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Making sure you’re covered…and stay covered!

02/06/2020 11:45:58 AM

Investment – The Near Term Future for the United Kingdom

01/17/2020 10:41:18 AM

The Assessment Of Personal Injury Compensation

01/17/2020 10:35:14 AM

Social Media and Defamation

12/18/2019 04:08:13 AM

How Safe Is Your Will?

12/13/2019 05:39:57 AM

All I want for Christmas is you………………

12/06/2019 10:54:35 AM

Registering Leases; Why is this important?

11/22/2019 04:55:14 AM

Road Safety Week, 2019

11/18/2019 08:50:18 AM

What Is Stamp Duty?

11/08/2019 04:23:35 AM

Post-injury pituitary gland dysfunction – symptoms can surface months or years later

11/04/2019 04:14:11 AM

Tackling Consent To Sporting Injuries

10/28/2019 08:11:44 AM

Accident compensation claims – it is vital to count the true cost of care for life after personal injury

10/11/2019 10:30:53 AM

Selling your property? Answer Japanese knotweed enquires with care…

10/07/2019 04:58:00 AM

Applying for grant of probate – all is not lost with a lost will

09/27/2019 10:42:19 AM

Legal services consumer survey shows clients prefer small local law firms

09/20/2019 04:07:18 AM

Repair of commercial premises – a comprehensive Schedule of Condition is a valuable tool for tenants

09/16/2019 09:32:04 AM

Property purchase deposits – consider your circumstances before agreeing arrangements

09/03/2019 02:52:17 AM

A Taxing Problem

08/09/2019 05:14:24 AM

As road users, cyclists must expect the unexpected – failure to do so could land you with a hefty bill

08/01/2019 06:01:44 AM

Digital Assets – what happens after death?

07/29/2019 05:48:43 AM

Online information is no substitute for expert professional advice

07/17/2019 01:48:58 AM

Stress in the workplace – why employers should be anxious

07/12/2019 04:36:20 AM

Determining duty of care is not always a straightforward matter

07/05/2019 03:34:02 AM

Beating the property fraudsters – a few simple steps can help

06/26/2019 02:26:29 AM

Bargain property seekers beware – skipping due diligence could cost you dearly

06/17/2019 04:19:33 AM

Holistic rehabilitation goals are essential to combat the effects of an amputation

06/10/2019 03:05:11 AM

Review your portfolio regularly to ensure your investment strategy remains current

05/24/2019 08:22:15 AM

Doing the right thing – making gifts as an attorney or deputy

05/17/2019 06:54:41 AM

Online retail rights – a victory for internet shoppers

05/10/2019 05:59:01 AM

Painful confusion – understanding a sufferer’s pain is the key to unlocking effective treatment

05/07/2019 04:45:11 AM

Boundaries on the dance floor – where does vicarious liability end and personal responsibility begin?

04/26/2019 07:57:12 AM

Landowners have strategic choices when it comes to agreeing property development deals

04/24/2019 05:35:50 AM

Look before you lop – ignoring a tree preservation order could land you in court under the 2002 Proceeds of Crime Act

04/12/2019 06:50:36 AM

Mental capacity – the devil is in the detail

04/11/2019 06:26:56 AM

Celebrating one hundred years of women in the law

04/04/2019 04:19:53 AM

Neurorehabilitation – an essential way forward for brain injury patients

03/29/2019 04:15:08 AM

Dangerous bad driving ruins lives – now’s the time to kick the habit

03/22/2019 05:13:21 AM

Charitable giving – is it more effective to gift absolutely or establish a trust?

03/15/2019 09:58:45 AM

Autonomous vehicles may be motoring towards the UK – but who is liable if they crash along the way?

03/08/2019 05:20:50 AM

As long as death and taxes remain life’s certainties, keeping your will current is advisable

03/01/2019 07:52:22 AM

Professional will-making advice is the best way to ensure your beneficiaries follow your wishes

02/25/2019 03:14:59 AM

Tackling consent – just how much risk do rugby players accept by stepping onto the field?

02/14/2019 10:27:22 AM

Modern divorce – at last, there’s no blame attached!

02/08/2019 09:20:39 AM

Workers’ safety is an employer’s responsibility – especially at dizzy heights

02/08/2019 09:10:25 AM

Landlords should renew commercial leases with caution or risk granting tenants unintended rights

02/01/2019 03:46:28 AM

Bereaved savers may be paying tax unnecessarily on inherited ISA’s

01/29/2019 03:03:15 AM

A survey can reveal structural defects the eye overlooks – don’t buy property without one!

01/28/2019 10:25:04 AM

A highways search is a vital step along the due diligence path to commercial property success

01/18/2019 05:00:58 AM

Act with caution to avoid injury if your vehicle breaks down on the motorway

01/11/2019 10:45:06 AM

Disputes with builders are best avoided – due diligence and forward planning can help

12/31/2018 11:37:17 AM

Gift-giving can put a sizeable dent in your Inheritance Tax liability, even in these austere times

12/20/2018 08:30:46 AM

Government road safety consultation response signals major shift in attitude

12/07/2018 09:30:39 AM

New hike in probate fees – another stealth tax on the middle class?

