31.  Fish Tank World

Fish Tank World

FishTankWorld.com goal is to help aquarist hobbyists with easy, actionable information to help them take better care of their fishes. The site contains info on setting up and keeping your aquarium, fish and plants, fish tanks and the equipment necessary to run your aquarium.

32.  Expert Aquarist

Expert Aquarist

Expert Aquarist talks all about aquaria and the relevant products to help you become successful in this hobby.

We are a bunch of hobbyists who keep exotic pets as a passion and love to talk about Fresh Water Aquarium, Salt Water Aquarium, Vivarium, Terrarium, Paludarium – you name it! In this website we do honest reviews of different products relevant to this hobby to make your purchase decision better. We also share tips and tricks from our first hand experience.

33.  Thistle Ridge Stables

Thistle Ridge Stables

34.  New Zealand Hunting News from Sunspots Safaris

New Zealand Hunting News from Sunspots Safaris

New Zealand Hunting News from Sunspots Safaris

35.  About Betta Fish Tanks

About Betta Fish Tanks

36.  Cat Blog Profeline - Out of love for your cat

Cat Blog Profeline - Out of love for your cat

37.  whogivesamonkeys.com



38.  Aquarium Source

Aquarium Source

Aquarium Source provides helpful advice to help your tank thrive.

39.  DogBlog: A Dog's Eye View

DogBlog: A Dog's Eye View

40.  Lithops Stories

Lithops Stories

41.  The Aquarium Adviser

The Aquarium Adviser

A blog for Aquarium fish and plants

42.   Laveen Veterinary Center & Animal Hospital

 Laveen Veterinary Center & Animal Hospital

Laveen Veterinary Center is a full-service small animal hospital for dogs and cats in Laveen, AZ. Our veterinary services cover a large spectrum of animal care that includes preventative physical examinations, emergency and, critical care, routine elective spay, dog and cat dental care as well as advanced orthopedic surgery.

Licensed general practitioners we have assembled an expert team of veterinary professionals to bring you the best possible healthcare for your pet for your cat or dog.

An affiliate of University Animal Hospital in Tempe, Arizona, at Laveen Veterinary Center your pet is treated with love, care, and compassion.

Preventative annual exams are essential to provide the best medicine for your pet. Contact Laveen Veterinary Center to schedule an appointment today at (602)559-9600.

43.  The Nature Blog

The Nature Blog

The ramblings of an amateur naturalist including species accounts and reports on nature locations.

44.  www.theindoorgardens.com


45.  Home Keet Home

Home Keet Home

This blog is intended to be a resource for anyone thinking about becoming a parakeet owner, both driven by our experiences as well as a collection of helpful links and other info.

46.  Front Seat Ryder

Front Seat Ryder

A blog to inspire, encourage and empower the modern dog mom to improve her mental health while maximizing her doggie companionship. Unleash your pawsitivity and chase a happier life!

47.  Collar & Harness Magazine

Collar & Harness Magazine

Collar and Harness provide honest, well researched, real-world reviews and advice of dog products for all breeds and sizes. Written by dog lovers, for dog lovers.

Collar and Harness is a collection of the best dog products and doggy lifestyle guides by people who love dogs for people who love dogs. We are a small team of independent reviewers, some of us who work with dogs on a daily basis.

48.  My Dogs Love.me

My Dogs Love.me

49.  Phoenix Veterinary Center

Phoenix Veterinary Center

Phoenix Veterinary Center is a full-service small animal hospital for cats and dogs. Our veterinary services include preventative physical examinations, doggy dental care, and routine elective spay, to name a few.

The veterinary team at Phoenix Veterinary Center are licensed general practitioners that are caring, and knowledgeable and are here to treat your four-legged family members. Your pets’ health and well-being are very important to us, and we take every possible measure to provide your animals with the treatment that they deserve.

Our practice's mission statement is care, compassion, communication. A simple statement that covers our beliefs, we strive to provide the absolute best medical care for our patients.

To learn more, contact Phoenix Veterinary Center call (602)559-5500 today!

50.  My Four Dogs

My Four Dogs

51.  The Pet Tree House

The Pet Tree House

52.  Wrinkle Butts

Wrinkle Butts

All about English Bulldogs, and other Bullie Breeds. Health, Training, Accessories, Puppy and Senior Care.

53.  Mathildas Dogs

Mathildas Dogs

54.  Walking Softly Upon the Earth

Walking Softly Upon the Earth

55.  Mental Morsels with Dr. Cearley : Learning life principles from the farm

Mental Morsels with Dr. Cearley : Learning life principles from the farm

56.  Owner


57.  Auggie's Doggie Bloggie

Auggie's Doggie Bloggie

Hello, I’m Augustine Francis Charles McGillicuddy.

You can call me Auggie.

I’m a limerick loving boy. So, each week, I’m going to post a limerick about dogs…mutts, & ALL the breeds…maybe alphabetically, maybe haphazardly…one a week, maybe more. Stay tuned.

I’ll wax poetic about the essence of a squeak toy & other very important subjects...

In other words…a dog’s life…according to me.

58.  Ryan's Animal Videos Blog

Ryan's Animal Videos Blog

Ryan's Animal Videos Blog

59.  Dog Blog

Dog Blog

My blog about my dogs and other things canine

60.  Blogging Paws

Blogging Paws