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Last Updated: 16/03/2023

The 3 Best Martial Arts Blogs

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List of the Top 3 Martial Arts Blogs

Rockhold Karate
1075 North Lakeline Boulevard, Cedar Park, TX, USA

Read about sword camps, tournaments, and lightsaber classes from Rockhold Karate. Learn tips on getting better at karate. See behind the scenes of classes and events. Find out how martial arts helps confidence and discipline. Stay on top of the latest news from Sensei Chris Rockhold in this fun, engaging blog.

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Black Belt Mama

A mother shares her emotional journey as her daughter, Swim Girl, prepares for college. Time flew since kindergarten, and now goodbyes feel harder. Swim Girl, overcoming vocal cord dysfunction, excels in swimming and academics. Pride mixes with the pain of change. The mother braces for a tough college drop-off, feeling heartache but knowing it'll get easier.

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Traditional Taekwondo Perth

JDK HQ teaches Taekwondo in Perth, Western Australia. Classes suit students of all ages and skills. The practical training builds self-defense, fitness, discipline and personal growth. Learn under qualified, experienced instructors. Progress your Taekwondo skills with JDK HQ.

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