12/07/2018 08:26:42 AM

Good Divorce Week – lawyers align with Resolution to call for a fairer family justice system

11/29/2018 07:37:28 AM

When is a commercial property lease really a licence? It is important to know the difference…

11/16/2018 07:45:33 AM

Property purchasers beware – work out the water works before you buy

11/02/2018 03:12:58 AM

Co-parenting is not straightforward but the children should always come first

10/19/2018 06:30:53 AM

Deal or no deal? Investors should trust in portfolio quality ahead of an uncertain Brexit

10/12/2018 11:19:41 AM

Court puts West Sussex ‘dangerous driver’ behind bars but victim’s fight for injury compensation goes on

10/05/2018 06:23:07 AM

Gifting can reduce your Inheritance Tax bill – but your best interest must prevail

09/28/2018 02:33:13 AM

Leasehold property owners, beware! Ignoring your obligations could cost you dearly

09/24/2018 03:52:09 AM

Helping ensure access to justice for everyone, one step at a time

09/14/2018 04:20:22 AM

The Civil Liability Bill – a tilt too far for our legal playing field?

09/07/2018 05:27:38 AM

When it comes to business tenancies, security is not always clear cut

09/03/2018 02:48:43 AM

Property covenants – why you should root out any restrictions before getting started with the DIY

08/27/2018 11:26:31 AM

House of Fraser’s company voluntary arrangement – a fighting retreat from landlords

08/17/2018 08:13:36 AM

Balancing the benefits – yoga’s healing power has a valuable place in brain injury rehabilitation

08/14/2018 10:43:40 AM

Robust equity markets remain a tempting option for UK investors

07/27/2018 01:56:24 AM

Owens .v. Owens – has UK divorce just got more difficult?

07/26/2018 01:59:28 AM

Never mind the twaddle, be clear on your rights before deciding whether marriage or civil partnership is right for you

07/20/2018 10:26:20 AM

Don’t overlook the children during separation or divorce – it is important their voices are heard

07/20/2018 10:17:12 AM

Road accident victims injured in Europe are bound by local law – but English courts can award compensation

07/20/2018 10:11:56 AM

Forget not stepping on the lines, they’re safer for pedestrians than drain covers

07/13/2018 02:42:16 AM

Beneficiaries can challenge an uncooperative executor – in and out of court

07/06/2018 03:03:22 AM

Liability insurance is a must for responsible employers – and employees are entitled to proof

07/02/2018 02:17:18 AM

Where there’s a will, there’s a way – making a will is the best path to providing for loved ones

06/21/2018 04:44:14 AM

To search or not to search? Why this up-front cost could save you time and money down the line

06/14/2018 02:52:11 AM

Extending your residential property lease will cost you – so how do the benefits stack up?

06/08/2018 03:46:06 AM

Business lease break clauses – operate with care to avoid disappointment

05/31/2018 05:50:23 AM

Contributory negligence – apportioning blame can make a big difference to compensation claims

05/25/2018 11:08:25 AM

Professional investment advice is invaluable when it comes to managing uncertainty

05/14/2018 02:30:12 AM

Personal injury amputee claims – who should pay the price for prosthetics and remedial care?

05/04/2018 04:31:24 AM

Newly-announced Inheritance Tax review could offer real chance for change

04/27/2018 05:28:55 AM

Criminal justice in jeopardy – are funding cutbacks crippling the system?

04/19/2018 03:48:49 AM

Insuring risk is a two-way affair – accuracy is essential when it comes to filling-in policy paperwork

04/13/2018 04:56:38 AM

Claims for injury caused by poorly-maintained accommodation

04/09/2018 02:54:24 AM

Search before you sign – the results may reshape your commercial property deal

04/05/2018 02:53:40 AM

Stamp Duty Land Tax surcharge rules – taking a walk on the quirky side

03/22/2018 04:08:30 AM

Will new EU data protection laws spell the end for effective business networking?

03/19/2018 05:53:58 AM

Early assessment is key for injury claimants whose mental capacity is in doubt

03/09/2018 03:12:28 AM

New proposals to limit lower-value injury claims are not yet written in stone

03/05/2018 02:50:24 AM

Look carefully before you leap into cash investments, even with interest rates on the rise

02/22/2018 06:31:34 AM

Cohabitees seeking justice from a fatal accident claim need specialist legal advice

02/19/2018 02:44:58 AM

Awareness of dementia as a disease is key to supporting sufferers, families and carers

02/09/2018 03:28:58 AM

Professional legal advice is worth its weight in gold when making or challenging a will

02/02/2018 03:33:52 AM

Exaggerating part of an injury claim jeopardises the whole claim in court

01/26/2018 08:30:33 AM

Watch your step in the countryside – rural slip and trip compensation claims rarely succeed

01/22/2018 03:05:08 AM

Careful preparation’s a must when selling or leasing commercial property

01/12/2018 04:38:34 AM

Lease extensions can unlock real benefit for leasehold property owners

01/08/2018 06:27:06 AM

Brexit – our long goodbye to union with Europe

12/08/2017 04:25:13 AM