1.  Martial Development

Martial Development

Articles on martial arts for personal development.

2.  Ikigai | Blogging The Martial Way

Ikigai | Blogging The Martial Way

'Ikigai | Blogging The Martial Way' is a martial arts blog that covers technique, culture, philosophy, kata, and more. Suitable for eclectic and traditional stylists alike.

3.  Black Belt Mama

Black Belt Mama

Most karate moms just do the commute; this one is a black belt after an ACL tear nearly ended it all.

4.  Martial Views

Martial Views

Martial arts, philosophy, and the art of living.

5.  Budo Inochi

Budo Inochi

Budo Inochi focuses on various aspects of the Japanese martial arts, and also on women in the wider martial arts.

6.  Martial Arts in Modern Times

Martial Arts in Modern Times

7.  Traditional Taekwondo Perth

Traditional Taekwondo Perth

Traditional Taekwondo Perth Blog focuses on philosophy, coaching, technique applications, coaching, and personal growth.

8.  Muay Thai: Beyond the Ring

Muay Thai: Beyond the Ring

Muay Thai: Beyond the Ring

9.  Bunkai Jutsu

Bunkai Jutsu

Realistic martial arts teaching self-protection, practical applications, good techniques, traditional values, self-development, history and influences, philosophy, and natural movement.

10.  SMAbloggers


11.  Slidey's Training Log

Slidey's Training Log

Detailing (mainly) my Brazilian jiu jitsu training, which I began in Nov 2006 at the Roger Gracie Academy. To a much lesser degree, also includes my experiences in a few other martial arts, particularly Zhuan Shu Kuan.

12.  British Aikido

British Aikido

British Aikido history and lineage blog.

13.  Prairie Martial Arts

Prairie Martial Arts

The home of Prairie Martial Arts

14.  AikiThoughts


A blog regarding the study of Kokikai Aikido, as well as musing on general aspects of martial arts training.