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Heavy Metal Cover Girls...And Skulls

01/14/2018 14:04:56 PM

  Hello and welcome to another edition of Heavy Metal Cover Girls; a series where I post cover art from Metal/Rock/AOR bands that features women and ramble on about whatever loose theme they seem to share.  Some themes come up a lot. I have ...

The Metal Project: Welcome To 2018

01/07/2018 12:59:21 PM

Hello and welcome to the first Metal Project post of 2018.Normally I try to post the song but in some cases the only thing I can find is a promo video.Since I've got a nice little pile of those waiting to be shared I'm going to pull out a ...

Cheapo DVD Review: Galaxy Raiders (2016)

01/01/2018 13:53:08 PM

  "Rocket ships, rayguns and robots abound in this heart-stopping tale where stellar adventurer Saber Raine is hired to guide three soldiers on a rescue mission to recover a prince and princess abducted from their home world. The trail leads ...

Things I Am No Longer Allowed to Do At Work

12/22/2017 05:32:38 AM

Inspired by the legendary Skippy's list, here's a short list of things I've been told not to do any more.D is not allowed to weaponise stationery. D is not allowed to ask if anybody wants a hammer fightD is not allowed to headbutt his computerD ...

Four Bands. One Song.

12/10/2017 14:01:00 PM

 Doing a cover version can be tricky.  Assuming you're not blatantly taking the piss (Every Thrash Metal pop cover, ever.) then the band want to put their own stamp on the song while still retaining a little of the original flavour.  Go too ...

A Fierce Lady From Mexican Comics

12/03/2017 13:24:08 PM

So fierce in fact that she wears a Wolf's head as a hat. Although it has to be noted that she didn't have much use for  the rest of the pelt. I found this pic when I was poking about in some odd corner of the Net and I was originally going to ...

Warrior Women Of European Comics Chapter II

11/28/2017 14:03:24 PM

Welcome back for another small selection of Bandes Dessinee/Fumetti/Comic covers from Europe starring fierce young women who seem to have misplaced half their clothing.Clearly there's a big market for these otherwise there wouldn't be so many ...

The Warrior Women Of European Comics

11/27/2017 15:18:03 PM

  What better way to get back into blogging than by sharing some pictures of women waving swords about?  These are all from various European Comics sites I've found on the net. Sadly, I've never read any of them and most likely never will, ...

The Metal Project: Hombres De Metal

11/08/2017 14:40:40 PM

Hello everybody and welcome back to The Metal Project: my attempt to find every single heavy metal song on Youtube that has "Metal" in the title.  After 5 years plus I'm not even close to being complete.Here's another batch of songs chosen ...

The Metal Project: Heavy Metal Tonight

11/05/2017 13:29:56 PM

 Evening all.  I'm writing this on November 5th, which for all you non-Brits out there is "Let's let off sodding fireworks until the small hours Night".  I also have a stinking cold so I'm a bit grumpy.  Screw it. Metal Time!There's no ...

Heavy Metal Cover Girls In Helmets.

10/28/2017 16:00:42 PM

Welcome to another episode of Heavy Metal Cover Girls. This is an ongoing series where I post art from Heavy Metal CD that a. Has women on it. (Usually attractive. Frequently scar)and b. Shares a common theme.  Some themes I keep coming ...

The Metal Project: Metal Knights

10/24/2017 16:19:30 PM

 Evening all. Once again it's time for me to open up my big bag of songs and see what flops out. Stop sniggering you. There's no thmee tonight, just the obvious one about y'know, having the word "Metal" in there somewhere. Frankly even ...

The Metal Project: Storming Metal

10/16/2017 15:44:21 PM

Evening all.  I am well overdue for a Project post and my backlog has built up to the point where's about to burst free. So with that in mind, please see below for a small selection of metal songs.  There's no real theme to this collection; ...

The "Sad Warrior" Pose

10/08/2017 15:35:20 PM

 Earlier this week I posted a review of low-budget horror-flick "Land Of The Pharaohs"(It's crap. don't bother) but in the process of writing the review something occurred to me.I looked at the DVD cover and thought "Why does that look fam ...

