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Todd Akin’s empirical question

Originally posted on The Science Bit: So, as you may have heard, Mr Akin, the Republican Party Senate candidate in Missouri (hi, Missouri!) has some weird views on rape, conception, and abortion. Basically, this is what the Todd Akin t-shir ...

‘Rethinking Psychology’ is now available

Alright, there really is no humble way of putting this. My new book [*blush*], having been trailed as “imminent” for several months, is now officially available. In all good booksellers, as they say (and they actually do say this). I&# ...

This new European-wide public science engagement initiative is worth a look

We all know that the world is complex, and that science is increasingly so. Gone are the days when one person could successfully grasp the entirety of what science could teach. Not only that, but the way in which scientific research... Read ...