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Apocalyptic Fiction

Reviews and commentaries about apocalyptic fiction, this blog talks about movies, films, books and similar literary works. It also features author sites and reading lists.

Frida Christina

Lets share our secrets and help each other out in our everyday life

Get to the Future

Music, film, photography, digital tech & trivial marvels.

Tell Me a Yarn

I write book and movie reviews. As well as short stories.


A blogger’s personal take on entertainment news, lifestyle, technology and gadgets and self-empowerment. It also features original music compositions by the blogger, James Hamlett.

Faith & Liberty Podcast

Faith & Liberty is a weekly podcast based in PEI, Canada

Beauty Lists

Beauty List is a fashion and beauty blog which also features health and fitness tips, make up guides, fashion shows, cosmetic products, and free online videos.

Nerdgenic - Entertainment Website

Nerdgenic is an entertainment website that provides news on popular pop culture topices such as movies, television, video games, and anime.

SynthSized Productions

A collection of early draft fantasy stories as well was videos, essays, reviews, and much more.

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