Cheapo DVD Reviews: Land Of The Pharaohs (2017)

10/03/2017 15:58:27 PM

"Land Of The Pharaohs begins in ancient Egypt, where Isis and Osiris ruled the land. All were happy for the couple except one, Set, a jealous man who killed Osiris in order to take over his kingdom. Isis snuck into Osiris' tomb and tried to ...

Five Songs About Rain

10/01/2017 10:46:20 AM

I was listening to the rain the other night. Lying in bed while a heavy downpour hissed against the pavement and torrents of cold water poured out of the gutters. Here's a random fact about me: I like rain (or at least I do when I'm not out ...

Taya Valkyrie in Impact Wrestling

09/25/2017 13:36:55 PM

(Sorry I haven't updated for a while. Life kept getting in the way.)    I have to admit, when I heard that Taya Valkyrie was coming to Impact/GFW/Whatever it is this week I perked up somewhat.      I've been thinking for a while that ...

Heavy Metal Cover Girls: A Whiter Shade of Pale

09/06/2017 16:19:43 PM

   Heavy Metal Cover Girls is a semi-regular feature where I post Metal/Rock CD covers that share a common theme. They also feature attractive young women who may or may not be wearing clothing. This is purely coincidental.   The theme today ...

DVD Review: Batman And Harley Quinn

09/02/2017 11:54:21 AM

  When Poison Ivy and rogue Tree-spirit Jason Woodrue break into S.T.A.R Labs to steal some biowarfare research, Batman and Nightwing have to track the flowery duo down before they can unleash mayhem on the world.    To do that, they need ...

Black Metal Crew Sataninchen Sing About Cats And Stuff

08/28/2017 15:58:05 PM

I wish I knew why Metal attracts so many strange and ...unique... bands.  The scary part is, you are never quite sure whether they're a parody, genuinely nuts or skipping back and forth over the DMZ dividing the two.  Take Manowar.  After ...

Giant Ass Cuttlefish

08/26/2017 11:05:15 AM

   I can't remember when I first noticed something different about one of the old buildings on Museum Road, Portsmouth. I do remember that I kept forgetting to take my camera along to capture  what I found.   Eventually I managed to arrange ...

A Surfeit Of Bags

08/22/2017 10:38:13 AM

  When the UK Government introduced the Carrier Bag Charge in 2015 I think I ended up doing what a lot of people did.  Given the option of a flimsy bag for 5p or paying a little more for something that could be reused, I naturally went for ...

Terrible Metal Album Covers- Chapter XXVI

08/13/2017 15:13:36 PM

Hello and how has your weekend been?  Mine's been mostly OK although I really wish the seagulls that have been squawking non-stop since 4AM would pack up and sod off to somewhere far away from me.Tell you what. Let's have a look at some album ...

The Osborne Road Gallery

08/05/2017 07:30:04 AM

 While on my way down to the seafront to snap some ships I took a moment on the way to document some of the current artwork decorating the defunct Grosvenor Casino.  Hope you like them.  One of the trademarks of this artist is birds looking ...

HNoMS Helge Ingstad in Portsmouth

08/02/2017 07:21:46 AM

  Yesterday was bright and sunny so I decided to wander down to the seafront to see if I could some pictures of the American carrier that's been parked in the Solent all week.  This means that there's been several thousand American sailors ...

The Metal Project: Metal From The Rising Sun

07/31/2017 15:28:55 PM

 Evening all.   For tonight's post I thought I'd stick with points east and revisit a nation that has been a stronghold of Heavy Metal since the 1970s producing a long line of bands with a unique character to them.  I am, of course, talking ...

The Metal Project: Metal Islam

07/29/2017 15:10:26 PM

  Hello and welcome to another edition of the Metal Project, which is where i find songs on Youtube that have "Metal" in the title and share them with the world.  Today's selection of songs are all from countries that are majority Muslim in ...

Some people have gnomes in their garden...

07/23/2017 14:10:46 PM

  Me, I wanted something a little bit more unusual.  I wasn't quite sure exactly what I wanted although I was 100% I didn't want Meerkats either.  Then one day I spotted the perfect garden accessories. What do you think? Brontosaurus from ...

