1.  JetRuby Blog

JetRuby Blog

Our blog has been around for a few years now and is a vast resource of articles, on subjects as varied as in-depth tech article's on programming languages and frameworks, Project management, cryptocurrencies, UI&UX;, AI, IoT. Everything new in software development and interesting explainers on some of the most sophisticated technologies in the world today! It's a tech blog that kills the rest!!

2.  Jameson Quave's Blog

Jameson Quave's Blog

3.  Adventures in Automation

Adventures in Automation

4.  Database Star

Database Star

A blog that provides practical advice for Oracle database developers.

5.  Robert James Metcalfe Blog

Robert James Metcalfe Blog

This blog contains tutorials on many Information Technology topics. We aim to introduce everybody to programming, as we believe it is a fundamental skill in today's world.

6.  Kalani's Tech Blog

Kalani's Tech Blog

This blog contains stuff mainly related to Information Technology

7.  Codemio - Programming and Technology - A Software Developer's Blog

Codemio - Programming and Technology - A Software Developer's Blog

Software Projects, Code Snippets, Java SE, Java EE, C, C++, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, MATLAB, Python, Programming, Technology, Tech Reviews, Computer Science, Graduation Projects, Final Year Projects, Image Processing and many more by Berk Soysal..

8.  SlashDB Connects Databases to Web

SlashDB Connects Databases to Web

SlashDB is a new kind of middleware, which automatically connects databases to authorized web and mobile applications using a REST API.

9.  Web-Matters



10.  Computer Science, Programming, 3D Graphics, Gaming

Computer Science, Programming, 3D Graphics, Gaming

A personal blog site for Alex Rodgers - featuring programming, graphics and games articles and tutorials.

11.  AWS Tutorials and Architecture

AWS Tutorials and Architecture

12.  Ayzweb blog

Ayzweb blog

13.  John Nelson's Blog

John Nelson's Blog

14.  Make An App | Tips & Ideas

Make An App | Tips & Ideas