1.  Medi-Share Blog

Medi-Share Blog

Medi-Share is an affordable, Biblical alternative to health insurance. Our blog offers readers solutions to their healthcare concerns, information on how to live healthy lifestyles, and encouragement from the Word of God.

2.  Reverie Sleep Science

Reverie Sleep Science

The official blog of the Reverie sleep systems and how its products can help you achieve better sleep and improve your lifestyle.

3.  IQ Matrix | Accelerating Your Human Potential

IQ Matrix | Accelerating Your Human Potential

Provides information on a combination of factors to maintain good health - from eating healthy food to exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight to being smoke-free, getting sufficient sleep to taking time to de-stress.

4.  Plastic Surgery Miami- Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Miami- Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery

Miami plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer of Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery Blog- Plastic surgery news, information and before and after photos

5.  SpinLife's Blog

SpinLife's Blog

Geared towards Seniors and “Baby Zoomers”, SpinLife’s blog is a place where we can share the latest in Senior Living, Accessible Living, Mobility News, Caregiving Tips, and a few posts that are just for fun! We occasionally feature guest bloggers; sharing some of the thinking from other professionals on the wider field of aging and professional caregiving. We’ll also share the perspectives of individuals who have their own unique stories to tell. Whether it is sharing practical advice, a great resource, or simply a little fun, we hope there is something for everyone.

6.  Childhood Trauma: Effects and Recovery

Childhood Trauma: Effects and Recovery

7.  Ostomy Help Blog - Ostomy Care Tips

Ostomy Help Blog - Ostomy Care Tips

A blog dedicated to ostomy care and management, it features product reviews on barrier films, ostomates, protective seals, odor control solutions, dressings, liners, and more.

8.  Express Medical Supply Blog

Express Medical Supply Blog

The Express Medical Supply Blog provides resources, product reviews, tips, and guides on how to use various medical supplies, tools and equipment for patient care.

9.  SLS Free

SLS Free

SLS Free is a blog that aims to raise awareness about the effects of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate. It also offers alternatives to common hair and skin care products.

10.  Incorporate Massage

Incorporate Massage

11.  InVia Fertility

InVia Fertility

12.  Pack Health

Pack Health

13.  Lasik Eye Surgery Tips

Lasik Eye Surgery Tips

Findhealthtips.com offers tips on Lasik eye surgery, expert interviews, and list of best hospitals for those who are looking solutions to their eyesight problem.

14.  Naipo Care

Naipo Care

Naipo is the Top Seller on Amazon of Electronic Massagers and Health tools. Find Well-Being.

15.  Eye Care and Vision Health

Eye Care and Vision Health

This blog was created in an effort to facilitate the access of eye care and vision health information. It provides a large array of information from various topics ranging from eye disorders, health to new technologies emerging in the industry.

16.  Be Healthy Now

Be Healthy Now

Be Healthy Now is a blog promoting natural living and healthy lifestyle. It contains health articles and posts about nutrition, fitness, toxin elimination, beauty products, stress management and more.

17.  Laureate Group Blog

Laureate Group Blog

A senior community blog that spreads awareness on the importance of health, well-being, and lifestyle while caring for its elderly residents.

18.  Disability Blog - news and stories on disability and diversity | JJ's List

Disability Blog - news and stories on disability and diversity | JJ's List

19.  Natural Health Journals

Natural Health Journals

It contains informative health articles about alternative healing treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractic, herbal, Ayurveda, folk, holistic, and allopathic medicine.

20.  The Invisible Hypothyroidism

The Invisible Hypothyroidism

The Invisible Hypothyroidism advocates for better thyroid disease, diagnosis and treatment. It has one simple message: "Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate.";

21.  Anxious Lass - UK Anxiety Blog

Anxious Lass - UK Anxiety Blog

22.  Lisa Barger

Lisa Barger

LisaBarger.com offers critical reviews of herbal remedies, natural therapies and analysis of breaking health news.

23.  City Skin Clinic

City Skin Clinic

Boutique aesthetic clinic providing expert non-surgical beauty and skincare treatments. Our blog provides tips, advice and guides on fuss-free beauty for busy women.

24.  H.I.C. Digestive Health

H.I.C. Digestive Health

The Best Resource for Digestive Health Information

25.  Austin Psychology & Assessment Center

Austin Psychology & Assessment Center

26.  Thrive! Insights on Independent Senior Living

Thrive! Insights on Independent Senior Living

Thrive is a blog created by Medical Care Alert and American Response Technologies. While promoting its alert systems, it also provides useful information on how seniors can live independently.

27.  The Health-Minded

The Health-Minded

The Health Minded is a simplified path to a healthier lifestyle through wellness tips, healthy how-to’s, nourishing recipes, and health promoting strategies in an easy-to-read format.

28.  Patrice New Blog

Patrice New Blog

A registered nurse talks about teenage depression and secrets. Discussions include stressors, mental health issues, myths, teen issues, anxiety, surviving, help and solace.

29.  The Personal Growth Channel

The Personal Growth Channel

Our growing community's mission is to help each other grow in our personal and professional lives.

30.  Health Keeda - Open New Fitness Chapter

Health Keeda - Open New Fitness Chapter

Healthkeeda offers variety of information curated from verified sources. Doctors and subject experts write on health blog.