61.  ScammersUncovered - News, resources, and information on fraud, scams, & text spammers.

ScammersUncovered - News, resources, and information on fraud, scams, & text spammers.

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Casual Frugality

63.  Kat Crews

Kat Crews

How to achieve financial freedom, get out of debt and earn more money.

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Promo Code Bee

Fun money saving and frugal living blog.

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Caledonia Wealth Management

Sustainable Investing & Green Finance

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Saving Money Matters

A blog dedicated to saving money and focusing on personal finances.

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The Tidy Wallet

TheTidyWallet.com is an online content publisher & blog. Our mission is to educate our readers; inspiring them on how to make money, how to manage money, and how to spend money responsibly.

With this focus on our three pillars, naturally, our content engages readers on how to get out of debt, build good credit, and how to understand what options are out there in personal finance consumer products & trends.

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Florida Insurance Hub

Florida Insurance Hub is committed to helping individuals and businesses make informed decisions regarding their insurance. Their blog offers insight to ideal coverage for home, auto, flood, and business insurance.

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Blogspot Money Maker

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Divorced and in Debt

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Articles on how to build a successful blog

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Life Insurance & Annuity Tips | JenniferLangFinancialServices.net

Get No-Market Risk Retirement Planning and Life Insurance Planning Tips to Protect and Grow Your Income.

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Mark Earle

Daily tips on making money from home