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What’s Up With All These Instagram Giveaways? Roundup January 2018

It’s official, Instagram is THEE place to find good giveaways. I’ve even jumped on the bandwagon because I know that’s where a lot of my peeps hang out. There are a few reasons why giveaways work so well on the platform. The element of ...

Making 2018 The Year of The Latina Business!

Did you know that 58% of U.S. Latinos feel more empowered through technology? The post Making 2018 The Year of The Latina Business! appeared first on Danay.

Keeping Our Co-Op Disinfected & Clean With PURELL® Multi Surface Disinfectant

A co-op is a great way to make sure your kid still gets the school experience. That means there are a lot of other kids. Where there are kids, there are germs. It's like a human Petri dish. Check out how we're using PURELL® Multi Surface ...

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