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FakeDb, Layout tests and Sitecore 9

Following the previous post on this blog involving an issue we ran into upgrading a Sitecore project from 8.2 to 9, this one is also on the same subject. The issue this time was some unit tests that make use of the FakeDb library began to fail ...

Unit testing HttpRequestArgs with Sitecore 9

Working on a project currently with Sitecore CMS, which is currently undergoing an upgrade to version 9.We had this piece of code, used in the context of unit testing classes that inherit from HttpRequestProcessor, such as custom page resolvers. ...

Native, responsive, AMP and PWA? - options for mobile

Cross-posting an article written for my company blog, looking into different options and technologies available for building web applications suitable for mobile - touching on Xamarin, Cordova, PWAs, AMP and architectural patterns.

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