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Batty Bargello quilted table runner | Unique reversible finishes

09/15/23 7:00 AM

Creative quilt layouts with a Bargello quilt block

09/14/23 7:00 AM

Accurately piecing the Batty for Bargello Table Runner

09/13/23 7:00 AM

2 essential TIPS for cutting perfect Bargello patchwork strips

09/12/23 7:00 AM

Batty for Bargello | A quilted reversible table runner

09/11/23 7:00 AM

The Ultimate Secret Weapon: The PFAFF Magnetic Seam Guide

08/25/23 7:00 AM

Elevate Your Sewing Craftsmanship | PFAFF Best of Needles 4-Pack

08/24/23 7:00 AM

Unleash your artistry: discover the magic of the PFAFF Circular Attachment!

08/23/23 7:00 AM

Maximize your workspace with the PFAFF passport™ Extension Table

08/22/23 7:00 AM

Unleash Your Creativity | PFAFF Passport 2.0 must-have accessories

08/21/23 7:00 AM

Intensifying fiber art magic using leftover Sulky Solvy stabilizer

08/11/23 7:00 AM

The magic of Sulky Solvy in the world of fibre art

08/10/23 7:00 AM

Bobbin Work is even more exciting with the right Sulky stabilizer!

08/09/23 7:00 AM

Testing 4 Sulky stabilizers with decorative stitching | The Result?

08/08/23 7:00 AM

Introducing Sulky stabilizers | What they are and what to use them for

08/07/23 7:00 AM

Finishing off the bright crib quilt with the beloved thread snips

08/04/23 7:00 AM

The underappreciated seam ripper, UNIQUE sewing makes ripping easier

08/03/23 7:00 AM

In quilting, a quarter-square-triangle only sounds scarier than it is

08/02/23 7:00 AM

Piecing shoo fly quilt blocks with Gütermann thread [a great notion]

08/01/23 7:00 AM

Essential sewing tools for beginners | Making a crib quilt

07/31/23 7:10 AM