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Legal loophole for abusing dogs in Nova Scotia - let's close it!

02/16/2018 13:04:00 PM

Is importing rescue dogs to Nova Scotia good or bad?

12/20/2017 17:37:00 PM

Nova Scotia bans the declawing of cats in January 2018

12/18/2017 17:58:00 PM

Things seem to be moving in a positive direction for off-leash exercise in the HRM

12/12/2017 18:19:00 PM

Meeting a sloth is not a good thing!

12/06/2017 15:20:00 PM

Funny story - remember that time you left your dog in a locked, parked car by himself for 2 months?

12/05/2017 18:23:00 PM

"How to Solve the Cat Crisis" - which crisis exactly are you talking about?

11/22/2017 00:16:00 AM

Case in Calgary highlights the shortfalls on the Nova Scotia Justice system for animals

11/15/2017 16:58:00 PM

When ix it time to give up your dog to a rescue?

10/27/2017 21:26:00 PM

What is life like for a tethered dog in Nova Scotia in 2017

10/14/2017 19:40:00 PM

Coroner's Report from 2016 Montreal Fatal dog mauling is in and it is very sad

10/10/2017 20:06:00 PM

Leptospirosis outbreak is all through the HRM

10/08/2017 22:32:00 PM

Justice system in Nova Scotia says Yorkie and German Shepherd are equals when it comes to a dog fight

10/01/2017 16:25:00 PM

Gail Benoit is showing us that there's something wrong with the justice system in Nova Scotia

09/17/2017 17:29:00 PM

Animal Cruelty Appeal Board Accountability Post #3

09/10/2017 19:15:00 PM

Introducing a new website - "You Would be Shocked"

08/21/2017 14:30:00 PM

Dog dies because of Mainlands Commons Dog Park in Halifax - who is to blame?

08/14/2017 19:19:00 PM

Animal Cruelty Appeal Board Accountability Post #2

07/27/2017 17:16:00 PM

Animal Cruelty Appeal Board Accountability Post #1

07/26/2017 19:05:00 PM

What does the Animal Cruelty Appeal Board Have to Hide?

07/24/2017 18:09:00 PM

A life of service

06/11/2017 22:32:00 PM

Sandra Tomalin - animal abuser in at least 3 provinces

03/11/2017 19:36:00 PM

One last post about Gail Benoit

01/29/2017 20:40:00 PM

Breed Specific Legislation passed in Montreal - but it exists in Nova Scotia too

10/01/2016 20:18:00 PM

There's a lot more to the Montreal dog bylaw than banning dogs

09/29/2016 18:44:00 PM

More conversations need to be happening about outdoor cats in Nova Scotia

09/10/2016 11:42:00 AM

New Brunswick continues on as a major puppy mill contributor to Canada

09/08/2016 19:34:00 PM

2016 Canadian Animal Protection Laws Rankings from the ALDF

07/23/2016 12:30:00 PM

Regulations regarding Animal Rescues in Nova Scotia

07/19/2016 10:14:00 AM

This week is National Emergency Preparedness Week

05/03/2016 15:10:00 PM

Gail Benoit is back in business - but it's not Kijiji's fault

03/21/2016 14:49:00 PM

Nova Scotia's rescue community is not short on small breed dogs

03/10/2016 16:56:00 PM

Heads up to local dog rescues - you have to licence your rescue dogs

02/05/2016 12:34:00 PM

What to do when you find a stray dog in Nova Scotia

12/16/2015 13:07:00 PM

Crystal Crescent on a beautiful Sunday afternoon

12/06/2015 16:30:00 PM

What is the difference between Animal Control Departments and the SPCA?

12/05/2015 17:09:00 PM

Should Responsible Dog Owners be worried about Bylaw A700 in the HRM?

