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Last Updated: 16/03/2023

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You're Just a Dumbass

You're Just a Dumbass is a relationship wellness blog by Clarissa Silva. It is designed to help people find and maintain healthy relationships—to help them date smarter. A behavioral scientist and researcher, the relationship coach uses the Your Happiness Hypothesis, a research-based and data-driven technique that she developed. It addresses some suboptimal relationship challenges emerging from today’s tech-driven dating world. Find online dating tips that will filter the good ones from the jerks or creeps and tongue-in-cheek but practical relationship advice.

Life in Synergy

A wellness and personal development blog by Helena Collins that aids people with multi-award-winning methods.

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Nothing, The Blog of Mark Urso

Mark Urso is an author and musician. He writes about girls battling dragons, music and writing, and the universe and everything theory!

Urso's book “A Candle Lit” talks about alcoholism and is supported by open-minded solid interconnections.

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Andrea Andres Yoga

I help overworked people like you reduce stress and relieve anxiety with evidence-based yoga, breathwork, and meditation practices, so you can unwind, sleep better, and maybe even be more productive. My mission is to help people find relief from within when carrying the weight of the world.

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Trench Life

Trench Life is a blog FOR young professionals, BY young professionals. It was created to help younger professionals navigate the early stages of their careers. Whether it’s becoming a leader for the first time, dealing with discrimination in the workplace, handling anxiety, or a range of other issues that younger professionals often experience at work, it’s much better to learn from others who have already experienced these things!

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My Concealed Deprression

Hello, I am Joel. I have Major Depressive Disorder. I am genuinely determined to figure out my personal relationship with depression. With 40+ years of living with concealed depression, I write my blog to find answers.

I once got so carried away searching for answers that I even earned a certification in SMART Recovery.

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Harmonious Way

Harmonious Way offers practical advice to help you live an authentic, meaningful life. Learn to reduce stress, stop people pleasing, clarify your values, and live intentionally. Discover inspiring quotes and tips for emotional health, mindfulness, and personal growth. A blog for anyone seeking purpose, mindfulness, and inner peace. Written in a warm, relatable style.

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Yoga of Freedom

Art of living-Beyond Mind-Body Complex, Freedom from Suffering, Fear. Self-Realization, Right Action, Right Practice: Meaning of Life, Stillness of the Mind, Energy Management, Peace of Mind, Blissfulness. Unlikely to be disturbed by happiness & sorrow

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Tips and Tricks to Smartly NextUp! your life

Take your life to the next level by helping you with your goals and figure out a plan to achieve them. We’ll also provide resources and advice on everything that can help with your personal growth. So, whether you’re looking to land that dream job or just become a better version of yourself, we are here to help.

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