Last Updated: 07/03/2024

The 8 Best Fitness Companies

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List of the Top 8 Fitness Companies

Ultimate Performance

Ultimate Performance is a private personal training gym in Manchester's Spinningfields. Our world-class trainers deliver exceptional body transformation results. We specialize in fat loss, muscle building, and total body transformations. Our expert team helps clients achieve their health and wellness goals quickly. We provide personalized training plans tailored to each individual's needs. At Ultimate Performance, you'll get the support and guidance to succeed.

HFE (Health and Fitness Education)

Get the scoop on HFE's top-notch fitness courses, where you can become a pro in personal training, Pilates, or yoga. This blog is for anyone passionate about health and fitness who wants to turn that passion into a profession. It offers top-quality learning resources, five-star support, and real-world employment opportunities. So if you're excited about helping others lead healthier lives, this blog is your perfect gym buddy. With HFE, it's all about becoming more than just a certificate holder—it's about becoming a fitness force.

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Body Fixers Health & Wellness

Body Fixers offers personalized health and fitness coaching in the U.S. With decades of experience, they craft bespoke workout and nutrition plans. Fitness expert Gavin Walsh leads the team, ensuring custom programs for individual health goals. They provide one-on-one support, promote sustainable habits, and ensure accountability. Body Fixers is dedicated to helping clients achieve optimal health and happiness.

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Popular Fitness

Popular Fitness offers free online fitness resources. The website was created by Peter Kudlacz in 2000. It provides a directory of exercises for specific body parts. The site also features articles on nutrition and equipment reviews. Kudlacz believes exercise and nutrition can make people feel younger and stronger. It is a good resource for improving fitness and well-being.

Becoming Elli - Fit Strong Women Over 50

Becoming Elli - Where fit and strong women over 50 inspire and encourage each other. Podcast, ebooks and membership.

Brooklyn Bridge Fencing

Brooklyn Bridge Fencing Club bridges the gap between elite and community fencing. Founded in 2010 by Olympian Dan Kellner. BBFC teaches all levels, from beginners to experienced fencers. The club builds confidence, sportsmanship, ambition, and thinking through positive motivation.

Red Pill Fitness
Templeton House, 33-34 Chiswell St, London EC1Y 4SF, United Kingdom

Red Pill Fitness is a personal training studio in Shoreditch, London. They specialize in fitness programs for men over 50. The studio offers strength training and fat-burning workouts. Clients receive personalized fitness coaching and nutrition guidance. Each plan is tailored to the individual's goals, lifestyle, and abilities. Red Pill Fitness focuses on sustainable, long-term health improvements.

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Training Station
9 Gregories Rd, Beaconsfield HP9 1HQ, United Kingdom

Training Station, a leading UK fitness equipment supplier, offers an extensive range of gym gear. They provide cardio machines, strength training equipment, and essential accessories. The company also delivers expert gym design services for homes, hotels, and more. Training Station prioritizes innovative products and exceptional customer service. They help clients create practical and stylish gyms to suit their needs.