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Stuart Wills is a New Zealand mortgage broker who shares his thoughts on finance, life and the beautiful country that is Aoteroa.
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Mortgage Brokers Need To Get Smarter

Mortgage Brokers Need To Get Smarter As the banks are making it harder to get mortgages approved some mortgage brokers are complaining while other mortgage brokers focus their efforts on being smarter. We fall into the second group – we have ...

Lawrence Was The Birthplace Of New Zealand Cycling

Lawrence in Otago is believed to be the birthplace of the very first bike in New Zealand, so by default the start of New Zealand cycling. In 1893 it is reported that a Patrick O’Leary aged just 20-years old and an employee of Matthews and ...

How To Promote A New Business

When you start a new business a big challenge is to get new leads which you hope will become customers, and therefore produce income for you. You hopefully already know that you have a great product or service, and you have set the price to ...

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