Last Updated: 02/03/2023

The 9 Best Outdoors Blogs

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List of the Top 9 Outdoors Blogs

Outside Online

Outside Online is the ultimate blog for outdoor lovers. It offers gear reviews and expert tips for hikers, climbers, skiers, and cyclists. The blog caters to all skill levels. Its articles and visuals inspire readers to explore nature. Outside Online helps you plan your next adventure or find the perfect gear.

The Eddy

The Eddy - OARS Blog offers exciting stories and videos on whitewater rafting, adventure sports, travel tips, river culture, and outdoor life. Discover the best U.S. and international spots for rafting trips. Compare trips by activity, traveler type, and specialty. Get expert advice on responsible travel. Be inspired by real adventurers.

Adventure Driven Vacations Blog

Adventure Driven Vacations (ADV) Croatia offers a variety of thrilling outdoor activities. That includes tandem skydiving, rock climbing, sea kayaking, and hiking in the scenic regions of Croatia, particularly around Zadar. The company is known for its exceptional adventure tours and has garnered positive client testimonials.

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Paddle & Path

Paddle & Path offers easy-to-follow tips, guides, and gear reviews for stand-up paddle boarding. Whether you're into peaceful lake cruises or wave surfing, we guide you in choosing the perfect board and gear. Our mission is to make paddle boarding enjoyable and easy for everyone. Get advice on paddle techniques and the best spots, and explore new adventures with our expert contributors. Begin your paddle boarding adventure right with Paddle & Path.

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Trail & Crag

Trail & Crag is an outdoor adventure blog. It offers tips and reviews for climbing, hiking, and biking. The blog shares essential skills for exploring nature. Trail & Crag has content for all skill levels. Beginners and experts can learn to climb, ride, and explore with confidence.

Always Outdoors

Always Outdoors is a blog about camping, hiking, adventure travel, and gardening. We offer tips, gear reviews, trip suggestions, and safety advice for nature enthusiasts. Our content inspires a love for the outdoors. It includes beginner advice, top destinations, family camping tips, and daily nature connection ideas.

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The Traveling Outdoorsman

Your go-to hub for top outdoor gear recommendations, in-depth product reviews, and expert tips to level up your camping, fishing, hunting, and hiking adventures.

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BendOregon.com is the go-to guide for Bend, Oregon. Find top lodging, dining, breweries, and outdoor activities. Get insider tips for unforgettable family vacations, romantic getaways, or solo adventures.

Explore South Africa's Natural Splendor with NatureSA.co.za

Nature SA: your guide to South Africa's natural wonders. Founded by Muhammad Docrat. Connects adventurers and nature lovers. Explore diverse landscapes - from majestic mountains to pristine coasts. Get tips on top hiking trails and campsites. Learn about incredible wildlife. Discover the beauty of South Africa's nature with Nature SA.

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