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A digital and communications expert shares his concepts and ideas in the field of academe, journalism and the video industry. Featuring well-presented stories and compelling news articles about digital media.
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Building Digital Transformations:The agility of branding, university communities and website modelling.

In our airy, white-walled office, we’re on a mission, to produce one of the first  Masters course? in the UK that merges journalism, image production and interactivity —?a new kind of MA.  “Agile business innovation is not only con ...

The Fake News Challenge - ‘If corporates can do it, why can’t you?’, they ask.

At that given moment, Edward Bernays gave his cue whereupon a group of rich debutantes in a parade walking down New York’s fifth avenue pulled out cigarettes from their stockings and lit up. They’re smoking torches of freedom, the PR guru ...

What Did Journalism Ever Do For Us?

Context Here’s my story! Skip if you want, but this is my intro to journalism I was being moved from one foster parent to another in the UK before my Dad hauled my sisters and I off to Ghana, where he’s from. I got put into a boarding ...

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