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The Road To Homeschooling In A Co-Op

12/16/2017 07:00:39 AM

I'm going to be very honest. I used to be one of those people who thought homeschooling was weird and detrimental to kids. Then I educated myself and discovered homeschooling in a co-op. The post The Road To Homeschooling In A Co-Op appeared ...

Unplug with Silliness & Fluff

12/10/2017 09:02:54 AM

This week’s post is pure fluff. Yeppers. I’m not going to pretend that it’s anything other than that. It’s the holidays and I’m in the middle of a ton of year-end work, so my writing reflects how I feel. How do I feel? I’m mentally ...

My Birthday Gift To Myself

11/20/2017 10:57:09 AM

I was listening to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast on my run yesterday. Do yourself a favor, if you aren’t listening to him and you need a good whopping breath of fresh non-PC and non-BS stuff to listen to, this is your guy. Sometimes I have ...

5 Latina Entrepreneurs Killing it on Instagram

11/14/2017 12:25:16 PM

I’m sure I’ve written this countless times. This is the year of the Latina entrepreneur. As we navigate the changing landscape of the business world and the opportunities that technology affords us, it opens up the world of entrepreneurship ...

3 Tips to Get Out of The Spam Folder and Deliver To The Inbox

11/03/2017 11:14:36 AM

Are your emails getting caught in the Spam folder? Here are 3 Tips to keep them out of spam and into the inbox. The post 3 Tips to Get Out of The Spam Folder and Deliver To The Inbox appeared first on Danay.

Top 3 Groups Every Latina Entrepreneur Should Join

10/19/2017 10:12:07 AM

To say that Latinas are killing it in the entrepreneurial space is an understatement. Latina owned companies grew by 137% versus 45% for women-owned firms between 2007 and 2016. Check out these 3 groups every Latina entrepreneur should join. The ...

It’s OK To Be Young and Stupid

10/06/2017 11:16:09 AM

Youth is wasted on the young. Do you remember how annoying that saying was? I do. The post It’s OK To Be Young and Stupid appeared first on Danay.

Stop Whining and Do Something

09/25/2017 11:56:00 AM

I am frustrated, and I will tell you why. My Facebook and Twitter feeds constantly blow up about this issue or that issue. Tons of people visualize themselves as keyboard warriors who hope to change the world with memes. I’m getting tired ...

What do Equifax and Teenagers Have In Common?

09/16/2017 10:05:42 AM

This was certainly an interesting week chock full of insults. The culprits were a teenager and Equifax. Let’s start with the annoying one, the teen. A boy on our son’s baseball team visibly cringed when I told him his sneakers were phat. ...

Latina Entrepreneurs Share Lessons from Failure

09/01/2017 09:22:17 AM

I reached out to some Latina entrepreneurs for a frank conversation about the role of failure on the road to success. The post Latina Entrepreneurs Share Lessons from Failure appeared first on Danay.

Geeking Out At The Computer History Museum

08/25/2017 05:36:56 AM

Geek out with me as I take you on a journey through the Computer History Museum. The post Geeking Out At The Computer History Museum appeared first on Danay.

Back to School with Clean & Clear

08/15/2017 06:21:26 AM

It's Back 2 School time! I've partnered with Clean & Clear and taught the teenybopper proper skincare, because healthy skin is important! The post Back to School with Clean & Clear appeared first on Danay.

Never Been a Loser? You’re Missing Out!

08/05/2017 13:43:46 PM

We won baseball championships! But the losing team had many lessons to teach us. The post Never Been a Loser? You’re Missing Out! appeared first on Danay.

Post Baseball Family Time at MOE’s

07/27/2017 06:12:47 AM

This post is sponsored by Moe’s Southwest Grill; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Around our home, we live eat and breath baseball. It’s just part of who we are as a family. I wasn’t a particularly big fan before ...

5 Cool Gadgets You Should Check Out

07/15/2017 12:30:00 PM

Portable studios, blimp drones and piggyback drivers? Here are my 5 latest gadgets to geek out over. The post 5 Cool Gadgets You Should Check Out appeared first on Danay.

Latina Bloggers at BlogHer

07/02/2017 07:48:14 AM

I pump vitamins as if my life depended on it. My diet consists of mostly salad with tons of good-for-you veggies and smoothies with some lean proteins thrown in. I haven’t gotten sick in eons. And yet, when it really counted and I needed to ...

5 Tips To Prepare for a Blogger Conference

06/21/2017 14:44:15 PM

Being Type A and a planner, I prep quite a bit for any conference I attend. Here are my 5 tips on planning for a conference. The post 5 Tips To Prepare for a Blogger Conference appeared first on Danay.

