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Elder Research is a recognized leader in the science, practice, and technology of advanced analytics. We partner with commercial clients and government agencies to develop custom analytical models, powerful text mining tools, and data visualization to provide actionable solutions to real business problems. Our blog features articles on the practical application of analytics to provide actionable data-driven solutions to real-world business problems in healthcare, insurance, software usage, government oversight, and financial services.
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5 Keys to Powerful Data Visualizations

Data models can distill powerful insight from raw data. Yet, this insight is only valuable when it is acted on, and it’s only acted on if it’s understood. Visualization plays a vital role in revealing key aspects of data within its overall ...

Uplift Modeling: Making Predictive Models Actionable

  Predictive models typically estimate the likelihood of future events, such as whether it will rain tomorrow or which customers are most likely to “churn” by cancelling their phone contract.  In the case of the weather, we do not expect ...

Developing an Effective Analytics Strategy: A Roadmap for Success

Analytics is a disruptive technology and many organizations fail the first time they attempt a major analytics initiative. Extracting value from data to drive intelligent business decisions requires a cultural shift within a business to ins ...

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