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Todd Akin’s empirical question

04/01/2016 07:32:18 AM

‘Rethinking Psychology’ is now available

03/21/2016 05:00:12 AM

This new European-wide public science engagement initiative is worth a look

02/26/2016 16:00:09 PM

Political science

02/09/2016 02:43:27 AM

On alcohol guidelines and social desirability

02/01/2016 04:00:00 AM

Who let the dogmas out?

01/05/2016 07:27:07 AM

It’s Crazy-Amazon-Algorithm time again!

10/20/2015 15:09:51 PM

It would be funny if it were true that 11% of Americans think HTML is an STD. But it isn’t. (True, that is. Or an STD.)

10/02/2015 05:55:40 AM

Not Safe For Work…

09/28/2015 12:03:41 PM

Attractive women latest: New findings

09/24/2015 05:54:23 AM

The following blog post contains references to trigger warnings that attention-seeking contrarians may find upsetting

09/06/2015 07:37:02 AM

Why ‘Inside Out’ is kind of interesting

08/01/2015 10:41:04 AM

[citation needed]

06/20/2015 13:05:21 PM

What’s the deal with that Swiss government homeopathy report?

03/27/2015 14:06:24 PM

“Life Matters” (Because it just does)

03/23/2015 05:00:17 AM

My eclipsetography

03/20/2015 15:12:38 PM

“The Point of Psychology (and How it Gets Missed)”: Director’s cut

03/08/2015 15:00:14 PM

Regarding the point of psychology…

03/01/2015 09:54:53 AM

Where Waldo is (or, The science behind why journalists now think there is a science to be had behind everything)

02/11/2015 15:05:54 PM

Surprisingly, *all* these news stories are genuine

02/03/2015 11:02:41 AM

Forthcoming: “The Point of Psychology (and How it Gets Missed)”

01/15/2015 04:50:37 AM

Some pieces and bits

01/09/2015 03:51:23 AM

There’s not much point complaining about the science in Interstellar

11/29/2014 16:42:54 PM

Forthcoming: “Adventures in Science Communication”

10/30/2014 05:24:13 AM

What ‘Science By Press Conference’ looks like

10/27/2014 06:06:12 AM

Pareidolia special: “Farmer denies wrongdoing as goat born with human face” (Spoiler: Not really human face)

10/03/2014 09:19:05 AM

I’m not saying Greenfield’s a pseudoscientist. I point to her pseudoscientific reasoning. That is all

08/30/2014 05:58:44 AM

That story on sex differences in the brain, line by line

07/29/2014 07:46:13 AM

My battle against dry eye: I never thought things would get *this* bad…

07/23/2014 14:21:10 PM

‘Miracle’ cure removes cancer, HIV, autism. By killing you

07/11/2014 10:45:20 AM

Suarez: Nature or nurture? BBC expert unable to specify, quoted extensively nonetheless

06/25/2014 07:40:44 AM

I like TBUTs and I cannot lie

06/24/2014 16:13:30 PM

Bandwagon latest: ‘Science news’ with tenuous World Cup relevance doing the rounds right now

06/18/2014 05:32:09 AM

Neanderthal man is 150 years old today, and Irish (kind of)

05/24/2014 07:00:28 AM

Breaking: UFO not flying, not unidentified, still an object

05/21/2014 03:59:35 AM

Marriage causes germs (kind of)

05/05/2014 04:30:00 AM

Results being “due to” causes somehow doesn’t imply causality

05/01/2014 11:39:58 AM

White = lovely = handsome

04/25/2014 02:42:56 AM

Keep away from camels; crowds (of humans) okay

04/18/2014 09:48:07 AM

Ukraine, where *are* you?

04/10/2014 07:55:12 AM

“How to Not Die”

04/10/2014 07:23:57 AM

Einstein = Mylie Cyrus squared. Or something

04/05/2014 08:29:29 AM

The homeopathic drugs DO work. Because they’re drugs

03/29/2014 12:06:53 PM

True that

03/25/2014 15:03:45 PM

The passengers on MH370 deserve better than this

03/23/2014 07:44:51 AM

Trust me, I’m a healthologist (and now you can be one too…)

03/18/2014 06:00:29 AM

Stop Press: Some kids are crap at computer games, one chimp is not

03/16/2014 15:35:43 PM

Won’t somebody *please* think of the validity?

