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Swanson 2013 Merlot: Cheers to beaucoup winemaking

In a fitting beginning to Robin Akhurst’s full-time career with Swanson Vineyards, their 2013-2014 Merlots will surely be superior values.  Robin’s expertise in creating internationally inspired wines has provided an excellent foundation ...

FoodyDirect : A World of Food at Your Fingertips

I recently learned about a new specialty service that I think that you are going to love. FoodyDirect is a special gourmet delivery service, which on the surface sounds simple enough, but its really so much more than that. Let’s break it down, ...

Elote Tequila Tasting Event with Chef Jeff Smedstad

One Tequila, two Tequila, three Tequila, four! Try them all at the exclusive Elote Tequila Tasting Event at Elote Café. The Arizona restaurant is recognized for its picturesque views of the Sedona Red Rocks, its prize-winning blend of farm-fresh ...

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