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Google Plus Allowed Full Access to Personal Profiles via the API

09/28/2016 10:56:27 AM

One of the best news I have recently seen is that finally, after all the years of interdiction from their launching till now, Google Plus allowed full access to personal profiles via the API. You know how good this is? It’s gold! I know the ...

10 Celebrity Actors and Actresses You Didn’t Know Play Video Games

09/27/2016 12:06:04 PM

I have always liked to play video games, but as a lot of us, I can’t find enough time for that. Not little was my surprise when I found out that even some busy actors and actresses play, or they are even addicted of playing. Here is a list ...

Laura Bretan in the Finals – America’s Got Talent

09/11/2016 15:01:58 PM

America’s Got Talent ( #AGT ) is a live show aired by NBC every year for eleven years in a row. It is part of the “Got Talent” franchise created by Simon Cowell, who decided to join the jury this season, following Howard Stern‘

The Childhood of Jesus, a Book Written by J.M.Coetzee

08/25/2016 13:58:55 PM

“The Childhood of Jesus” is a very sensitive book written by John Maxwell Coetzee, an acclaimed South African writer who recently changed his location to Australia. It is his last book, or at least, it will be until September 21, 2016, ...

The Usual Suspects – One Top Cult Mystery Thriller

08/15/2016 09:15:51 AM

One of my Top 10 movies of all times, The Usual Suspects is a cult mystery crime thriller released in 1995, written by Christopher McQuarrie, and directed by Bryan Singer. It doesn’t have to make sense, actually, it started with and from a ...

Insurgent: The Divergent Trilogy – Part Two

08/13/2016 11:10:44 AM

Insurgent, the second installment made after Veronica Roth’s “Divergent Trilogy”, is not worse than the first, Divergent itself. Despite what other critics say, I liked it as well. I remember giving Divergent a 9 out of ten on imdb,

Tsu Disappeared! Tsu Went Dark! What a Shim Sham!

08/10/2016 08:44:38 AM

Tsu disappeared as a Social Media site, it went “dark”! It’s incredible how this swindler got over so many nice people’s good will and kept it online for so long! Somehow, Sobczak gave me a very odd feeling from the beginning,

The Counselor – Great Stars in a Forgettable Movie

08/01/2016 11:08:59 AM

The Counselor is a 2013 movie made by Ridley Scott and written by no other than Cormac McCarthy, the 2007 Pulitzer winner for “The Road”. The book was successfully dramatized in a post-apocalyptic movie directed by John Hillcoat and wri ...

Switch to Twitter Cards ASAP – That, only if You Need Conversions!

07/31/2016 09:55:55 AM

I’m writing this more as an advice than a tutorial, also explaining the differences between Twitter posts with pictures and posts with the Twitter cards enabled. It is simple and necessary at the same time, especially if you have some nice ...

Man of Steel – Superman by a Brit

07/27/2016 07:54:37 AM

Man of Steel is the 2013 Christopher Nolan‘s version of Superman. To be correct, he shared the story credits with his friend, David S. Goyer. The movie director is Zack Snyder, not one of my favorites, but I can’t complain. Critics all ...

5 to 7 – A Review in Anton Yelchin’s Memory

07/16/2016 11:02:25 AM

5 to 7 is a wonderful big screen debut for Victor Levin, the executive producer for “Mad Men” both in directing and screenwriting. Despite some top critics’ opinions that the movie has a “sitcom-ish superficiality” and n

Happy Birthday, Pepto! Mel Brooks is 90!

07/03/2016 11:03:00 AM

Mel Brooks celebrated this week his 90th birthday. He was born on June 28, 1926, in Brooklyn, New York. When he was 18, he searched for landmines in North Africa during World War II. Now, he is one of the very few people who ever won an EGOT ...

Elif Shafak – The Bastard of Istanbul – An Acclaimed Book

06/18/2016 08:26:51 AM

The Bastard of Istanbul is the sixth novel and the second one written directly in English by Elif Shafak. She is loved as much as her co-national Orhan Pamuk, the famous Turkish writer who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. They have ...

Avengers in 2016 – From Marvel Comics to Marvel Universe

06/16/2016 07:44:13 AM

Marvel dated back in 1939 as an American comic book series. The first number was titled “Marvel Comics”, but to the next, “Mystery” was added in the title, so the collection became “Marvel Mystery Comics”. The group took again ...

