Last Updated: 31/03/2023

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List of the Best 11 Books Blogs

The Book Wheel

The Book Wheel: Explore engaging book reviews, thoughtful discussions on literature and politics, and founder Allison Hiltz's unique #30Authors event at The Book Wheel Blog. Discover riveting reads today.

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Powell River Books Blog

The Powell River Books Blog focuses on the Coastal BC Stories series written by Wayne J. Lutz and off the grid living in a float cabin on Powell Lake.

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Sybrina's Book Blog

Sybrina's Book Blog is a wonderful place to meet new books plus read interesting interviews and book reviews offering unique perspectives. Subscribe now so that you don't miss out on upcoming fun offerings. This website will also introduce you to thousands of fanciful and useful book-related products that you will love for yourself or give as gifts. Browse my curated collection of Unique Book and Gift Stores, including Sybrina's Unicorn Book Store, The Counting Books and Games Store, The Rabbit and The Fox Book Store, The Messy Room Book Store, Girls Love Bows Gift Shop and more.

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The Red Pen of Doom

The Red Pen of Doom blog offers sharp writing tips and critiques on films, music, and books. It dissects storytelling techniques with a satirical edge, targeting romance writers and enthusiasts. The content ranges from movie reviews to economic analyses of the entertainment industry. This blog stands out for its blunt, humorous approach to improving writing skills. It's a resource for learning the craft of storytelling in a fun, engaging way.

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Write with Fey

Find the Sparks you need to ignite your stories, dreams, and life. Tips for writers on character, plot, editing, and publishing. Book reviews, author interviews. By Chrys Fey, author of the disaster crimes series.

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M T McGuire Author

Eyebombing is a playful street art movement where people stick googly eyes on inanimate objects in public spaces. It turns ordinary items into funny characters, making passersby smile. Artists aim to humanize the streets and spark joy. This trend encourages creativity and community engagement, often shared on social media. Eyebombing isn't commercial; it's about fun and urban intervention.

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Readers' Junction

Meet award-winning fantasy and sci-fi author Sahara Foley. Dive into her stories that blend fantasy, paranormal, and sci-fi with a dash of horror. Get free books, enter giveaways, read book reviews, and more. Foley's books will keep you hooked with complex characters and riveting plots.

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N. P. Martin|Urban Fantasy Author

Home of N. P. Martin, author of dark, gritty urban fantasy novels, including the bestselling Sorcerer's Creed Series. Get a FREE book when you sign up for the newsletter.

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Word for Words

The Word for Words Blog for Writers helps writers improve their craft. Since 2008, it has shared tips on fiction, memoir, poetry, editing, publishing, and more. Award-winning author Adele Annesi edits the blog. It features guest posts from published authors too. Their goal is to motivate and guide writers through thoughtful articles and advice.

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Mr. G's musings

Mr. G's Musings is a vibrant personal blog by Mark Gaulding. It explores a variety of interests, including books, music, and travel. Mark offers Oscar predictions and celebrates modern home design. He shares tested recipes and honors icons like Aretha Franklin. The blog features inspiring tales of resilience and tributes to figures such as Gia Carangi. It's an interactive platform for those intrigued by Mark's diverse passions.

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