31.  Someday Extraordinary

Someday Extraordinary

32.  The Realized Woman

The Realized Woman

Retreats for women to reconnect to their highest-self, their desires, and the life they were created for. spirit

33.  Retool your Relationship

Retool your Relationship

Retool your Relationship

34.  Now I Get You

Now I Get You

35.  Retired Life

Retired Life

All about retirement including my personal experiences, opinions, and advice. I will cover Saving, being debt free, traveling, health, how to keep busty, etc. This is for retirees, those looking to retire, baby boomers, and those helping parents plan. Virtually everyone!

36.  Two Dads and Me

Two Dads and Me

37.  The Cosmic Bunny Hole

The Cosmic Bunny Hole

38.  One Step At A Time

One Step At A Time

I am a step-mom. My husband and I gave up our rights to our children for their safety and for them to finally see peace. The children were torn by the lies and a high conflict birth mother. This blog is how I am hoping to start moving forward again. For almost a year now I have done nothing but do basic routines and cry. So my hope is that if someone sees this and reads about what I have been through then they can better look out for themselves.

39.  Daily Life in Japan

Daily Life in Japan

I will introduce you about daily life in Japan.
I am a mid forty native Japanese living in Suita city, Osaka prefecture.
I have a wife and two kids, a boy and a daughter, both go to elementary school.
I am a systems engineer in a small system company and have lived in Florida, United States.

40.  I Just Want A Cup of Coffee

I Just Want A Cup of Coffee

I Just Want A Cup of Coffee

41.  Ms. Jonsson's Home for Peculiar Children

Ms. Jonsson's Home for Peculiar Children

42.  Patti Wood MA, CSP

Patti Wood MA, CSP

43.  Feistymomma


44.  Starts at Sixty

Starts at Sixty

45.  More Anon

More Anon

46.  SMART Living 365

SMART Living 365