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31.  Great Passive Income Ideas

Great Passive Income Ideas

32.  Penny Stock Dream Blog

Penny Stock Dream Blog

Dream provides a network of information through their penny stock blog and direct newsletter subscription updates, that allows traders to gain access to important market news updates involving microcap stocks that trade on the OTC. The companies that trade within the penny stock exchange are often thinly traded and as such are far more volatile in their sudden price movements. It is for this reason that the Dream platform takes the time to sort through information about OTC stocks, to bring tailored news updates to their readers through newsletter releases and market news updates posted to their stock blog.

33.  Saving Joyfully

Saving Joyfully

Saving is designed to help you learn to live a more joyful life on a budget.

34.  Save Outside the Box

Save Outside the Box

35.  Foreigner's Finances | Your Money Decisions Guide at Home and Abroad

Foreigner's Finances | Your Money Decisions Guide at Home and Abroad

Loans, savings, debt, mortgages, and careers –while living abroad or at home– we know you have questions. Foreigner’s Finances is here to serve as your “money map” for life and its ever-changing landscape.

36.  Planting Dollars

Planting Dollars

Planting Dollars

37.  Chain of Wealth

Chain of Wealth

Chain of Wealth is a personal finance blog and podcast that aims to help millennials achieve financial freedom through education and teaching them how to manage their money better.

38.  Cara Palmer Blog - Smart Money Tips

Cara Palmer Blog - Smart Money Tips

A place to learn about making and saving money, passive income, and working from home.

39.  The Money Ninja

The Money Ninja

Maximize Your Finances - Make It, Save It, Spend It

40.  DigestYourFinances


Let's Digest Your Finances by reading all the latest personal finance material relating to making money, saving money, early retirement, and student loans, all in one place!

41.  Alain Guillot

Alain Guillot

Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship. Day to day ideas about how to earn more, spend less, and invest the rest. Also, interviews with authors, speakers, and other bloggers.

42.  Groovewallet


Learn tons of ways to make and save more money.

43.  Fill My Money Box

Fill My Money Box

Ways to Make Money Online and Offline Business Ideas

44.  Debt Free Family

Debt Free Family

A personal blog about my family journey to living debt-free. We make money, save money and pay off debt! Join us!

45.  Tax Affinity Blog

Tax Affinity Blog

46.  Ways to Make Money Online

Ways to Make Money Online

Learn ways to make money working online from home. We offer hundreds of different ways you can make money online.

47.  Negosyo Ideas

Negosyo Ideas

48.  Common Cents Hub

Common Cents Hub

We break down personal finance into simple steps, so we can all move past paycheck to paycheck, and start doing the things we want in life. You'll also find some great tips on lifestyle and personal development.

49.  Tom's Blog

Tom's Blog

Random Observations On (Local and not so Local)Financial Literacy Topics

50.  Finance Journey

Finance Journey

51.  MoneyCortex


Discover ways to increase income in the short-term and long-term as well as reduce living costs.

52.  Just Save

Just Save

Just save is all about money-saving and budgeting tips which aim to help save you money one cent at the time

53.  Luxury Today - Explore the best of luxury

Luxury Today - Explore the best of luxury is a Web publication providing objective analysis and information to affluent consumers to assist with their decision making, such as chartering a yacht or a jet, booking a luxury hotel, traveling to a specific destination, or buying real estate. not only showcases the products and services available from the most prestigious luxury brands around the globe, but it also provides its sophisticated readership with detailed insight into a range of these subjects, which include sports and luxury automobiles, yachts, real estate, travel, private aircraft, fashion, fine jewelry and watches, art, wine, and much more.

54.  The Money Making Teacher

The Money Making Teacher

55.  Money Mental

Money Mental

Money Mental - a website dedicated to money and mental health. Based in the UK.

56.  MayoFi


Real people are using to make better financial decisions every day. Get a head start with financial advice, wealth-building tips, honest reviews, tools, and more.

57.  ScammersUncovered - News, resources, and information on fraud, scams, & text spammers.

ScammersUncovered - News, resources, and information on fraud, scams, & text spammers.

58.  Exploring the international aspects of US taxation

Exploring the international aspects of US taxation

59.  Florida Insurance Hub

Florida Insurance Hub

Florida Insurance Hub is committed to helping individuals and businesses make informed decisions regarding their insurance. Their blog offers insight into ideal coverage for home, auto, flood, and business insurance.

60.  Basik Money | Financial Advice | Debt Help | Loan Advice | Tips & Tricks

Basik Money | Financial Advice | Debt Help | Loan Advice | Tips & Tricks

Basik Money specializes in offering secured loans, debt consolidation, and life insurance solutions to customers. We post regularly on our blog, offering advice, tips, and tricks on all financial issues - from money management, saving tips, clearing debts an

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