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31.  Social Media & Tech News Blog

Social Media & Tech News Blog

SociablWeb is a social media & technology blog covering all the latest news on SEO, search engines update, social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and provides technology news also.




33.  Mind Frame Shift

Mind Frame Shift

An Observation in Writing. Scientist | Writer | Pathfinder.
A means of expression as a creative outlet for writing; sometimes of Science, often of Nature and maybe a bit of Art.

34.  Office Beginner

Office Beginner

At Office Beginner, we regularly share tips and tutorials for Microsoft Office and Google Suite users. We have over 100 published tutorials and we are growing our tutorial library every week.

35.  Cloud Colorado

Cloud Colorado

Cloud Computing and IT Service Provider. The blog contains content related to tech news, small business management, the cloud computing industry, and more.

36.  Ben's Hardware Blog

Ben's Hardware Blog

37.  Reliable and Efficient Blog

Reliable and Efficient Blog

38.  Gingernut's Science Dunk

Gingernut's Science Dunk

An accessible and interesting way to learn about science, all fields included. Posts are about discussions, explorations, discoveries, predictions, and opinions of science writers.

39.  Jörn's space

Jörn's space

Private thoughts about FinTec, cyber security, programming and startups.

40.  Prometheus Studies

Prometheus Studies

Metaphors for God, the true Prometheus, in science and science fiction. Reviews of some sci fi.

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