The General – A Brilliant Irish Movie

06/08/2016 05:54:20 AM

The General is another relevant Irish movie, like Intermission (2003), or The Guard (2011), to mention only two others. As you have already guessed, it’s not about the 1928 Buster Keaton & Clyde Bruckman production, a movie with the same ...

Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali Left Us at 74

06/07/2016 15:53:33 PM

Muhammad Ali, born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, on January 17, 1942, the greatest of the great boxers of all time, finally gave up on life a few days ago, on June 3, 2016 at the venerable age of 74, after a ten years ...

Warcraft: The Beginning – A Movie Awaited 10 Years

05/18/2016 09:52:11 AM

This first installment of Warcraft, named “The Beginning”, has been an awaited event for ten years. Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of the game Warcraft, announced their plans to develop a movie back in May 2006, but they didn’

Great Expectations – a Contemporary Approach

05/14/2016 08:01:20 AM

Great Expectations is a remarkable Charles Dickens‘ novel, and this Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity) adaptation is no less than that, only that it’s just an inspiration, a pretext, if you like. The movie was released in 1998 and this is another ...

Cute Kiwi Kids – Is America Ready for Donald Trump?

05/13/2016 10:21:12 AM

An adorable advert appeared in New Zealand with a bunch of cute kiwi kids quoting Donald Trump. Are you ready for him, America? The people of the most powerful country on earth will be asked to choose between Hillary Clinton and her former campaign ...

PageRank Is Dead. A Certainty Now

04/24/2016 06:38:55 AM

PageRank is dead. Officially. I was wondering why my website doesn’t rise on this so important metric at at a time? It was because Google as a company who cares more about its products than the consumers, didn’t update since December 6, ...

Musical Legend Prince Dead? Unbelievable. RIP

04/22/2016 05:15:29 AM

On March 20, the current year, Hollywood Reporter announced that publisher Spiegel & Grau (of Random House) released to the press that “Musical legend Prince will publish his memoir in fall 2017”. The title “The Beautiful Ones”

The Jungle Book – Now on Steroids

04/09/2016 09:52:10 AM

The Jungle Book is a famous collection of stories written by Rudyard Kipling at the end of the 18th century, apparently inspired by his life in India. Roughly fifty years after the successful animated film, a new movie version of “The Jungle ...

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Showing in UK Again

04/06/2016 05:47:19 AM

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is the first instalment in Harry Potter film series, one of the best of all. It was initially released in 2001, two years after Warner Bros acquired the book rights for one million pounds sterling from ...

A WordPress Developer Who Teaches You Nothing

03/26/2016 12:41:40 PM

It’s a pity when you claim you are a developer, a WordPress developer, a php coding guru, and you make nothing more than copy theme descriptions and placing them as blogposts, stuffed with affiliate links to their respective demos. I talk ...

Oscars 2016 Winners – Just the List and Some Comments

03/13/2016 12:21:41 PM

This post about Oscars 2016 Winners is more about the comments than the list itself, but it’s all right for the records, my records as it goes… It’s not news anymore, so please don’t consider them as such. I have been impresse

Mad Max: Fury Road – A best Picture Nomination

02/24/2016 01:22:22 AM

Mad Max: Fury Road is a B movie with a lot of glue to the public. It made the imdb Top 250, it appeared on the nominations list for the Oscars this year. That is not a problem, if some committee wants to brainwash the population, it nominates ...

BAFTA Awards 2016 – A List of Nominees and Winners

02/17/2016 09:55:27 AM

BAFTA Awards ceremony at the 69th edition this year (2016), was hosted by Stephen Fry on February 4th at the Royal Opera House in London. One of his comments stirred again the new trend of Politically Correctness around, and after he angrily ...

Conspiracies Busted – A New Task for Science?

02/15/2016 06:03:26 AM

I have noticed that as an online publication is more and more preoccupied at unveiling conspiracies based on various scientists theories. Something like if a certain thing isn’t white, it must be black. Someone said that he ...

The Big Short – Another Wall Street Movie

02/11/2016 03:31:37 AM

The Big Short is another movie on the Best Pictures nominees list this year. I am a very big admirer of all the guys involved with it, actors, the director, the book’s author, etc, but I feel that I have to mention a few things from the b ...