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Social Media & Tech News Blog

SociablWeb is a social media & technology blog covering all the latest news on SEO, search engines update, social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and provides technology news also.

Evolve in the New Era

Tech, Startups and Ideas in the Era of the Metaverse

Mind Frame Shift

An Observation in Writing. Scientist | Writer | Pathfinder.

A means of expression as a creative outlet for writing; sometimes of Science, often of Nature and maybe a bit of Art.


We write about business, startups, and tools, which help us in everyday work in the company.


Find the latest trends in technology on Procommun with daily coverage of innovative technologies, gadgets, and future tech.

Perth Computer Repairs

The Perth Computer Repairs is a computer repair and support service that offers repairs for PCs, laptops, and Macs. They also provide virus removal services and IT support. If your computer is running slow, they offer a computer service to help get it back up to speed. They can also build custom workstations for users who need a high-end machine for specific purposes. Lastly, they offer network services to help improve internet speeds and connectivity.


A selection of some of the best, most exciting news, updates, and changes to Google Stadia and other Cloud Gaming platforms.

 Gingernut's Science Dunk

An accessible and exciting way to learn about science, all fields included. Posts are about discussions, explorations, discoveries, predictions, and opinions of science writers.

 Jörn's space

Private thoughts about FinTec, cyber security, programming and startups.

Cloud Colorado

Cloud Computing and IT Service Provider. The blog contains tech news, small business management, the cloud computing industry, and more.


NerdSimple is the best way for nerds, technophiles, geeks, entrepreneurs, website creators and gamers to learn about the latest and best tech gadgets, tools, apps and service providers to improve their personal and business lives.

Prometheus Studies

Metaphors for God, the true Prometheus, in science and science fiction. Reviews of some sci fi.


PrivacyWe provides the best articles, videos, and information to help people protect online privacy, anonymity, and identity while online and within the digital world.