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Added: February 17, 2017
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Defy Norms

Growing up I was never that confident, popular and effortlessly cool kid. As a matter a fact, I was quite the opposite. I was constantly bullied and made fun of because I wasn’t fitting in. The music I liked, my hobbies and interests were ...

What a Dad and ‘Real Man’ Means To Me

I will never forget the day when I was four (or maybe five?) and I was crying on the ground with a scraped knee and my legs in pain, and thinking with my feeble brain “that’s it, I will never play outside ever again”, when suddenly a ...

Kalelicious Smoothie Copycat Recipe

Indulging in a fresh Kalicious Smoothie from Whole Foods is one of my favorite things when I need a quick boost of energy in the morning. But the truth is that I’m not always in the mood the put clothes on, hop in the car and make a trip to ...

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