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Frida Christina

Lets share our secrets and help each other out in our everyday life

Get to the Future

Music, film, photography, digital tech & trivial marvels.


A blogger’s personal take on entertainment news, lifestyle, technology and gadgets and self-empowerment. It also features original music compositions by the blogger, James Hamlett.

Beauty Lists

Beauty List is a fashion and beauty blog which also features health and fitness tips, make up guides, fashion shows, cosmetic products, and free online videos.

90s Toys

Read up & rediscover your favorite toys from the 90s - action figures, electronics, dolls, games & more.

Nerdgenic - Entertainment Website

Nerdgenic is an entertainment website that provides news on popular pop culture topices such as movies, television, video games, and anime.

SynthSized Productions

A collection of early draft fantasy stories as well was videos, essays, reviews, and much more.

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