Reviews of books, films and anime plus a cunning plan to gather every "Metal" song on Youtube in one place
Added: July 22, 2012
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Movie Review : The Humanoid (1979)

Genre: Sci-Fi/Space Opera  An Evil Warlord and an Evil Scientist plan to create an army of invincible warriors. Evil invincible warriors.    A gentle giant of a spaceship pilot happens to  wander too close to their Evil Base and they do ...

The Metal Project: W Is For War

 We're almost done with our trek through the alphabet of Metal. There might be some letters after this but let's fact it, the pickings are likely to be fairly slim. How many Metal bands are there that start with X anyway? No, don't answer ...

Comics: Lady Spitfire (France 2012)

  I've been on a bit of a Euro Comics splurge lately and found a whole universe of stuff that I just didn't know was there.  It seems a bit weird that it's easier to find and read Japanese comics from the other side of the world than the stuff ...