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Last Updated: 30/03/2023

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HFE (Health and Fitness Education)

HFE: Fitness for everyone. UK's No.1 provider for personal trainer courses & fitness qualifications. Transform lives with top-notch learning - from personal training & yoga to Pilates, exercise to music, & sports massage. Locations across the UK.

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Popular Fitness

Popular Fitness offers comprehensive exercise resources, including workout videos using various equipment and bodyweight techniques for strength training. Explore informative articles on fitness, health, nutrition, healthy eating recipes, and supplement guidance to enhance your overall wellness journey.

Malin Method

Malin Method offers effective, at-home rehab programs designed to eliminate chronic pain and heal injuries. Their comprehensive approach ensures joint stability, improved range of motion, and long-lasting relief for various body areas by providing step-by-step guidance through video coaching.

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Red Pill Fitness - Personal Trainer Shoreditch

Red Pill Fitness, a Shoreditch personal training service, specializes in coaching business owners aged 35+ to achieve weight loss, energizing workouts, and pain-free living. Utilizing tailored fitness programs and nutrition guidance for all levels of experience or injuries sustained, clients see rapid results safely while building healthy habits that last.

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