11/30/2015 20:49:00 PM

HRM's Bylaw A700 has set animal welfare back in Nova Scotia by 20 years - REVISED with new information

11/27/2015 18:02:00 PM

Losing Buttercup

10/19/2015 16:57:00 PM

Pat Lee Speech about State of the Cats in Nova Scotia Today

09/27/2015 11:12:00 AM

Sled dog people are full of hooey when it comes to chaining out dogs

09/11/2015 13:00:00 PM

Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare

07/21/2015 12:50:00 PM

Pat Lee and Tristan Flynn weigh in on the subject of shock collars

07/09/2015 18:08:00 PM

Halifax Magazine features article on dog friendliness in the HRM

07/07/2015 07:05:00 AM

The history of dog advocacy in Nova Scotia

07/02/2015 15:20:00 PM

Standing up to shock collars

06/24/2015 13:34:00 PM

Full Circle Vet to offer Ovary Sparing Spays and Vasectomy Neuters

06/24/2015 13:06:00 PM

The Movie "Max" Having an advance Screening in Halifax - June 22nd at Scotiabank Theatre - 7pm

06/11/2015 09:18:00 AM

Port Hawkesbury's Dog Bylaw makes me Itchy

06/11/2015 06:41:00 AM

This is a statistic I can get behind - pets outnumber Children in Brazil

06/03/2015 13:16:00 PM

We should have this here - "Off Leash Ambassador Program'

05/14/2015 06:56:00 AM

Dogs Kisses are good for you

05/11/2015 06:30:00 AM

Buttercup and Tia enjoy their first nice spring day

05/03/2015 15:39:00 PM

All the dogs, Easter Weekend 2015

04/04/2015 18:39:00 PM

Today was a good day for animal welfare in Nova Scotia

12/04/2014 17:14:00 PM

Public Meeting for Off-Leash Dog Park - Thursday October 30, 2014

10/29/2014 18:16:00 PM

Elderdog's Dignity Project

10/16/2014 11:37:00 AM

Amended Animal Protection Act Submitted to Legislature October 9, 2014

10/14/2014 12:52:00 PM

Bubby and Sidney love each other

09/14/2014 16:26:00 PM

Today's pearl of beauty

09/08/2014 14:30:00 PM

Buttercup's life in Pictures

09/01/2014 16:05:00 PM

This weekends HKC Kennel Club Show

08/30/2014 16:42:00 PM

Be happy

08/23/2014 15:33:00 PM

Starting to post again

08/22/2014 13:18:00 PM

What I learned from a year of rescuing chained dogs

08/21/2014 17:30:00 PM

People for Stronger Animal Protection put on a rally in New Brunswick and tons of people come out to support them!

04/28/2014 09:01:00 AM

Neat local artist who does pet portraits - Simone Manley

03/20/2014 17:26:00 PM

No bullshit - the Draft Standards of Care for Cats and Dogs in Nova Scotia

03/20/2014 12:31:00 PM

When is a rescue group a "rescue" and when is it a "for profit" business?

02/05/2014 07:59:00 AM

What types of ways, and under what types of circumstances - is it okay to kill your sentient property in Nova Scotia?

02/03/2014 17:38:00 PM

What does the Animal Protection Act Actually Say?

01/04/2014 19:04:00 PM

A Small Codicil to my post about the NS SPCA from yesterday

01/03/2014 18:42:00 PM

"All we know is there was an animal dead inside a kennel"

01/02/2014 18:41:00 PM

Happy new year from the little white dog army

12/31/2013 20:22:00 PM

Buddy the Dog short life

12/22/2013 09:37:00 AM

A Call to action for Buddy

12/14/2013 05:06:00 AM

Dog Culture

11/23/2013 21:08:00 PM

When you're being harassed in a dog friendly condo/apartment building, what can you do?

11/17/2013 08:50:00 AM

Refurbishing other people's garbage

10/31/2013 10:50:00 AM

no chains All Love Dog Rescue is still chugging on

10/30/2013 18:16:00 PM