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Added: July 22, 2012
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Four Bands. One Song.

 Doing a cover version can be tricky.  Assuming you're not blatantly taking the piss (Every Thrash Metal pop cover, ever.) then the band want to put their own stamp on the song while still retaining a little of the original flavour.  Go too ...

A Fierce Lady From Mexican Comics

So fierce in fact that she wears a Wolf's head as a hat. Although it has to be noted that she didn't have much use for  the rest of the pelt. I found this pic when I was poking about in some odd corner of the Net and I was originally going to ...

Warrior Women Of European Comics Chapter II

Welcome back for another small selection of Bandes Dessinee/Fumetti/Comic covers from Europe starring fierce young women who seem to have misplaced half their clothing.Clearly there's a big market for these otherwise there wouldn't be so many ...

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