5 Cool Techie Products to Geek Out Over

06/11/2017 14:12:34 PM

I read through Techcrunch, Gizmodo and ProductHunt like most of my girlfriends read through Cosmo and Vogue. Check out these 5 cool techie products to geek out over. The post 5 Cool Techie Products to Geek Out Over appeared first on Danay. ...

Discovery at the Virginia Living Museum

06/03/2017 17:39:15 PM

Once in a while, in life you have these Ah Ha moments where you need to stop and just take something in for a bit. I had one of these last week on a gorgeous spring day at the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News, Virginia. It’s less than ...

HomeSchool Prom and Graduation Fun

05/25/2017 12:03:26 PM

Homeschoolers have proms and graduations too! Check out how our co-op celebrated these milestones with some cool stuff from Oriental Trading Company. #ad The post HomeSchool Prom and Graduation Fun appeared first on Danay.

Net Neutrality Explained

05/14/2017 15:35:43 PM

Net Neutrality Explained: The myths and misinformation explained in plain English. The post Net Neutrality Explained appeared first on Danay.

5 Tips For Being a Great Boss

05/05/2017 11:24:09 AM

I hate jerky co-workers. And I can't respect the bosses who let them get away with it even more so. Check out these 5 Tips On Being a Great Boss The post 5 Tips For Being a Great Boss appeared first on Danay.

Sunshine Blogger Award – I’m Officially Awesome

04/27/2017 06:45:05 AM

You are reading one super cool blog right at this very moment. That's right, I'm officially awesome. Why? Because the fabulous Tabitha over at ConcreteIslandista has nominated me for a Sunshine Blogger Award, and now I'm more awesome than ever. The ...

Latina Entrepreneur: Alex Tabar

04/19/2017 17:57:17 PM

Alex Tabar is the founder of Yucalab Digital Media and Latinas in Media, based in New York City. With more than 10 years of experience, Alex has developed a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from entertainment to education, creating content ...

Favorite 2017 Aprils Fool’s Tech Pranks

04/09/2017 06:41:02 AM

April Fool's Day is one of my favorite online holidays. Here is a round up of my favorite pranks for 2107. The post Favorite 2017 Aprils Fool’s Tech Pranks appeared first on Danay.

5 Things You Need To Know Before Starting a Business

04/03/2017 01:00:11 AM

A friend who wants to start a business recently asked me, "Where do I start?" So I gave her a few tips and a breakdown of the 5 things she will need to work on to get her business going. The post 5 Things You Need To Know Before Starting a Business ...

5 Signs You’re an Entrepreneur

04/01/2017 07:05:37 AM

Being an entrepreneur has nothing to do with luck. In fact, many are besieged by years and projects' worth of bad luck, bad ideas and terrible decisions. What defines that entrepreneurial spirit are 5 traits traits. The post 5 Signs You’re ...

Easy Marketing Funnels For Newbies

03/26/2017 17:09:11 PM

If you are thinking of "Boosting" a Facebook post or launching a new email campaign, please do yourself a favor and keep reading. The post Easy Marketing Funnels For Newbies appeared first on Danay.

My Love Affair With The Oregon Coast (Newport, Oregon)

03/16/2017 17:02:40 PM

There is a place where I feel completely at peace and energized all at the same time. A place where the crisp, cool wind is a constant reminder of the force that is the Pacific Ocean. The seagulls and colorful houses yards away from the delightful ...

Celebrating International Women’s Day with Coca-Cola & Prizes!

03/08/2017 06:09:33 AM

This day is very important to me, as I believe it is important to recognize and celebrate the contributions made by women through their economic, political and social achievements. The post Celebrating International Women’s Day with Coca-Cola ...

Because I Said So – Being a Latina Mom

03/05/2017 07:39:39 AM

She bowed to me in a Wayne’s World “We’re Not Worthy” gesture. Because… I acted like a Latina mom. The post Because I Said So – Being a Latina Mom appeared first on Danay.

What It Means To Be A Latina Entrepreneur

02/27/2017 09:42:03 AM

What is it about Latina entrepreneurs that is so interesting to me? I'm glad you asked! The post What It Means To Be A Latina Entrepreneur appeared first on Danay.

My 2017 Blogger Conference Calendar

02/19/2017 18:32:52 PM

Here is a quick list of my 2017 Blogger conference calendar and the goals for each. The post My 2017 Blogger Conference Calendar appeared first on Danay.