Heavy Metal Cover Girls: Big And Beautiful

07/17/2017 15:06:07 PM

Evening all.    I've been running through my folder Album Covers and I'm alarmed at how big it's become. At a conservative estimate I could post every day for a month and still have stuff left over.   The problem is, finding album covers ...

Phantom Excaliver: Fighting Evil with The Power of METAL

07/09/2017 10:59:44 AM

  Japan has a proven track record of doing things a bit differently. Pick anything you like and the Japanese will dd that little. unique twist to it and come up with something different. Animation, horror movies, wrestling, comics..and music!  ...

The Metal Project: America F*** Yeah!

07/04/2017 14:31:41 PM

  There was only ever going to be one thing I could post on the 4th Of July wasn't there?Here for your delight is a selection of American Metal.Play loud while drinking beer and watching fireworks. I just had to start with these guysMetalUSAfer ...

Cheapo DVD Reviews: Samurai Avenger - The Blind Wolf (2009)

07/03/2017 15:17:53 PM

Genre: Grindhouse/Western/Samurai"A blind man seeks vengeance on the psychopath who took his sight and slaughtered his wife and daughter.  Eight years after the massacre, the man has returned to the desert town as a highly trained swordsman ...

The Metal Project: Happy Canada Day!

07/01/2017 15:32:27 PM

 Evening all.   I just found out that today is Canada Day and since The Great White North has produced about 40% of my favourite bands and I was well overdue a Metal Product post anyway, why not combine the two?  So today I'm bringing you ...

Film Review: Hunters of The Golden Cobra (1982)

06/25/2017 15:32:24 PM

 Genre: Adventure/ "Raiders of the Lost Ark" coat-tail rider1944 Somewhere vaguely defined in South East Asia  A mission to retrieve a certain item goes wrong and only the intervention of a young woman saves tough American agent Bob Jackson ...

Getting Sheared For Summer

06/20/2017 13:36:54 PM

 I've been trying to grow my hair out recently. I'm not entirely sure why although some vague attempt to recapture the headbanging days of my twenties is probably lurking somewhere under the surface. (Sorry but headbanging with short hair ...

Heavy Metal Cover Girls..In The Silvery Moon's Light

06/10/2017 16:00:54 PM

It's about time I did one of these. Actually it's about time I posted full stop but I'm definitely overdue a Cover Girls post. So I dived into my album cover folder and after getting distracted more than I care to admit I finally came up with ...

Cheapo DVD Reviews: Kingdom of Blood: Legend of The Red Eagle (2012)

05/31/2017 15:01:10 PM

Genre: Historical AdventureThe Story  A small town in Spain is due to host an International Peace Summit attended by the most powerful rulers of 17th century Western Europe. Louis XIV of France, Charles II of England and of course Philip IV ...

Anime From The Vault: Saviour Of The Earth (1983)

05/26/2017 16:02:27 PM

The StoryEvil genius Dr. Butler creates a brand new energy thing and uses it to cause havoc by tapping into the world's computers. Planes crash, trains crash, nuclear missiles get fired, and traffic jams get really bad. All of which causes the ...

The Eurovision Metal Contest Group 3

05/21/2017 13:28:36 PM

 How time flies when you're...busy with work and life and a bunch of other crap. Oh well. This is the belated final batch of this year's  Eurovision Metal Contest. Hope you like it.AustriaInsanity Alert - Metal Punx Never Die (2016)Credit ...

The Eurovision Metal Contest 2017 (Group 2)

05/14/2017 13:25:50 PM

Well that's Eurovision done with for another year and it delivered more than enough drama, bum notes, bizarre voting and weird shit for anybody's liking. (Seriously, does anybody know wtf was going on with Azerbaijan's horse-man on a lader?) ...

The Eurovision Metal Contest 2017 (Group 1)

05/10/2017 14:25:31 PM

 The eyes of the world are once again drawn to the annual event that is the Eurovision Song Contest, where the nations of Europe (And Israel. And several states in the Caucasus. And ...err...Australia.) come together in a glorious celebration ...

So there was this spider...

05/08/2017 14:25:13 PM

 It was sometime in the early hours of the morning and I had just drifted from a deep sleep into a state that was not quite awake, not quite asleep. Conscious enough to talk to you but not enough to remember what the hell either of us had said ...

