction, this blog talks about movies, films, books and similar literary works. It also features author sites and reading lists.

28.  Riding the High Country

Riding the High Country

29.  Ticket Lodge Blog

Ticket Lodge Blog

Get the latest concert, theater and sports ticket news information from the Ticket Lodge Blog!

30.  Opinion Free Breaking News - Telegraph Local

Opinion Free Breaking News - Telegraph Local

Breaking opinion free political news, sports news, entertainment news, religious news, health and fitness news and more. Get all of you're opinion free news only at Telegraph Local!