1.  Movies Database

Movies Database

All movies released in 2003.

2.  Rodolfo Grimaldi Blog

Rodolfo Grimaldi Blog

Journey through life, with personal opinions on movies, blogging, books, travel, social media, TV Shows, news pills, and the shadows of reality.

3.  Cinemablographer


4.  GeekTwins: Wonder Twin Blogging...Activate!!

GeekTwins: Wonder Twin Blogging...Activate!!

Following the world of geek in the internet, movies and television, this blog is devoted to the hard working men and women who feed our need for geek. We're two twin African-American brothers and we love geek. Read on and you will too.

5.  Movie Dearest

Movie Dearest

Cinematic Views and Reviews for Gay and Gay-Friendly Movie Fans

6.  Family Friendly Movies

Family Friendly Movies

7.  Talking Films

Talking Films

Talking Films

8.  VideoDubber - The First Automated Dubbing and Subtitling Platform

VideoDubber - The First Automated Dubbing and Subtitling Platform

How to localize your video (subtitles, dubbing and more) from VideoDubber, the global localization technology development leader

9.  Riding the High Country

Riding the High Country

10.  A Southern Life In Scandalous Times

A Southern Life In Scandalous Times

11.  Jokerside


12.  The Latest from Cactus Tactical

The Latest from Cactus Tactical

13.  Random Mexican's Movie Review Extravaganza

Random Mexican's Movie Review Extravaganza

14.  Voice Actor Blog

Voice Actor Blog

I'm a voiceover artist and I focus on inspiration along the journey of voiceovers. I LOVE blogging! I love sharing inspiration with my audience and it's opened up a whole new world for me in terms of creative outlet and inspiration. I write from a life perspective because it's about voiceovers, but it's really about life. :-

15.  Acid Pop Cult

Acid Pop Cult

16.  Desert of the Reel

Desert of the Reel

17.  Awful Horror Movies

Awful Horror Movies

Reviews of horror movies of all types and decades.

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19.  Massive Max

Massive Max