31.  Oddball Wealth

Oddball Wealth

Oddball Wealth discusses a wide variety of financial topics such as business and entrepreneurship, investment, passive income, real estate, blogging, and more. They also have compiled renowned travel and personal finance resources as well as useful tax software programs.

32.  SavingJoyfully


Personal finance & frugality blog, Emphasis on Joyful living. Visit the blog for inspiration & resources for your journey to financial freedom.

33.  Eric De Groot's Insights

Eric De Groot's Insights

We are a forum that uses the markets as the ultimate teacher and provides unique perspective on capital market, economic, and geopolitical trends.

34.  Canadian Tax Resource — Canadian Tax Help & Financial Planning Resources

Canadian Tax Resource — Canadian Tax Help & Financial Planning Resources

Canadian Tax Resource provides income tax, financial planning, and estate planning information and resources. We also discuss stocks and other investments and their impact on taxes.

35.  Hello Suckers - Investing into Stocks

Hello Suckers - Investing into Stocks

Hello Suckers, owned by Martin, will show you the real deal about how to invest and trade successfully in the stock market. As you read along, you'll realize that it is not easy as Martin does not sugarcoat the whole journey. Learn from his mistakes and successes by visiting his blog today.

36.  Squeeze | Best Budget App | Save | Personal Finance | Compare

Squeeze | Best Budget App | Save | Personal Finance | Compare

Planning to have your own car should never be stressful. Use Squeeze to find the best insurance policy and discounts to make your dream come true.

37.  Forex Markets Live

Forex Markets Live

Whether you're looking to learn about ForEx, Cryptocurrency, or even Market and Trading suggestions, Forex Markets Live is where you'll find what you need!

38.  Stack The Chips

Stack The Chips

Stack the Chips is a straightforward and enjoyable website to help you manage your finances and increase your income.

39.  Peter Green Insurance Agency Blog

Peter Green Insurance Agency Blog

On this website, members of the PGIA team share their best practices and helpful information on how policy holders can get the most out of their coverage.

40.  RightSure


RightSure.com doesn't just discuss the Right Sure Insurance group; they also have helpful blog entries to help you understand your insurance policies better.

41.  Haroun Kola Blogger

Haroun Kola Blogger

Join Haroun Kola on his journey through the world of trading and investment and learn some helpful tips and tricks.

42.  Stock Monitor Blog

Stock Monitor Blog

Whether you're a beginner or an expert in the Stock Market, we're confident that you'll find useful trading strategies and tips on Stock Monitor valuable.

43.  Final Expense Insurance Information for People in the USA

Final Expense Insurance Information for People in the USA

We help families obtain affordable burial insurance, to help offset the final expenses that come at the end of ones life

44.  MoneyStir.com


Money Stir is filled with tips and recommendations from Chris Roane — a regular guy who has learned his financial lessons and wants to share his experiences with you.

45.  Planning to Wealth

Planning to Wealth

Planning to Wealth provides personal financial planning guidance and wealth management tips for business owners and entrepreneurs in New York City.

46.  The Cash Diaries

The Cash Diaries

The Cash Diaries is where you will find first-hand accounts and helpful advice on trading and investment.

47.  Personal Finance Insider

Personal Finance Insider

On Personal Finance Insider, Ben Carson uses his knowledge and experience as a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Planner to help you manage your cash flow better.

48.  God, Money & Me

God, Money & Me

Behind God, Money & Me is Brian Jewell — a writer and speaker who uses teachings from the Bible to make the most of his money.

49.  Winning Business Financing

Winning Business Financing

The Weklar Business Institute team will help you rev up your ROI and improve your business strategies.

50.  Deflation Market

Deflation Market

It's important to know about deflation when you're trading on the stock market — deflation.market is just the resource to guide you.

51.  True Trendline Trading

True Trendline Trading

52.  Cash Flow Planning For Life

Cash Flow Planning For Life

Everybody needs to plan their cash flow well. Good thing is you can count on this website to help you make the most out of your money.

53.  Income Honcho

Income Honcho

We are positive that you'll find the information on Income Honcho helpful when it comes to increasing your income and improving your life.

54.  GrowthRapidly


Growth Rapidly is intended to help you save money, make money, and build wealth. Our articles and financial tools are there to assist you to make the best financial decisions

55.  The Life Insurance Insider

The Life Insurance Insider

The Life Insurance Blog is where you will find valuable inside information on life insurance and property investments.

56.  Degrees and Debt

Degrees and Debt

Welcome to Degrees and Debt! A financial and life journey (too corny?). Well, I am a 24 year old male from Boston, MA. I got a B.A. in Political Science a few years ago and am now wrapping up my M.S. Project Management. Throughout my undergrad I racked up almost a hundred thousand dollars in student loan debt and when the masters program is done that will add another twenty two thousand. Like many others I have other debt as well; a mortgage, credit cards, bills, groceries, life, etc.

As you can see I have dug a pretty deep hole for myself pretty early in life, but like so many other young graduates, I am in the same situation as many others. I finally realized I had to do something serious about this debt or I would take it to the grave with me (not to mention it would just keep growing). I decided the best way to tackle it was creativity and more important, tracking, thats how Degrees and Debt was born.

57.  ModMoney


ModMoney is a personal finance and lifestyle blog that brings a fresh perspective to saving, spending and living well. ModMoney simplifies personal finance in a relatable way and delivers advice and inspiration for navigating the adult world expertly.

58.  A Complete Listing of Companies that Provide Online Title Loans

A Complete Listing of Companies that Provide Online Title Loans

Don't waste your time looking for a car title loan lender. You can spend hours on end searching for a company that provides title loans. Or you can use our directory and compare dozens of companies that are licensed to lend in your state. We also feature articles, blog entries and financial resources to better help you understand the application and funding process.

59.  My Journey to Trading Stocks

My Journey to Trading Stocks

Swing Traderz is filled to the brim with useful and helpful information about stocks, trading, and investments.

60.  Stuart Wills Personal Blog

Stuart Wills Personal Blog

Stuart Wills is a New Zealand mortgage broker who shares his thoughts on finance, life and the beautiful country that is Aoteroa.