31.  Chinese Food Recipes

Chinese Food Recipes

http://www.chinesefoodsrecipe.com is an authentic Chinese food Recipes Blog, where you can find the most authentic China facts.

32.  Angelas Heaven

Angelas Heaven

Find healthy, gluten free recipes, tips on natural beauty and health here!

33.  Juice News

Juice News

The blogs keeps you updated on the latest blenders and juicers to make healthy eating easier for you. Find the best shopping tips, reviews, and recipes.

34.  Nutrition & Health Blog

Nutrition & Health Blog

Learn more about wellness, holistic nutrition, fitness, diet and mental health.

35.  Beyond Paleo Blog- Achieving Health and Happiness

Beyond Paleo Blog- Achieving Health and Happiness

Beyond Paleo is a great blog for those living a Paleo lifestyle or anyone who wishes to learn more about it.

36.  Trusted HCG - A Guide and Resources for the HCG Diet

Trusted HCG - A Guide and Resources for the HCG Diet

Trusted HCG is the ultimate guide for those looking to lose weight through the HCG diet.

37.  Delectable Dietetics

Delectable Dietetics

Delectable Dietetics is a blog that covers everyday nutrition problems and promotes a balanced approach to eating.

38.  Caringpush


Learn & educate yourself about diabetes and nutrition. and give your life a caring push.

39.  Fat Reducing Drinks

Fat Reducing Drinks

Fat Reducing Drinks - The Latest on health articles on Teas, Juices and Smoothies . like Rooibos Tea that has Baffled Weight Loss Experts

40.  Dishin' About Nutrition

Dishin' About Nutrition

Dishin' about Nutrition is a one-stop health and beauty blog to help people of all ages take care of their body and enhance their quality of life. This blog covers a wide range of lifestyle subjects, including weight loss, obesity, nutrition, supplements, healthy eating, beauty products, skincare tips, cosmetic and laser treatments, wellness, and more.

41.  Teach Your Child to Love Healthy Food

Teach Your Child to Love Healthy Food

This is the right blog for moms of picky eaters. Provides kid-friendly and nutritional food recipes.

42.  Powers Health

Powers Health

Powers Health is a blog providing advice to help seniors live a healthier and fulfilling life.

43.  Oh My Nosh! Nutrition Coaching

Oh My Nosh! Nutrition Coaching

Learn how you can plan a nutritious and healthy diet with Oh My Nosh.

44.  Brandi Rowell Health And Fitness

Brandi Rowell Health And Fitness

If you are finding it difficult to get time to work out or lose your focus easily, this health and fitness blog is perfect for you. Find information about exercises, nutrition, making healthy food choices and many different aspects of fitness.

45.  Nutro Balance

Nutro Balance

Nutro Balance is by Adrian Joele, a health and nutrition writer since 2008. Find information on balanced nutrition and different weight loss programs.

46.  Survival Guide for the Working Mom

Survival Guide for the Working Mom

47.  PCOS Project

PCOS Project

48.  How To SAVE The PLANET & Your HEALTH


Learn why the "Eat More Plants To Save The Earth" movement is DANGEROUS to the Earth & your Health.

49.  Waist Away

Waist Away

The blog offers detailed information on proven weight loss methods. Whether you want to lose weight, get toned, or just want to maintain a healthy body, this blog provides endless resources to help you achieve it.

50.  Zeal for Life Drink

Zeal for Life Drink

51.  Healthy Choices 101

Healthy Choices 101

52.  Grateful Green Life

Grateful Green Life

53.  Best Muscle Growth Supplements

Best Muscle Growth Supplements

54.  How To Lose Weight Blog

How To Lose Weight Blog

The Science Behind The Muscle! No gimmicks, no starvation at Fat Loss Unlocked…

Eat the foods that we all enjoy! Pizza, Ice Cream, Bread, Rice etc and still be able to manage your body weight. Fat Loss Unlocked is NOT just another program or meal plan, it’s a LIFESTYLE! Unlock the code with Fat Loss Unlocked and see how to combine the right foods at the right time.

With so many dieting gimmicks available today, weight loss has become problematic for so many people. Weight management is so much easier than what other competitors would like for you to believe. Get explanatory meal plan samples with personalized coaching for the BEST approach to life long weight management.

What if you didn’t have to count calories?

The Science Behind The Fat Loss Unlocked e-Guide is a proven system that builds muscle and burns off unwanted body fat quickly. Get Continued Personal Coaching & Support…

55.  The Functional Perspective

The Functional Perspective

56.  One Hungry Celiac

One Hungry Celiac

OneHungryCeliac.com is dedicated to informing people about celiac disease and the gluten free diet, providing advice and real life experiences about living gluten free, and reviewing awesome gluten free products and businesses.

57.  Diet weight loss

Diet weight loss

58.  Healthy n fit

Healthy n fit

At healthy n fit, we curate and write health articles. You can submit a guest post from the contact form or just read towards achieving your health goals. You can also share your health journey with the blog. A toast to healthy life!

59.  Tangerine Drops

Tangerine Drops

Promoting healthy living with friendly advice and tips on Young Living Essential Oils, NingXia Red and Mineral Makeup.

60.  I Hate My Gluten-Free Life

I Hate My Gluten-Free Life

This blog is for those who hate living gluten-free but must do it for health reasons. The site includes tips, recipes, and more.