1.  Starts at Sixty

Starts at Sixty

2.  Teen Dating Violence Awarness Month

Teen Dating Violence Awarness Month

The website offers resources for youth, adults and communities interested in learning more about teen dating violence.

3.  SMART Living 365

SMART Living 365

4.  plain and not so plain

plain and not so plain

5.  Girlandworld


Girlandworld is a blog with a huge following, reaching over 200,000 people. A good percentage of these people are interested in its army-related content. Learn about the life pressures and challenges faced by soldiers, officers, their kids, and their significant others. There are also lighter subjects, including army wife dresses and tips on throwing Army-themed parties. Besides Army scoops, Girlandworld also talks about Asian Indian society, entertainment, culture, lifestyle, travel, fashion, and beauty. A large network of 2,500+ bloggers contribute to the site. Westland-Amazon published author, Swapnil Pandey, serves as its chief editor.

6.  One Big Happy Home

One Big Happy Home

7.  Walking The Walk

Walking The Walk

This blog is all about walking the walk, and not just talking my talk.

This is the place where a mindset coach Pam Thomas shares her personal journey, insights, ideas, and a-ha moments that helped her to become comfortable in her own skin by changing her inner dialog.

8.  Walter E. Jacobson, M.D.

Walter E. Jacobson, M.D.

Walter E. Jacobson, M.D.

9.  You're Just a Dumbass

You're Just a Dumbass

You're Just a Dumbass is a relationship wellness blog by Clarissa Silva. It is designed to help people find and maintain healthy relationships—in short, to help them date smarter. A behavioral scientist and researcher, the relationship coach uses Your Happiness Hypothesis, a research-based and data-driven technique that she herself developed. It is meant to address some suboptimal relationship challenges emerging from today’s tech-driven dating world. Find online dating tips that will filter the good ones from the jerks or the creeps, as well as tongue-in-cheek but practical relationship advice.

10.  Daddy Got Custody

Daddy Got Custody

11.  Baby Boomer Bliss

Baby Boomer Bliss

Looking for content for baby boomers? Whether it's for yourself or to connect with someone you know from that generation, Baby Boomer Bliss offers you a wonderful resource. It tackles subjects ranging from empty nest syndrome and menopause to staying healthy and maintaining a positive attitude. You'll also find light and entertaining pieces that this generation can instantly connect with, from celebrity news to humor. Baby Boomer Bliss is by fiction and non-fiction author Julie Gorges, herself an adventurous baby boomer who is having the time of her life traveling and pursuing her passions.

12.  Retirement and Good Living

Retirement and Good Living

13.  About William and Kate

About William and Kate

14.  Patti Wood MA, CSP

Patti Wood MA, CSP

15.  Bite-sized Subversions - challlenging thoughts about everyday things

Bite-sized Subversions - challlenging thoughts about everyday things

Bite-sized Subversions - challlenging thoughts about everyday things

16.  Nothing, The Blog of Mark Urso

Nothing, The Blog of Mark Urso

Mark Urso is an author and musician. He writes about girls battling dragons, music and writing, and the universe and everything theory!
Urso's book “A Candle Lit” talks about alcoholism and is supported by strong open-minded interconnections.

17.  Personal Coaching Breakthroughs Blog

Personal Coaching Breakthroughs Blog

Life coach and personal business coach helping people break through the barriers to personal happiness and fulfillment. Major focus on personal development & improvement for professionals and business owners to achieve work life balance and personal success.

18.  A Whole New World: Chronicles of a Midlife Divorce Survivor

A Whole New World: Chronicles of a Midlife Divorce Survivor

A blog featuring up-to-date articles and helpful tips for women going through a divorce in mid-life.

19.  Style Unsettled

Style Unsettled

20.  Alice's Adventures Underground

Alice's Adventures Underground

Married, 40ish mom of two (or three, or four, depending on how you keep score) who stepped through the lookinglass and now finds herself living in curiouser and curiouser lands of Marriage, Motherhood, and the Washington, D.C. Metro Area.

21.  Spiritual Phoenix Studios

Spiritual Phoenix Studios

We improve people’s lives by co-creating, simple, personalized plans that help them achieve success. Our methods include tarot readings, reiki, life coaching, crystals, magic, and more! Schedule your free 15-minute consultation to find a solution for you.https://Spiritualphoenixstudios.as.me/clarity-call

22.  A Writer's Journey Inside Out

A Writer's Journey Inside Out

23.  WealthyEir


WealthyEir is a blog about personal growth, motivation, time-management, and health. WealthyEir is about inspiration, goal setting, and self-development.

24.  Stepping Out Of The Line

Stepping Out Of The Line

25.  New Life New Mind

New Life New Mind

This blog is dedicated to you for making an effort to pull out the greatness within you. Here you will find articles on motivational topics such as relationships, balancing life, life's challenges, mental wellness for men and so much more.

26.  Family Reunion Planners

Family Reunion Planners

27.  The Realized Woman

The Realized Woman

Retreats for women to reconnect to their highest-self, their desires, and the life they were created for. spirit

28.  Retool your Relationship

Retool your Relationship

Retool your Relationship

29.  Now I Get You

Now I Get You

30.  Someday Extraordinary

Someday Extraordinary