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Common Cents Hub

Money management made easy--Common Cents Hub is your go-to resource for navigating the choppy waters of personal finance. Get advice on generating passive income, cutting costs, and budgeting effectively to achieve your financial dreams. Take the guesswork out of financial independence.

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The Investor Post

The Investor Post: Your one-stop-shop for smart money management. Discover financial advice, wealth-building tips, honest reviews, and tools - all in one place. Learn about investing, building credit, saving money, and increasing your income with advice from real millionaires.

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Finance Journey

Finance Journey's path to wealth: 10yr plan to become a millionaire, reports on net worth & dividend income. Learn from their experience, make wise investments, avoid costly mistakes & join the journey to financial freedom.

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 Tom's Blog

Random Observations On (Local and not so Local)Financial Literacy Topics

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Florida Insurance Hub

Florida Insurance Hub is committed to helping individuals and businesses make informed decisions regarding their insurance. Their blog offers insight into ideal home, auto, flood, and business insurance coverage.

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Personal Finance

Invest smarter with Olive the Money. Get the financial edge and create financial security with CJ's sustainable finance strategies. Master the art of money management and learn how to debt proof yourself.

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Family Budget Ideas

Family Budget Ideas is a money-saving blog providing tips and tricks to make the most out of your budget. Discover the best thrift stores in San Diego, learn ways to save money next year, and get tips for spending less while making intelligent purchases. Teach your kids about money with open conversations, and try out some money affirmations that work fast. Save on household bills during winter with the blog's helpful tips.

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ScammersUncovered - News, resources, and information on fraud, scams, & text spammers.

This blog discusses up-to-date information on the latest phishing, spam, and malware scams that are happening over the internet. If you want to learn how to recognize these scams or their latest fraud schemes, this blog is for you!

Saving Money Matters

A blog dedicated to saving money and focusing on personal finances.

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Hustle Hard - Live Soft

Get ready to hustle hard and live soft; the blog tells you how. Expert advice on achieving financial freedom and living it up. Conquer your goals, find your ideal business - and your cushy life.

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