Many circuit project electronics

Many circuit project electronics
Added: June 16, 2010
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LM380-6W Bridge Power Amplifier Circuit

The Circuit of Main Amp BCL 6w With LM380 Today we come to see Bridge Amplifier very small-sized about 6Watt only. This work uses the integrated circuit number LM380 then build easy and economize good. When a friend uses 8ohm loudspeakers. Will ...

Make cheap 6V battery charger circuit from a mobile charger

Here is a low current 6 volts battery charger circuit. We applied them from cheapest a mobile phone charger. Inside is simple DC switching regulator circuit. This circuit we can apply many ways, such as a power supply for general load and a ...

Simple Electronic Stethoscope circuits

This is Electronic Stethoscope circuits. Usually the stethoscope is a medical device that listens to the heartbeat. Which we can make it with the least amount of electronic equipment so easy to make. The post Simple Electronic Stethoscope circuits ...

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