Five Weeks To Normal

02/12/2017 17:46:17 PM

Five weeks. That’s how long it has taken me to start feeling normal. I injured my back, and it’s been real. I haven’t been immobile, but I have had to make a lot of lifestyle changes during the past four weeks. No prolonged sitting. That’s ...

My Celia Cruz Addiction

02/05/2017 18:52:15 PM

It happened again. I became addicted to a series on Netflix. However, unlike other series, where I feel guilty for having watched them, this one makes me feel wonderful. The series is Celia, and it is loosely based on the life of famous Cuban ...

Don’t Be A Political Know-It-All

01/29/2017 11:40:29 AM

While everyone keeps posting memes that basically point out how the "other side" is wrong , I have yet to see someone ask a genuine question. It's as if everyone I know suddenly has a triple PHD in politics and life in general. The post Don’t ...

3 Social Media Marketing Podcasts That Will Make You Smarter

01/22/2017 21:02:40 PM

As I like to point out constantly, according to the resident teeny-bopper, I run 5 miles every day religiously. Whether it’s raining, snowing or anything in between, I will do everything in my power to get my run in. Even when I travel, especially ...

Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Virginia 2016

01/15/2017 09:35:16 AM

The good thing about visiting a theme park several times is that you don’t have to rush through everything. And I will admit it, I am a Park Nazi. I am THAT person who needs to schedule our park visit from the crack of dawn until they kick ...

Stop Whining About Smartphone Addictions Already!

01/13/2017 10:29:14 AM

“America’s Smartphone Addiction Is Now An Epidemic,” was the first Forbes article I stumbled onto today. It’s actually a snippet of information supporting the Cartoon of the Day. The article points to a study by Deloitte that claims ...

My Ode to Cofee

01/07/2017 07:59:37 AM

There are two important things you should know. It’s snowing. And I’m taking my last sip of coffee. Anyone who knows me or has ever looked at my social media accounts knows that I love coffee and snow. So while I contemplate over this last ...

Goodbye and Good Riddance 2016

01/01/2017 07:12:28 AM

I know, I know. Everyone is saying how 2016 was a bad year and they can’t wait for it to be over, blah blah blah. ‘Suck it up buttercup,” is usually my go-to thought on this. That is, unless you’ve experienced a great loss. Like most ...

5 Super Easy Snapchat Hacks To Make You Awesome

12/26/2016 08:08:38 AM

Are you still wondering if you should invest your time into learning and using Snapchat? Two things. Over 150 Million Daily users and They are prepping a massive IPO Ok, now that we’ve cleared that up. If you need to learn the basics of using ...

My Word Is My Bond

12/17/2016 17:46:45 PM

After a very satisfying Saturday morning run, I made quietly my way inside and headed for my shower. I was now ready to think about everyone else. During my runs, I focus on myself, listen to a couple of podcasts and plan out my day. I basically ...

Social Media Scheduling Tools – Hootsuite

12/13/2016 19:54:31 PM

Every morning I stumble out of bed at 5:30 AM and brew myself a cup of pure magic. Once I take my first few sips and begin the path to cognizance, I sit down at my desk and check social media accounts and stats. I am a power user, handling multiple ...

Snapchat for Grownups – Quick Tips To Get Started Today

12/04/2016 19:48:32 PM

Parents and fellow grown-ups, the time for you to be on Snapchat has arrived. While there is still a lot of “hooking-up” being done on the app, the Tinders of the world have stolen the booty-call thunder. The teens made it popular, the ...

A Primer on Cuba and Fidel Castro and Dispelling Myths

11/27/2016 12:44:04 PM

I decided to write this post because I found so many friends and acquaintances were confused about other people’s opinions on Fidel Castro after his death was reported. Many asked me why some people thought he was a hero or unjustly criticized. ...

This mami isn’t cooking on Thanksgiving

11/20/2016 09:58:45 AM

Yes, I know that as the matriarch of my clan I am expected to do SOME type of cooking. I can cook, and I have most years. But this year, Thanksgiving falls on my birthday. It happens every few years. As you may imagine I have had many a turkey ...

Raising Feminist Loving Men

11/13/2016 10:29:35 AM

I was reading an article about U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s new book and her tips for raising trail-blazing daughters. It has some great tips from Ginsburg herself, who I admire greatly. While I love reading all of the ...

Danay’s Quick Hacks: Twitter Search Trick

11/04/2016 06:09:43 AM

Today’s quick hack is one I use quite a bit. Research is a huge part of creating and curating content, especially when I have a client in an industry that is new to me. Our team needs to learn about it ASAP. We use several social listening ...

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