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Last Updated: 29/07/2023

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Business Trends and Insights from American Express

American Express's Business Trends and Insights blog is your handbook for thriving in the business world. It provides practical advice, industry trends, and inspiring stories for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and managers. You'll find tips on money management, growth strategies, team building, and customer engagement. Plus, thought-provoking podcasts and videos to keep you ahead in business. It's the perfect resource to help your business bloom.

Small Biz Trends

Small Business Trends is an online hub providing insights on small business news and smart tips. It caters to entrepreneurs, business owners, and tech enthusiasts, offering content about tech products, industry influencers, and key movers. A perfect guide for those interested in startup ideas, operational advice, and growth strategies.

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Nationwide Insurance Blog

Check out expert advice and helpful resources about car and home insurance on the Nationwide Insurance company blog

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SlideUpLift is an online platform to help professionals make compelling presentations using principles of vision science and storytelling. The platform contains an online library of pre-designed presentation templates that can be used across industries and functions.

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Refresh Leadership

Fresh, innovative ideas and articles about management, workplace development, HR solutions, and practical tips for emerging leaders and business executives.

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Alejandro Cremades

Alejandro Cremades is a skilled entrepreneur and author helping startups grow. He offers tailored advice to raise funds or sell your company. He shares valuable insights and successful entrepreneur stories through his blog, podcast, training programs, and books. Benefit by learning and implementing proven strategies.

Blanchard Leadership

Weekly blog and forum on work management, leadership, productivity, performance, organizational development and workplace culture.

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Boiler Central's Guides

Boiler Central's guides are a treasure for anyone navigating boiler upgrades or repairs. Expert insights help you solve common problems, compare top brands, or learn DIY maintenance. It's the knowledge that makes your boiler decisions clear and confident.

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Small Biz Viewpoints

A top source of informative guides for small business franchise owners, sellers, and buyers; covers marketing, customer services, sales, operations, management, finance, and more.

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Penny Stock Dream Newsletter

Penny Stock Newsletter service that provides investors with important information on up and coming stocks that trade on the OTC market. Dream provides research and analysis on hundreds of companies and provides them as special penny stock alerts to their newsletter subscribers. By keeping up with the frequent updates on this stock blog, traders can learn more about the markets and in so doing, develop better overall practices when trading small-cap and micro-cap stocks that have gained a reputation for being more difficult to analyze and chart, even by the most seasoned investment professionals. Over time this investment blog service has provided many winning stock picks to their subscribers and has shown a great deal of professionalism when dealing with customer service needs for their readers that have any questions about their latest penny stock alerts and newsletter updates on the hottest stocks.

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SMB Bearings Ltd Blog

The official blog of SMB Bearings, the site provides guides on the different types of bearings for hobby and industrial purposes.

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Logical Logistics

The Logical logistics podcast provides a unique look at various companies within the logistics, transportation and warehouse industries. In addition to the services we provide including shipping, transportation, warehousing and relocation, we also talk to business owners and people who work in these industries to get a unique perspective on their business goals, practices and what it takes to succeed.

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The Blog of Prof. Czinkota

This is the blog of Professor Michael Czinkota of Georgetown University. It contains his personal viewpoints on a number of issues including: politics, international business, international marketing, global trade, tariffs and taxes, and business. There are also selections from his textbooks on international business, marketing, and other related content.

Pam Madden Thinking Coaching

Pam Madden's Thinking Coaching is a helpful blog for those seeking self-improvement. Sharing stories from her coaching journey, Pam presents practical strategies for overcoming fear, reaching goals, and understanding our unique selves. Ideal for anyone curious about coaching or needing a nudge to change their life.

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Righteous path

I am currently a MBA student at John Molson School of Business. I learnt a lot about entrepreneurship and value creation during the course. My blog is basically my way of doing the out of box thinking. I have used some iconic scenes from some of the movies and tried to connect the concepts of entrepreneurship to it.Overall my blog is concerned with the idea of how a good mindset can help person to go through up and down situation of life.

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