Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is
  • is an online marketing platform designed to promote online presence:
    1. blog & web directory
    2. business pages
    3. article directory

    We do follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines and our site is in compliance with the Quality Guidelines.

  • What are benefits of joining?
  • Your websites and blogs get listed in a directory edited by real humans. Within the directory, websites and blogs are listed by category to make it easier for readers to search for and find your posts. We make sure your site is linked to and sorted by relevant content.

  • What is an authority score?
  • There are two types of authority scores.

    A blog or website authority score measures the importance of your listing on the web from 0-100. This helps determine your website's position in our directories. Authority score is determined by analyzing content for relevance, keyword ratio, and overall cohesion.

    User authority score depends on the number and quality of blogs, web pages, and articles contributed to and ranks users from 0-100.

  • What is a toplist ranking?
  • ranks sites by their position in the list of websites that address the same topic. For example, in the category of "Martial Arts," here is the toplist rank listing page.

    Rankings are determined by the completeness of the page, including URL, page title, and the ability to draw and interact with other bloggers in the same category.

  • How long does it take for my site to be listed in the directory?
  • Due to the high volume of submissions it may take several weeks to review your listing.
    To request a faster review and speed up the directory inclusion process you may:
    1. put OnToplist's badge on your site, or
    2. make a Paypal payment.
    Make sure that our badge or widget is on the same page you added to the directory. Submissions will be removed by the admin without any notice at any time if they are not good quality.
    Each submission is reviewed by our editorial staff and only valuable* listings will be added to our directory. Paid submissions are reviewed much faster and the paid submission fee is non-refundable.
    * must comply with the Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • How are listings ranked?
  • Listings are ranked by the authority score (see previous answer).
  • Why can't I see my site analytics?
  • In order to see your site analytics, you must have a graphical badge. With a badge, you can check your site analytics on a daily or monthly basis, by country, by browser, etc.
  • How can I get my feed published?
  • Fill in the "Feed URL" field on the blog/website submission form and make sure the feed is valid. Feeds are published automatically and checked for new entries every 24 hours.
  • I have submitted an article and it was removed. Why?
  • Each article must comply with Google Adsense Content Policy Guidelines. Articles that violate Google Adsense guidelines are removed.