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Exploring the Multi-Touch Screen on the PFAFF performance icon

10/25/2021 07:00:05 AM

Transforming a shirt sleeve into a gift bag – A great way to upcycle!

10/22/2021 07:00:06 AM

Upcycling a shirt to make a gift card holder – smart and reusable!

10/21/2021 07:00:03 AM

Planning ahead for successful decorative stitching using the Brother NQ700

10/20/2021 07:00:05 AM

Sewing the front of the Pop-Out Picture quilt an ‘angle’ at a time

10/19/2021 07:00:33 AM

Frame it with a Pop-Out Picture quilt: the perfect Christmas gift

10/18/2021 07:00:09 AM

11 easy steps to beautiful binding

10/15/2021 07:00:36 AM

How to use Odif 505 to make quilt basting quick and easy

10/14/2021 07:00:40 AM

The many uses of Odif adhesive sprays

10/13/2021 07:00:12 AM

Use Odif for easy applique placement!

10/12/2021 07:00:25 AM

Easy strip cutting with the Komfort Kut Ruler Cutter

10/11/2021 07:00:04 AM

Spectrum QAL Block 6 with Pam Voth: Delightful Collection by Riley Blake

10/06/2021 10:00:57 AM

Using the Spiro Wizard in mySewnet Embroidery Software

10/01/2021 07:00:45 AM

Experimenting with machine embroidery on a macrame cord table mat

09/30/2021 07:00:37 AM

The JoyOS Advisor makes choosing decorative stitches a snap!

09/29/2021 07:00:02 AM

8 clever tips for stitching an endless embroidery design

09/28/2021 07:00:57 AM

Exploring the mySewnet Ecosystem for machine embroidery

09/27/2021 07:00:58 AM

Sewing fusible applique shapes onto your quilt with the Brother NQ700

09/24/2021 07:00:50 AM

Adding applique shapes to your Halloween quilt is chilling fun!

09/23/2021 07:00:09 AM

Quilting straight lines is easy with the right tools on the Brother NQ700

09/22/2021 07:00:11 AM

Sewing your Halloween house piece by piece for a quilted wall hanging

09/21/2021 07:00:24 AM

Making a quilted Halloween wall hanging that’s ‘bat’ to the bone!

09/20/2021 07:00:56 AM

3 ways to make simple embroidery stitches extraordinary

09/17/2021 07:00:14 AM

4 essential stitches that add dimension to your embroidery

09/16/2021 07:00:44 AM

3 key embroidery filling stitches for your embroidery designs

09/15/2021 07:00:50 AM

5 simple embroidery stitches to sew by hand on evenweave fabric

09/14/2021 07:00:17 AM

3 easy ways to transfer embroidery designs

09/13/2021 07:00:16 AM

FREE! QUILTsocial Magazine Issue 19 Now Available!

09/06/2021 17:48:29 PM

Simple free-motion quilt designs for a Halloween Double T table runner

09/03/2021 07:00:32 AM

Easy piecing a Double T table runner with precision

09/02/2021 07:00:48 AM

Spectrum QAL Block 5 with Pam Voth: Delightful Collection by Riley Blake

09/01/2021 10:00:17 AM

2 ways to make square in a square quilt blocks

09/01/2021 07:00:19 AM

Piecing blocks are quick and accurate with the PFAFF performance icon

08/31/2021 07:00:54 AM

The Double T block makes this Halloween table runner a real treat

08/30/2021 07:00:55 AM

Making an in-the-hoop cottagecore heating pad on the Brother Luminaire XP

08/27/2021 07:00:05 AM

Get into ‘cottagecore’ with hoop-framed faux embroidery decor

08/26/2021 07:00:00 AM

Customizing a cottagecore tea towel with decorative embroidery

08/25/2021 07:00:47 AM

Embroidering preserve jar covers with the Brother Luminaire XP

08/24/2021 07:00:15 AM

Making a faux hand embroidered cushion cover with the Brother Luminaire XP

08/23/2021 07:00:27 AM

Making the easiest DIY zipper pulls ever

08/20/2021 07:00:25 AM

Stay organized and sew up a Pretty Zippered Pencil Case

08/19/2021 07:00:31 AM

Using applique to make a zippy school bus pencil case

08/18/2021 07:00:02 AM

Sewing up a sharp-looking pencil case for back-to-school

08/17/2021 07:00:58 AM

Sewing up 3 Too Cool for School pencil cases

08/16/2021 07:00:11 AM

Spectrum QAL Block 4 with Pam Voth: Delightful Collection by Riley Blake

08/02/2021 10:00:05 AM

Jazz up a synthetic rattan table topper with machine embroidery

07/30/2021 07:00:38 AM

Creating a machine embroidered postcard to mail to a friend

07/29/2021 07:00:40 AM

6 essential tips for double-sided machine embroidery on a placemat

07/28/2021 07:00:11 AM

Wi-Fi features on the HV Designer Ruby 90 plus more tension tips

07/27/2021 07:00:49 AM

Tension perfection is a breeze with the Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby 90

07/26/2021 07:00:38 AM

Fire up your camping chair with customized embroidery

07/23/2021 07:00:16 AM

3 colors mockup of the Spectrum QAL quilt blocks

07/22/2021 10:00:13 AM

Embroidering a camping bucket hat

07/22/2021 07:00:44 AM

Designing personalized badges with the Brother Luminaire XP

07/21/2021 07:00:39 AM

Combining embroidery designs on a canvas tote using the Luminaire XP: easy

07/20/2021 07:00:02 AM

Getting to know the Luminaire: a beginner’s approach to machine embroidery!

