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Elder Research is a recognized leader in the science, practice, and technology of advanced analytics. We partner with commercial clients and government agencies to develop custom analytical models, powerful text mining tools, and data visualization to provide actionable solutions to real business problems. Our blog features articles on the practical application of analytics to provide actionable data-driven solutions to real-world business problems in healthcare, insurance, software usage, government oversight, and financial services.
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It is a Mistake to Rely on One Technique

In his Top 10 Data Mining Mistakes John Elder shares lessons learned from more than 20 years of data science consulting experience. Avoiding these mistakes are cornerstones to any successful analytics project. In this blog about Mistake ...

Nested Cross Validation: When (Simple) Cross Validation Isn’t Enough

Several scientific disciplines have been rocked by a crisis of reproducibility in recent years [1]. Not long ago, Bayer researchers found that they were only able to replicate 25% of the important pharmaceutical papers they examined [2], and ...

Not So Fast: Analytics, Disruption, and Organizational Change

A recent client of ours found themselves in a sticky situation. They are a long-established manufacturer, with one of the largest market capitalizations in their industry. For decades, they have been a trusted vendor to their customers, in a ...

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