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Added: December 17, 2012
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Flow Control – Pause Frames

. When an Ethernet device gets over loaded, flow control allows it to send PAUSE requests to the  devices sending it data to allow the over loaded condition to clear.  If flow control is not enabled and an over loaded condition occurs, ...

Force10 DCB Configuration – S4810 + MXL Sample / Example

. First, some background on DCB itself. DCB is an extension to Ethernet that enables the dedication of resources in the converged network. To ensure lossless delivery and latency-sensitive scheduling of storage, service traffic, and I/O convergence ...

Layer 2 Discards Troubleshooting – RX TX Discards

. The following list of questions/vectors can assist in troubleshooting Layer 2 discard issues. They have been of help to me in the past on more than one occasion. What Switches/Models? What firmware versions? Look at the subsequent firmwares’ ...

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