07/19/2021 07:00:20 AM

10 simple steps to making removable cushion covers

07/16/2021 07:00:08 AM

6 simple steps to sewing paper-pieced blocks

07/15/2021 07:00:51 AM

2 key products to take the frustration out of paper piecing

07/14/2021 07:00:29 AM

Making an easy star block with HSTs

07/13/2021 07:00:13 AM

2 easy ways to keep quilt rulers from slipping

07/12/2021 07:00:22 AM

Spectrum QAL Block 3 with Pam Voth: Delightful Collection by Riley Blake

07/02/2021 10:00:30 AM

Completing the Growth Chart on the Brother Luminaire XP2

07/02/2021 07:00:10 AM

How to add letters to an applique with the Brother Luminaire XP2

07/01/2021 07:00:11 AM

Quilting in the hoop with the Brother Luminaire XP2

06/30/2021 07:00:27 AM

Sewing a growth chart panel on Brother Luminaire XP2

06/29/2021 07:00:17 AM

Creating a Disney gang growth chart with the Brother Luminaire XP2

06/28/2021 07:00:36 AM

Fun with free-motion quilting on the PFAFF performance icon!

06/25/2021 07:00:28 AM

Quilting made easy with a stipple stitch

06/24/2021 07:00:57 AM

How to use decorative stitches for a perfect quilted finish

06/23/2021 07:00:31 AM

QUILTsocial Spectrum QAL Quilt Reveal and Giveaway!

06/22/2021 15:45:44 PM

Straight line quilting with the PFAFF performance icon

06/22/2021 07:00:01 AM

Modern placemats made easy with the PFAFF performance icon

06/21/2021 07:00:34 AM

10 easy steps to the perfect quilt binding

06/18/2021 07:00:19 AM

The right scissors for every sewing task!

06/17/2021 07:00:00 AM

Gütermann thread for all your sewing projects

06/16/2021 07:00:17 AM

Sew Easy Rulers make quilting so easy!

06/15/2021 07:00:12 AM

A long arm quilter’s experience with Fairfield Natural Cotton Quilt Batting

06/14/2021 10:00:49 AM

UNIQUE folding cutting mats for all your quilting needs

06/14/2021 07:00:42 AM

Using selvages to make quilt labels: Blue Stitch

06/11/2021 07:00:42 AM

Selvage edge zippered pouch tutorial: Blue Stitch

06/10/2021 07:00:46 AM

Designing a cushion with scraps and shopping from your stash

06/09/2021 07:00:17 AM

Using leftover Spectrum QAL fabric to make a sensational cushion! Part 5

06/04/2021 07:00:19 AM

Using leftover Spectrum QAL fabric to make a sensational cushion! Part 4

06/03/2021 07:00:03 AM

Using leftover Spectrum QAL fabric to make a sensational cushion! Part 3

06/02/2021 07:00:35 AM

Spectrum QAL Block 2 with Pam Voth: Delightful Collection by Riley Blake

06/01/2021 10:00:01 AM

Using leftover Spectrum QAL fabric to make a sensational cushion! Part 2

06/01/2021 07:00:27 AM

Using leftover Spectrum QAL fabric to make a sensational cushion! Part 1

05/31/2021 07:00:21 AM

How to apply perfect piping to machine embroidered patio cushions

05/28/2021 07:00:40 AM

Easy zipper insertion and tips for outstanding cushion covers

05/27/2021 12:30:16 PM

Creating beautiful cutwork designs on the Designer Sapphire 85

05/26/2021 07:00:49 AM

The importance of making a sample embroidery stitch-out

05/25/2021 07:00:20 AM

Overcoming sewing challenges during a pandemic

05/24/2021 07:00:44 AM

Setting up for embroidery on the Brother Luminaire XP2

05/23/2021 07:00:40 AM

How to add color fill to an embroidery design on the Luminaire XP2

05/22/2021 07:00:20 AM

Changing the outline of a design on the Innov-ìs XP2

05/21/2021 07:00:04 AM

How to create an applique on the Brother Luminaire XP2

05/20/2021 07:00:52 AM

Applique made easy on the Brother Luminaire XP2

05/19/2021 07:00:58 AM

Echo quilting make the Spring Table Runner complete

05/14/2021 07:00:31 AM

Beautiful ruler work made easy

05/13/2021 07:00:07 AM