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Characteristics of the Best Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys

09/29/2021 09:17:26 AM

Federal Sentencing for RICO Act Violations

06/09/2021 09:57:21 AM

Seizure of Home Computers in a Child Pornography Investigation

05/25/2021 09:59:17 AM

How to Get a Short Sentence in Federal Criminal Case

03/22/2021 09:33:23 AM

Factors That Cause Long Prison Sentences in a Federal Case

03/20/2021 10:29:26 AM

Are Federal Courts in Los Angeles Open During the Coronavirus?

03/19/2021 09:28:11 AM

Who Decides Your Sentence in a Federal Criminal Case?

03/18/2021 09:45:10 AM

Do You Have to Personally Appear in Federal Criminal Court?

03/17/2021 09:37:56 AM

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan Fraud Cases

01/21/2021 09:31:24 AM

Traits the Best Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys Have in Common

01/20/2021 08:50:17 AM

Role of Federal Sentencing Guidelines in a Criminal Case

01/15/2021 08:53:25 AM

Why Hire a Lawyer Before a Federal Case Has Been Filed?

01/14/2021 08:39:04 AM

How Bail Works in a Federal Criminal Case

01/13/2021 09:04:14 AM

What Happens at Initial Appearance in a Federal Criminal Case?

01/12/2021 09:15:55 AM

Status of Federal Criminal System During COVID-19 Pandemic

01/11/2021 09:37:36 AM

Are you Facing Prison if Charged in a Federal Drug Case?

01/09/2021 10:11:35 AM

What is Necessary to Prove a RICO Federal Indictment?

01/08/2021 09:29:34 AM

Federal or State Charges in Large Drug Seizures?

12/28/2020 08:35:16 AM

Defense of Federal Access Fraud Charges

11/02/2020 09:18:22 AM

What To Do If Your House Was Raided By Federal Agents

10/30/2020 09:18:38 AM

Why Can’t Some Defendants Bail Out in Federal Criminal Cases?

10/26/2020 10:23:38 AM

Can I Resolve My Federal Criminal Case Before Charges Are Filed?

10/21/2020 09:53:31 AM

What Exactly Is Considered Tax Fraud?

08/26/2020 09:30:35 AM

What to Do If You Are Facing Federal Drug Charges?

07/29/2020 10:26:07 AM

What Factors Determine How Child Pornography is Prosecuted?

07/26/2020 10:16:17 AM

Federal Ponzi Scheme Crimes

07/22/2020 11:58:08 AM

What Exactly is the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute?

07/15/2020 10:30:53 AM

How to Beat the 10-Year Mandatory Sentence in a Federal Drug Case

07/12/2020 12:05:06 PM

Pre-Trial Motions in Federal Criminal Cases

06/25/2020 10:51:29 AM

What to do if Charged With Violating the Anti-Kickback Statute?

06/23/2020 08:45:01 AM

Federal Criminal Gang Prosecutions

06/15/2020 08:37:03 AM

What Makes Health Care Fraud a Federal Crime?

06/12/2020 10:25:12 AM

Federal Prosecution of Child Pornography Charges

06/10/2020 08:32:19 AM

Modern Federal Drug Conspiracy Defense

06/08/2020 08:41:57 AM

What is Identity Theft Under Federal Law?

05/29/2020 08:34:37 AM

What is Bankruptcy Fraud Under Federal Law?

05/28/2020 10:40:59 AM

COVID-19 Office Procedures

05/26/2020 11:48:26 AM

What Happens Pre-Filing in a Federal Criminal Case?

05/26/2020 11:16:32 AM

How is Bail Determined in Federal Criminal Cases?

03/27/2020 09:47:07 AM

Out of State Federal Criminal Defense

03/25/2020 10:39:22 AM

When Should You Take Your Federal Criminal Case to Trial?

03/20/2020 10:50:25 AM

How Long Does It Take to Resolve a Federal Criminal Case?

03/18/2020 12:56:29 PM

Your Attorney’s Job in a Federal Criminal Case

03/17/2020 11:55:38 AM

Importance of the Judge in a Federal Criminal Case

03/16/2020 10:34:22 AM

How are Huge Federal Criminal Drug Cases Resolved Before Trial?

02/29/2020 10:45:37 AM

Why Is Wire Fraud Generally A Federal Offense?

02/21/2020 09:34:40 AM

Prosecuting Drug Activity Outside the United States

02/15/2020 09:36:07 AM

How do the Feds Deal with Robbery Distraction Crimes?

02/08/2020 10:35:09 AM

Federal Internet Dating Scam Defense

02/06/2020 12:38:05 PM

Hiring an Attorney During a Federal Criminal Investigation

02/04/2020 15:18:45 PM

Does The Judge Have Any Input Into A Federal A Plea Agreement?

01/10/2020 11:14:01 AM

Can I Ever Withdraw A Guilty Plea In A Federal Case?

01/10/2020 10:49:54 AM

When Does The Plea Bargaining Process Start In A Federal Case?

01/10/2020 10:11:48 AM

Federal Criminal Money Laundering Charges

10/16/2019 12:17:15 PM