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Added: September 19, 2017
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Optimizing the User Onboarding Process by Leveraging Interaction and Feedback

Onboarding is a vital interaction between the user and the product. It is one of the first touch points for the user in the process of adopting the product. Onboarding also provides an opportunity for the product to create an endearing impression ...

Epic Guide To SaaS Metrics for Customer Success and Product Management

Customer Success, customer support, and product management all have their specific metrics and KPIs. But in a CX-centric world in which we try to avoid silos structures and blame, every interaction along the customer journey has a direct or ...

Why Customer Success Is a Must in the Business-to-Government Ecosystem

As a reader of the Userlane blog  and someone who is interested in customer success, you probably already know that this particular discipline is mostly found in business-to-business sector where companies sell their products or services to ...

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