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Binding a quilted table runner: An angled approach

09/16/2022 07:00:09 AM

Squares make a great looking table runner: Make your own design

09/15/2022 07:00:51 AM

3 tying and binding techniques for tie dyeing

09/14/2022 07:00:19 AM

Tie-dyeing process: How to get Shibori style dyed fabric

09/13/2022 07:00:36 AM

Shibori tie-dyeing: What you need to get started

09/12/2022 07:00:18 AM

Positioning a zipper on a pencil case PLUS the finishing touches [tutorial]

08/26/2022 07:00:45 AM

Embroidery personalizes an essential Back to School pencil case [easy]

08/25/2022 07:00:52 AM

FREE! QUILTsocial Magazine Issue 23 Now Available!

08/24/2022 10:14:45 AM

Creating a label is a cinch with the PFAFF creative ambition 640

08/24/2022 07:00:35 AM

More great features on the PFAFF creative ambition 640 [easy to use]

08/23/2022 07:00:02 AM

Introducing the PFAFF creative ambition 640: Sewing AND embroidery

08/22/2022 07:00:05 AM

Adding lattice to your quilt top: A tutorial

08/12/2022 07:00:27 AM

Finishing a quilt block to size: Here’s what it takes

08/11/2022 07:00:23 AM

What to do with leftover fabric: Sew a tree! [TUTORIAL]

08/10/2022 07:00:23 AM

Marking your fabric to cut duplicate blocks – no pattern required

08/09/2022 07:00:53 AM

Making an improv tree block starts with the right tools [free quilting tutorial]

08/08/2022 07:00:21 AM

3 Husqvarna Viking accessory feet to make free motion quilting FUN and EASY

07/29/2022 07:00:24 AM

Ruler work: The STRAIGHT talk on quilting STRAIGHT lines

07/28/2022 07:00:50 AM

How to make free motion quilting a smooth operation [Tips and Tools]

07/27/2022 07:00:24 AM

Exploring the features and benefits of the Husqvarna Viking PLATINUM™ Q160

07/26/2022 07:00:11 AM

Unboxing and setting up the Husqvarna Viking PLATINUM™ Q160

07/25/2022 07:00:07 AM

5 quick steps to calculate yardage for quilt backing [3 styles]

07/22/2022 07:00:58 AM

4 steps to adding a floating block border to your quilt top [easy tutorial]

07/21/2022 07:00:51 AM

4 tips for adding flying geese blocks to a border with the Brother NQ900

07/20/2022 07:00:01 AM

12 easy steps to making no waste flying geese – Pick a size

07/19/2022 07:00:38 AM

Pieced borders for panels: QUICK and EASY for any size!

07/18/2022 07:00:24 AM

Stitch, trim, sew: Final steps to making the ‘Something Fishy’ wall quilt

07/08/2022 07:00:48 AM

Fusing applique shapes with HeatnBond Featherlite: Light AND strong!

07/07/2022 07:00:44 AM

2 MORE ways to applique: Get it right with Odif adhesive sprays

07/06/2022 07:00:57 AM

The easy way to applique with HeatnBond fusible web: What works best

07/05/2022 07:00:19 AM

Applique fish with Odif and HeatnBond products: A great summer catch!

07/04/2022 07:00:20 AM

Stitch in the ditch AND grid quilting with the PFAFF IDT System – PERFECT!

06/24/2022 07:00:49 AM

On-point quilting: Where to start with cutting and setting triangles

06/23/2022 07:00:41 AM

Create or edit your stitches with the PFAFF performance icon

06/22/2022 07:00:33 AM

Creating custom stitched fabric is FUN with the PFAFF performance icon

06/21/2022 07:00:03 AM

More is more with a quilted maximalist cushion cover (easy piecing)

06/20/2022 07:00:16 AM

Simple tricks for perfect echo quilting

06/10/2022 07:00:22 AM

The secret to perfect alignment on a 6-point star is REVEALED!

06/09/2022 07:00:34 AM

16-patch diamonds are easy with the ESSENTIAL Sew Easy 60° Triangle Ruler

06/08/2022 07:00:44 AM

7 steps to warm up to a 6-point star project with a 4-patch diamond (easy)

06/07/2022 07:00:10 AM

Easy 6-point stars without Y seams: What you need to get started

06/06/2022 07:00:36 AM

4 presser feet made to PIECE, QUILT, and BIND! Let’s finish a fidget quilt!

05/27/2022 07:00:58 AM

4 more texture blocks for a fidget quilt using odds and ends

05/26/2022 07:00:12 AM

Embroidery is spectacular with the Husqvarna Viking Texture Hoop (tutorial)

05/25/2022 07:00:15 AM

6 fun blocks for a fidget quilt with beads, buttons, ribbons (and more)

05/24/2022 07:00:00 AM

Wi-Fi on the Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby 90: WHY it’s IMPRESSIVE!

05/23/2022 07:00:14 AM

6 simple TIPS to go from QUILT TOP to QUILT DONE!

05/13/2022 07:00:12 AM

Marking the right spots for perfect rows | Strip alignment made easy

05/12/2022 07:00:32 AM

Cutting strips with OLFA rotary cutters – it’s SHARP!

