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1.  Coco Kelley

Coco Kelley

Coco Kelley is a modern design blog that inspires readers on how to create a well-styled life. The blog offers insights on trends in the interior, fashion, food, and travel. Topics encompass beauty, lifestyle, and policy. The blog values creating partnerships with lifestyle brands and prides itself on curating ideas to reflect its philosophy: Life is in the details. Style accordingly.

2.  Puffy Mattress

Puffy Mattress

You will find inspiring tips and tricks to create a bedroom you love sleeping in. Inspiration to create the bedroom of your dreams

3.  Chairs for Games

Chairs for Games

Everything you need to know about gaming chairs

4.  Hello Lovely Studio

Hello Lovely Studio

Hello Lovely is a design blog with interior design and peaceful living at the intersection of timeless and tranquil. Feast upon inspiring images of beautiful interiors, architecture, design, decorating while being wooed by creative commentary from Michele.

5.  Todd Haiman Landscape Design

Todd Haiman Landscape Design

6.  Mary Middleton's Interior Design Blog

Mary Middleton's Interior Design Blog

7.  L'Atelier


8.  Huskdesignblog - Interior and Design blog

Huskdesignblog - Interior and Design blog

9.  Studio Thomas - Interior Design Greenwood Village

Studio Thomas - Interior Design Greenwood Village

10.  Trit House Blog

Trit House Blog

Trit House blog will take you through a journey of browsing the latest trends of designer furniture and provides you tips & tricks to build your dream home.

11.  Architecture, Design & Innovation

Architecture, Design & Innovation

The latest news from the built environment including images, video presentations, and press releases from some of the top building product manufacturers.

12.  The Designer Insider

The Designer Insider

This is a design site for all of those interested in the many aspects of interior design. Here you will find many tips, techniques, designer secrets, and other related topics for the design enthusiast. Settle in and explore our site often for many new and upcoming design ideas.

13.  Designsetter


14.  AG CAD Designs BLOG


15.  Serge Young, Architect

Serge Young, Architect

16.  Designer in Exile

Designer in Exile

The often unseen world of design.

17.  Interior Design Tips

Interior Design Tips is a creative blog that provides tips, ideas, and inspiration for consumers to use in their home design projects.

18.  Design Diary: from the drafting board of Clare Floyd DeVries

Design Diary: from the drafting board of Clare Floyd DeVries

Design Diary: from the drafting board of Clare Floyd DeVries

19.  Dream Box Interior Design

Dream Box Interior Design

20.  Decor and Events by Broughton Design

Decor and Events by Broughton Design

21.   Cathy Heck Studio Scrapbook

 Cathy Heck Studio Scrapbook

A mother-daughter blog that features almost daily posts about design, Cathy Heck Studio, travel, crafts, and family life. Cathy Heck Studio is located in Austin, Texas, and Berkeley, California.