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Added: May 13, 2012
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Baseball and Softball will probably be at the 2020 Olympics

Guess what, folks? If a proposal passes next month, baseball and softball will be back in the Olympics, at least occasionally. The proposal, called Agenda 2020, is meant to try and solve some of the big problems facing the IOC, … Continue ...

Over at Hall of Very Good: “Wisdom and Links” looks at Jeffrey Loria and the Baseball Boogie

The latest “Wisdom and Links” is up at Hall of Very Good. This week, I look at how Jeffrey Loria views the Stanton deal, share some links, and expose you to the Baseball Boogie.

Giancarlo Stanton’s $325 Million Dollars in perspective

Giancarlo Stanton will, likely, get $325 million dollars in exchange for playing for the Miami Marlins for 13 more years (assuming he doesn’t get traded or opts out). That, scientifically, is known as a buttload of money. How much money? ...

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