05/11/2022 07:00:18 AM

Measure, Cut, Trim! How to frame a fabric photo into a quilting block

05/10/2022 07:00:00 AM

The right tools make a memory quilt a fun and easy project (rulers RULE!)

05/09/2022 07:00:10 AM

A two-panel backing completes the quilted ‘Sunshine’ cushion (Easy)

04/29/2022 07:00:52 AM

A FUN way to blanket stitch with the PFAFF performance icon: How original!

04/28/2022 07:00:49 AM

Stippling with different size stitches is OK [Defining space in a quilt]

04/27/2022 07:00:18 AM

The ‘Radiant Stitch’ on the PFAFF performance icon: How to succeed

04/26/2022 07:00:33 AM

Welcome spring with a fun quilted cushion using the PFAFF performance icon

04/25/2022 07:00:50 AM

Free motion quilting straight lines: WHERE to start and HOW to move

04/15/2022 07:00:02 AM

Designing your improv quilt for the WOW factor (think about it!)

04/14/2022 07:00:46 AM

Creating movement in your strip quilt: What does the trick?

04/13/2022 07:00:12 AM

Strip piecing for IMPROV quilting: WHY and HOW to let go of what you know

04/12/2022 07:00:07 AM

Improvisational or ‘IMPROV’ quilting – Let’s get started (beginner)

04/11/2022 07:00:05 AM

Half filled bobbins and spools: what are they good for?

04/09/2022 07:00:09 AM

Twin needles: the smart way to store them

04/05/2022 07:00:59 AM

FREE! QUILTsocial Magazine Issue 22 Now Available!

04/04/2022 07:00:01 AM

Spectrum QAL Block 12 with Pam Voth: Delightful Collection by Riley Blake

04/01/2022 07:00:42 AM

The hardest part about making a memory quilt: it’s not what you think

03/29/2022 07:00:03 AM

How sock hangers ‘work’ in your quilting space

03/26/2022 07:00:05 AM

What is welting? Here’s how to make it a DOUBLE and how to USE it!

03/25/2022 07:00:02 AM

Piping around corners and seamless joins (EASY tutorial)

03/24/2022 07:00:27 AM

The beauty of perfect piping: Here’s how, PLUS tips for success

03/23/2022 07:00:19 AM

Piping vs welting – What’s the difference? Which presser foot works best?

03/22/2022 07:00:55 AM

Lost in the jumble? Here’s how to organize your sewing machine accessories

03/21/2022 07:00:01 AM

Don’t throw away those leftover fabric binding strips

03/19/2022 07:00:18 AM

Use your quilt rulers for quilt marking!

03/18/2022 07:00:07 AM

Finish off those windmill blocks with beautiful machine applique stitching

03/17/2022 07:00:57 AM

Three critical tips for fusing (ask me how I know!)

03/16/2022 07:00:16 AM

Cut perfect circles with OLFA circle cutter | how to use it

03/15/2022 07:00:38 AM

Make perfect cuts with OLFA rulers

03/14/2022 07:00:41 AM

The best way to organize your sewing machine needles

03/12/2022 07:00:24 AM

In quilting, a worn-out cutting mat is still useful for…

03/05/2022 07:00:09 AM

Spectrum QAL Block 11 with Pam Voth: Delightful Collection by Riley Blake

03/01/2022 09:00:04 AM

How to effectively organize your fabric scraps

02/26/2022 07:00:16 AM

Quilt and bind with the PFAFF performance icon: What features make it easy

02/25/2022 07:00:54 AM

Adding a little something extra to your quilt: Here’s why you should!

02/24/2022 07:00:51 AM

The magic (and how to) of Floating Stitches for your quilt projects

02/23/2022 07:00:12 AM

PFAFF Patchwork Program: makes chain sewing fast and easy

02/22/2022 07:00:46 AM

Quilt a modern blooms wall quilt: Here’s what you need to get started

02/21/2022 07:00:48 AM

Doodling with My Custom Stitch on the Brother BQ3100

02/18/2022 07:00:12 AM

Use My Custom Stitch to make your own custom stitch | Tutorial

02/17/2022 07:00:12 AM

Making a one-of-a-kind cushion with the Brother BQ3100

02/16/2022 07:00:16 AM

How to pleat woven cotton fabrics using a sewing machine | Tutorial

02/15/2022 07:00:08 AM

Creating textured fabric with pleats and tucks

02/14/2022 07:00:47 AM

Turn your applique project into a cozy pillow with the right stuff

02/11/2022 07:00:09 AM

A beginner’s guide to blanket stitch wool applique (tutorial)

02/10/2022 07:00:53 AM

2 tools you need to perfectly align hexagon wool applique shapes

02/09/2022 07:00:49 AM

Fusible web with wool applique really works (tricks of the trade)

02/08/2022 07:00:19 AM

Wool hexagons are the perfect applique for this decorative pillow project

02/07/2022 07:00:11 AM

Spectrum QAL Block 10 with Pam Voth: Delightful Collection by Riley Blake

02/01/2022 09:00:02 AM

FREE! QUILTsocial Magazine Issue 21 Now Available!

01/30/2022 18:38:03 PM

Empty paper rolls in your sewing room?

01/29/2022 07:00:15 AM