Heavy Metal Cover Girls: In Space!

04/29/2017 16:11:24 PM

  Ok, so my plan to post on a daily basis kinda went tits-up but that's what happens to plans. Stuff happens, plans change, planners try and make it seems like they had it under control the whole time. Now let's look at some album covers.   ...

Heavy Metal Cover Girls:Blindfold Beauties.

04/26/2017 16:48:26 PM

The hour is late and I've just remembered that I was supposed to be posting every day this week. Time to delve into my Cover Girls folder and see if there's a sub-folder that's nice and full. Ah. here we go. Album cover artists do tend to ...

Alestorm have a new video out.

04/25/2017 12:52:30 PM

 Years and years back one of the regulars on the Bloodstock forums shared a link to some music his band had been working on. The band was called "Battleheart" and they described themselves as Scottish Pirate Metal. What I didn't know at the ...

Heavy Metal Cover Girls: Baby's Got Back

04/24/2017 15:21:00 PM

 I haven't posted much lately so to make up for it, I'm going to attempt to post very day this week.Note the word "Attempt" And I'm going to start at the bottom. Several bottoms in fact, because today I'm going to do a post I've been threatening ...

The Southsea Cookie Monster

04/23/2017 11:34:33 AM

This is a rather striking piece of wall art just round the corner from Southsea Town Centre. I like it. I hope you will too. If anybody from the art team is reading this: massive fan of your work. Thanks for making my town a bit more colo ...

DVD Review: The Beaster Bunny (2014)

04/17/2017 16:12:34 PM

Genre: Low Budget Creature-Feature"Hide your eggs! A 50 foot Man-eating Easter Bunny is on the loose......And the townsfolk don't stand a hop in hell.As the bloodthirsty, floppy-eared killer leaves a trail of dismembered corpses, the town's ...

The Metal Project: Short and Savage

04/06/2017 15:00:48 PM

    Metal bands have always loved a good epic. Rhyme Of the Ancient Mariner, One, Victim of Changes... a whole bunch of Dream Theater songs....basically a chance to fit in some extended soling, Proggy time changes and two and a half pages ...

The Metal Project: Maximum Metal Video

03/29/2017 14:10:33 PM

 Hello and welcome to a somewhat overdue edition of The Metal Project; my ongoing quest to create the most Metal playlist in human history.  After abruptly running out of alphabet because there's surprisingly few metal bands starting with ...

Terrible Metal Album Covers XXV

03/27/2017 16:18:04 PM

I got a bit of a shock when I opened up my Blogger page today and discovered that I'd had a months worth of page views in a day, courtesy of  and  pointing people in the direction of ...

Debbie Combs

03/26/2017 15:22:36 PM

Evening all. I thought I'd post a couple of scans I've had lying around for a while. These feature a second-generation lady wrestler who got around a lot during the 1980s-early 1990s wrestling for any promotion that booked ladies: Debbie Combs. ...

Movie Review: Star Odyssey (1979)

03/19/2017 12:20:17 PM

  After winning Earth in a Galactic auction alien tyrant Lord Kress comes to view his new property and collect a cargo of  Earthling slaves. Since nobody told the Earthlings they were under new ownership they object to this quite violently. ...

Heavy Metal Cover Girls: On Heavenly Wings.

03/11/2017 16:57:56 PM

  Hello and welcome to another edition of Heavy Metal Cover Girls. A series where I look at Rock & Metal album covers starring attractive young women, usually wearing something impractical. As of the last time I checked, I've done 70+ of these ...

Youtube ads are just taking the piss now.

03/08/2017 13:44:39 PM

 I'm going to go on record as saying that I'm not a big fan of Youtube ads. Intellectually I'm aware that the the site and the video creators need funding, and that adverts are required for this.  That's my head talking. What my heart says ...

Movie Review : The Humanoid (1979)

02/26/2017 13:15:12 PM

Genre: Sci-Fi/Space Opera  An Evil Warlord and an Evil Scientist plan to create an army of invincible warriors. Evil invincible warriors.    A gentle giant of a spaceship pilot happens to  wander too close to their Evil Base and they do ...

