Deflation Market

Financial news on deflation and inflation in the markets and economy.
Added: January 11, 2017
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The Case Against Gold

Early last week, you may have seen Harry’s latest message about gold (and silver too). He’s got some pretty strong evidence that the metals are due to take a tumble. In fact, he said now would be a good time to drop any gold you’re still ...

11 Reasons Why U.S. Economic Growth Is The Worst That It Has Been In 3 Years

Those that were predicting that the U.S. economy would be flying high by now have been proven wrong.  U.S. GDP grew at the worst rate in three years during the first quarter of 2017, and many are wondering if this is the beginning of a major ...

Far too much debt and currency are created

What happens when new currency is create with few limits by central banks and commercial banks? Answer: Far too much debt and currency are created. Central Bank Balance Sheets have increased by $ 10 trillion in the last decade and $ 1 trillion ...

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