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Gotcha with Updating .Net Core Using VS.Net 2017

A little while back I put together a very basic ASP.Net Core application and blogged about my first impressions in transitioning from "classic" ASP.Net - can we call it that now?! - here. Just today thought would be a good idea to update it ...

Extending Azure AD B2C with Custom Application Permissions

I recently had chance to work on a proof of concept using Azure AD B2C, which didn't in the end progress but was worth a write-up in case others are working on similar projects, or of course it's something I need to refer back to in future. ...

Machine learning with F#

Another cross-post to something I've put together on my company's Medium site - in this article I'm discussing working with F# and decision trees (both new to me), in a what was an enjoyable, but futile, attempt to draw some insights from a ...

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