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An enthusiast for cryptozoology, the paranormal, lost civilizations, and all things unexplained.
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Teenage Girl Attacked by Sasquatch

In the Wednesday, August 18, 1965, issue of the Independent (Long Beach, CA), a Page 2 headline read: “Search for the ‘Monster.’” The article was accompanied by a picture of 17-year-old Christine Van Acker who was sporting a black eye. ...

Phosphorescent Eyes

An unusual characteristic that is sometimes described among water monsters is “phosphorescent eyes.” This has attributed to the Yacumama—known to many as the Giant Anaconda—the massive water snake of the Amazon.  Take the following ...

Pig-nosed Monster Fish

A “pig-nosed” fish—massive in size, was caught for a second time recently. According to an article in the Fox News Science section: A massive 700-pound, 10-foot-long, 5-foot-wide sturgeon — affectionately known as “Pig Nose” — ...

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