03/12/2014 06:00:18 AM

Telling parents how vaccines are safe makes them *less* likely to vaccinate their kids

03/06/2014 05:00:55 AM

“Should we ditch the meal and go out with these boys?”

03/05/2014 02:35:35 AM

Just a few (i.e. 120) “gibberish” research papers redacted

03/02/2014 04:36:18 AM

New Zambia soccer jersey features spermatozoa design, presumably not on purpose

03/01/2014 10:35:22 AM

‘Science Diet.’ You know, for geeks

02/26/2014 20:54:28 PM

Po Chai Pills: May contain stuff, etc.

02/25/2014 04:00:00 AM

Who cares about these darned rabbits?

02/22/2014 07:43:00 AM

Being bitten by a cat causellates depression

02/20/2014 22:17:25 PM

How to Survive a Plane Crash (Non-survival also a possibility)

02/19/2014 13:00:15 PM

Half-full glass latest: Americans beginning to accept heliocentrism

02/16/2014 10:08:07 AM

“Adultery could save your marriage”, or “How to churn out science news by riffing on Valentine’s Day”

02/15/2014 05:33:44 AM

Polarity. It’s a useful concept

02/13/2014 08:19:13 AM

How good is Google’s semantic processing of our dumb questions?

02/09/2014 17:29:14 PM

Come back ‘Weekly World News’, all is forgiven

02/07/2014 15:12:39 PM

Why give penguins antidepressants when they don’t even work?

02/07/2014 08:33:02 AM

Fretting about Twitter is eroding this guy’s ability to think for himself

02/06/2014 05:13:25 AM

So I got this email from Noam Chomsky today, looking for my opinion…

02/03/2014 11:59:45 AM

“On Correlations and Bias”

01/31/2014 03:28:02 AM

What (non-Greek) scientists say

01/30/2014 03:57:00 AM

‘Smart bra’ only works if you’re stupid enough to believe it

01/27/2014 09:43:38 AM

Science news latest: Adam and Eve “real”, Noah’s Ark “actually round”

01/25/2014 06:11:27 AM

Favourites List (24.01.14)

01/24/2014 08:59:42 AM

Scientists now working on the perfect joke (Not a joke)

01/22/2014 06:19:53 AM

Zoology special: Entirely justified post featuring talking squirrel

01/21/2014 04:30:40 AM

Reverse the Earth’s rotation? I’d want to get off

01/20/2014 06:59:15 AM

All-natural produce is full of (eek!) chemicals!

01/18/2014 14:49:15 PM


01/18/2014 08:57:48 AM

Favourites List (17.01.14)

01/17/2014 04:30:00 AM

Sports drink ad fuels complaints, producer ordered to water down claim

01/16/2014 04:30:00 AM

Aliens latest: Iran claims US run by extra-terrestrial Nazis, Washington Post frets about foreign relations

01/14/2014 15:08:03 PM

Women in science

01/13/2014 04:30:02 AM

The Death of a Disease: India Eradicates Polio

01/13/2014 03:04:39 AM

“Scientists distort the publication process, not editors”

01/11/2014 16:15:19 PM

Blame Canada (for those extra-terrestrials walking among us)

01/10/2014 06:47:21 AM

“Polar vortex”? That’s what they WANT you to believe…

01/09/2014 06:21:33 AM

Evidence for time travel on Twitter is not there, unsurprisingly

01/08/2014 05:39:04 AM

Top Ten Popular Posts on The Science Bit, 2013

01/06/2014 04:51:32 AM

Reading this can damage your health

01/03/2014 06:35:59 AM

Trajectory of poop and wee is non-random. I knew it!

01/02/2014 06:44:04 AM

Yes, it’s a list! Five Profoundest Scientific Breakthroughs of 2013

12/30/2013 15:10:14 PM