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Native, responsive, AMP and PWA? - options for mobile

Cross-posting an article written for my company blog, looking into different options and technologies available for building web applications suitable for mobile - touching on Xamarin, Cordova, PWAs, AMP and architectural patterns.

Let's Encrypt on Azure Web Apps - Key Expiration Issue

I run a side-project website on Azure PaaS, for a music library business called The Perfect Music Library. For a year or so this has had an SSL certificate provided by Let's Encrypt. The certificates provided for this service expiry relatively ...

Gotcha with Updating .Net Core Using VS.Net 2017

A little while back I put together a very basic ASP.Net Core application and blogged about my first impressions in transitioning from "classic" ASP.Net - can we call it that now?! - here. Just today thought would be a good idea to update it ...

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