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Best App Ideas for Your Business that’ll Make Money in 2018

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Don’t Build React Native Apps, if They Don’t Fit Any of These 4 Types

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MindK at Sourcing in Emerging Europe Conference

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Payment gateway comparison: Stripe vs. PayPal vs. Braintree

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How to choose a payment processing service that will make your app valuable

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Single Page Applications: The Definitive Guide for Decision Makers

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How to Make Your Software GDPR Compliant: 15 Key Steps

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Meet MindK in London

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How to Improve User Engagement in Your App: 12 Proven Ways

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Optimizing Single-Page Applications: Make Your JavaScript Site SEO-compatible

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Summing Up The Great 2017 Year (Infographic)

12/29/2017 10:21:23 AM

Conversational UI: ?Writing Chatbot Scripts Step by Step

12/27/2017 02:56:14 AM

Conversational UI: How to Design a Chatbot

12/13/2017 12:19:12 PM

Get Your Company Ready for the Coming GDPR Apocalypse

11/30/2017 09:54:48 AM

8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Designing a Conversational UI

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Kotlin for Android: Time to Ditch Java and Learn a New Language?

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4 Reasons Why Mobile and Web Application Development Companies Should Organize IT-events (and Why We Did)

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How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Will Change Your Business

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Understanding Progressive Web Apps: are They Worth the Hype?

09/27/2017 15:32:39 PM

What Should Be in a Detailed Estimate From a Web and Mobile App Development Company

09/08/2017 09:34:15 AM

What Do Companies that Build Apps Mean by ‘Rough Estimate’ (And How We Do It in MindK)

08/25/2017 09:14:53 AM