The Metal Project: W Is For War

02/22/2017 14:28:03 PM

 We're almost done with our trek through the alphabet of Metal. There might be some letters after this but let's fact it, the pickings are likely to be fairly slim. How many Metal bands are there that start with X anyway? No, don't answer ...

Comics: Lady Spitfire (France 2012)

02/19/2017 15:02:52 PM

  I've been on a bit of a Euro Comics splurge lately and found a whole universe of stuff that I just didn't know was there.  It seems a bit weird that it's easier to find and read Japanese comics from the other side of the world than the stuff ...

Misty Blue Simmes

02/11/2017 15:23:45 PM

Last year I put up some pics of Misty Blue Simmes in action and one of my readers asked if I had any more.  I said "I'll have a look..." and promptly got distractd by a bunch of other stuff. For 6 months.Oops.   So to make up for it, I had ...

Heavy Metal Cover Girls: Guitar Goddesses

02/05/2017 15:16:51 PM

Heavy Metal Cover Girls: Cataloguing album covers that are sexy, cool or just fun. Unfortunately IT issues fragged my update schedule so this is a lot later than planned. Sorry 'bout that.   I'm revisiting an old favourite this time around. ...

Heavy Metal Covers Girls: Into The Woods

02/01/2017 14:55:00 PM

I noticed that a lot of Heavy Metal bands put attractive women on their album covers.Here's where I post a few, linked by some sort of theme, and attempt to say something clever about them.    Today's belated post continues the theme of women + ...

Heavy Metal Cover Girls: Standing On The Shore

01/30/2017 16:17:48 PM

  Day Three of this week's Cover Girl extravaganza and I've managed to come up with another brand new theme to explore. Now my original plan was to continue the "Colours" theme and do ladies wearing Black dresses but while I was pulling pics ...

Heavy Metal Cover Girls: Nights In White Satin

01/29/2017 16:05:28 PM

Hello and welcome to the promised second instalment of this week's Cover Girl marathon.  I thought I might as well continue the theme of Colours if only because one particular folder was looking especially well-stuffed. So for today we're looking ...

Heavy Metal Cover Girls: Ladies In Red

01/28/2017 16:48:42 PM

Heavy Metal Cover Girls: Album covers featuring women who may be gorgeous, fierce or just plain terrifying.  Evening all.   Sorry I haven't been posting much lately but life has this unfortunate tendency to get in the way of things I want ...

The Metal Project: V is For Vault

01/15/2017 12:34:54 PM

Welcome to the first Metal Project post of 2017. Today we're going to be covering the letter "U"...What do you mean we only have one? Did you look in the back?Well that's bloody brilliant isn't it?Ahem. Today we are going to be covering the ...

Even More British Lady Wrestlers

01/15/2017 10:46:36 AM

   Since I seem to be creatively bankrupt at the moment and since I had some pics left over from teh alst post, how about I drop another load of UK grappling gals on you all?   Some of these may have already appeared on Sabreblade's blog ...

Some British Ladywrestlers For You.

01/02/2017 17:36:55 PM

  I rather enjoyed the World of Sport wrestling revival the other night. I used to sit and watch the old programme religiously every Saturday afternoon so it was nice to be able to see British wrestlers on British TV working for a British company. ...

Have A Metal Christmas

12/23/2016 14:37:20 PM

Since it's my last post before shutting down for Christmas I thought I'd share some Christmas Choons  with you.  Not surprisingly Bing Crosby is not on the playlist. We shall start with this Melodic Rock Version of a Wham song.I hated Wham ...

The Metal Project: T Is For Thunder

12/18/2016 11:06:29 AM

  We're almost at the end of 2016 and thank The Seven Deities for that because this year has been bollocks.But I still have time to squeeze in some more metallic tunes for you all so let's have at it.Today's selection is brought to you by the ...

Book Review: Pat Kelleher - Black Hand Gang (2010)

12/15/2016 08:54:02 AM

Book Review:  Genre: WW1 meets SciFi  On November 1st 1916, 900 men of the 13th  Battalion Pennine Fusiliers vanished without trace from the battlefield.   Their fate has been one of the enduring mysteries of the First World War.  The ...

