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Suddenly, I write about Suddenly, Last Summer by Joseph L. Mankiewicz (1959)

The human brain is a universe of its own. It encloses such unfathomable mysteries that modern science is only at the very initial stages of attempting to grasp its infinite complexity. So the idea that a straight-forward lobotomy might help ...

Pack your compass, Davy Crockett hat and favourite books. Moonrise Kingdom: to the rescue!

Isn’t it great when one of your favourite directors of the moment delivers a film that’s even more brilliant and enjoyable than the previous ones? Well I felt exactly that way when I saw ‘Moonrise Kingdom’, Wes Anderson’s latest p ...

Viele Grüße aus Berlin

Currently enjoying the German capital city’s wonders and its odd mix of vibrant and gruesome – wunderschön! If you go there don’t miss the excellent Kinemathek. Bis bald!

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