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MasterChef Junior Season 5 Returns with 20 New Hopefuls

This month MasterChef Junior Season 5 began with a whole new group of hopeful tiny home cooks. These little people put my cooking skills to shame but I just love watching them to see what they come up with. They exhibit such passion for cooking ...

The Tastiest National Margarita Day Deals

Arizonans take their margaritas seriously, and no day is more serious than National Margarita Day. I’m all about celebrating the beauty of that sweet and tart concotction and on February 22nd some of your favorite restaurants will be hosting ...

Celebrity Fight Night XXIII: Celebrating Ali

Ever since we got the first announcement about Celebrity Fight Night, it has been on my bucket list to attend this epic event. I promise one day I will be among the guests one of these years. This is, in my opinion, the fanciest night of the ...