Heavy Metal Cover Girls: Sad Angels

12/13/2016 13:36:20 PM

  Heavy Metal Cover Girls: Where I post a bunch of album covers that are interesting, well-done and starring attractive women.  Truthfully, the last is probably the most important element. I've covered angels before in their guise as heavenly ...

Terrible Metal Album Covers XXIV

12/08/2016 16:05:39 PM

  I haven't done one of these in a while so what the hell, here's a selection of album covers that have bad ideas, bad execution and occasionally bad use of fonts as well. I do have one disclaimer though. Just because the cover is terrible ...

The Metal Project: S is (Also) for Samain

12/06/2016 16:15:33 PM

  The Christmas songs have already started playing on the radio.  Christmas isn't for another 18 frigging days!  Christ knows how I'm going to retain my sanity. But I know something that will help.  Heavy Metal and lots of it.   Now I ...

Been Reading: C J Skuse - Monster (2015)

11/21/2016 14:19:50 PM

"At sixteen Nash thought the biggest fight she'd have to face would be the battle to become Head Girl of prestigious boarding school Bathory.   Until her brother's disappearance leads to Nash being trapped at the school over Christmas with ...

The Metal Project: R is For Ritual

11/14/2016 15:10:12 PM

  For tonight's post we're leaping ahead to the letter "R" because it turns out that there's an unurprising lack of metal bands that A) Start with Q and B) write songs with "Metal" in the title. If you check out my Song list you'll find ...

The Metal Project: P Is For Power

11/10/2016 14:28:41 PM

DVD Review: War Of The Arrows (2011)

11/06/2016 08:28:02 AM

Genre: Korean Period Drama

Heavy Metal Cover Girls: Queen Of The Nile

10/24/2016 15:05:41 PM

Heavy Metal Cover Girls...Pinups.

10/22/2016 17:40:15 PM

Heavy Metal Cover Girls... Decorating Bombers

10/22/2016 15:55:46 PM

Heavy Metal Cover Girls..Ghosts in White

10/20/2016 16:06:56 PM

Heavy Metal Cover Girls... Go For A Ride

10/19/2016 16:43:56 PM

Heavy Metal Cover Girls - In Uniform.

10/18/2016 15:38:55 PM

Heavy Metal Cover Girls...With Daggers.

10/17/2016 16:26:08 PM

Cheapo DVD Review: Cougar Club (2007)

10/12/2016 15:21:28 PM

My Mate Sigismund

10/10/2016 14:59:04 PM

Cheapo DVD Review: City Dragon (1995)

10/01/2016 22:20:27 PM

The Feather And The Filthiest Room Ever.

09/24/2016 14:20:14 PM

Cheapo DVD Review: The Cottage (2008)

09/19/2016 14:35:52 PM

British Comedy/Slasher Horror starring Andy Serkis, Jennifer Ellison, Reece Shearsmith & Steve O'Donnell

The Metal Project: O is For Overdrive

09/18/2016 13:28:02 PM

The Metal Project: N Is For Nocturnal

09/11/2016 13:17:49 PM

More Swords And Chainmail Bikinis

09/07/2016 15:12:08 PM

Paperbacks, Swords And Chainmail Bikinis

09/04/2016 08:57:45 AM

Well this post is a lot later than I intended it to be. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. Sorry about that.

Warrior Women In Paperback

08/29/2016 10:18:15 AM

Film: The Archer And The Sorceress (1981)

08/20/2016 06:40:14 AM

AKA: The Archer: Fugitive From the EmpireStarring

Cheapo DVD Review: Triads, Yardies and Onion Bhajees (2003)

08/13/2016 11:41:20 AM

Cheapo DVD Reviews: Jack Said (2009)

08/07/2016 12:15:36 PM

Heavy Metal Cover Girls: Sexy Silhouettes

08/01/2016 16:32:56 PM

This is the seventh and final post in this series and believe me, I've barely scratched the surface of Cover girl artwork.

Heavy Metal Cover Girls: Witchy Women.

07/31/2016 13:11:31 PM

My plan was to do an HMCG

Heavy Metal Cover Girls: Fierce Faeries

07/29/2016 19:09:30 PM

While doing this series I've covered several different varieties of supernatural femmes: