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Added: May 13, 2017
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Use it not Lose it: 5 Chatbot Mistakes that can Cost You Brand Value

Chatbots have become the buzzword in marketing. These bots can automate customer service, sales, after sale service - you name it! With major messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Kik, and Slack coming up with their chatbot tools, these ...

Making AR Mainstream: 5 Toolkits for Augmented Reality Development

Augmented reality refers to superimposing virtual media on top of real-world objects. This done by using the phone camera to capture real-world objects and mobile screen to showcase virtual objects on top of the image obtained. Over a period, ...

Why Outbound Marketing is Still Relevant in the World of Inbound?

Inbound marketing is the new buzzword in town. It has become so trending that many executives have started to believe that outbound is dead. Inbound marketing basically means attracting potential customers to the website and then engaging with ...

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