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Last Updated: 16/03/2023

The 17 Best Entertainment Blogs

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List of the Top 17 Entertainment Blogs

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton dishes on the latest celebrity gossip. Get the scoop on your favorite stars, Hollywood rumors, and trending entertainment news. This fun blog covers all the juicy tidbits from Tinseltown. Perfect for pop culture fans who want the inside scoop on the rich and famous.

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!! omg blog !!

OMG.BLOG is your fun, daily dose of pop culture through a Queer lens. It's been around since 2003 and offers a mix of giggles, celebrity news, fresh music, fashion trends, and even horoscopes. The blog posts content that connects with the LGBTQ+ community and anyone who loves a unique take on entertainment. You'll find updates on celeb life, important LGBTQ+ stories, and cool internet stuff. Whether you're into new music, fascinating Q&As, or stylish hats, OMG.BLOG has it all, making your online scrolling a lot more exciting. It's a casual yet intriguing space for everyone. Enjoy the vibe.

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Be a Hero – Brain Teasers for your Training

BrainSportHero provides articles and brain teasers for your daily brain training. Have fun and bend your mind.

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Common Sense Evaluation

Common Sense Evaluation discusses news, politics, conspiracies, social issues, and more. Read alternative ideas on popular topics.

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Treat & Retreat

Treat & Retreat Blog

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The Fireball Tim Blog

Cars, Celebrities, Movies, Malibu

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Rodolfo Grimaldi Blog

Journey through life with personal opinions on movies, blogging, books, travel, social media, TV Shows, news pills, and the shadows of reality.

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EMAG is a UK-based online magazine providing entertainment news. Get the latest updates on TV, movie, and news celebrities here.

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How to Watch TV Online

Say goodbye to expensive cable bills. You can stream shows, movies, and live TV on the internet. You only need a smart TV or streaming device, reliable Wi-Fi, and subscriptions to services like Netflix and Hulu. It’s easy, affordable entertainment on your schedule. Explore top streaming platforms for every budget. Start watching your favorites online now.

A site that focuses on the entertainment interests of baby boomers by way of celebrity interviews and reviews.

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Projecting A

ProjectingA is the fun and fancy-free blog of author April Erwin. Humorous and reflective posts on life and the journey to making it big. Great reviews on books, movies, and music. PLUS regular contests for free stuff!

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Royd Audio Loudspeakers

Dedicated to Joe Akroyd's classic, vintage British made Hi-Fi speakers

Ticket Premiere Blog

Ticket Premiere blog offers reviews and updates on concerts, theater, sports, and more. Read the latest announcements about tours, albums, and schedules. Find insightful commentary on music artists, bands, and shows. Discover top outdoor venues for live performances. Stay current with sports tournaments and events. A destination for fans to explore the world of entertainment.

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Trendy Digests

Trendy Digests serves up your daily dose of trending topics in bite-sized pieces. The site covers everything, from the latest news to entertainment scoops, health insights to money matters. It's like your quick morning coffee, but for what's hot and happening around the world. Perfect for curious minds of all ages who like to keep up with the buzz.

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Nerdgenic - Entertainment Website

Nerdgenic is an entertainment website that provides news on popular pop culture topics such as movies, television, video games, and anime.

Mithrie | Gaming News

Mithrie offers fresh gaming news, insightful reviews, and smart strategies for P.C. and console enthusiasts. Engage with our vibrant YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok gaming content. Shop at our online store, benefit from affiliate deals and join our Discord for lively game discussions. We aim to enrich your gaming journey and sustain a life dedicated to content creation.

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Midnight Hostility

Midnight Hostility is a solo show hosted by Sam Namo with all topics on the table. Following a more structured show format, Midnight Hostility breaks down the latest from everywhere including politics, sports, entertainment & more as well as weekly segments to close the show. Namo also puts out “Midnight Quickies” which are quick commentary shows on a specific topic.

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