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Gen. Hayden--NSA To The CIA. And Gonzales, The Attorney General. Big Brotherism?

Only four lawmakers voted no to Hayden's approval. Dictators may search and seize without justification or warrants, but not American presidents. NSA data collection may be a threat to our 4th Amendment, and Attorney General Gonzales' pursuit ...

The Bush Administration & Iranian anger. Oil And The Rationale For War. Greed & The Price Of Gas At The Pump. Brazil Did It, Why Can't We?

The U.S. & Europe is in a dither about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, who wants nuclear energy. Ahmadinejad says the holocaust is myth. Did you ever wonder why he hates us? Did you know the U.S. installed a dictator in Iran in ...

A Global Warming Alert From Andromeda Galaxy

You exist at the edge of your galaxy, your "Milky Way," & your star, the "Sun," is a mere pindot in space. Your planet Earth, though beautiful, is insignificant in relation to the cosmos. You are self-important & self-destructive primates ...

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